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LAST UPDATED: August 10th, 2023

Bland Company was originally founded in Bakersfield, California as a roofing and AC company in 1985. Over time, the leadership at the Bland Company recognized the promise of solar energy and what it could provide its clients. As expert roofers, it was only natural to transition into providing solar installation services. The company has a long standing track record of providing high quality solar installation solutions for residential and commercial property owners. 

With Bland Solar, clients have access to a number of equipment options and installation types depending on the independent needs of each property. Whether it is a commercial office building or a family dwelling, Bland Solar will provide a customized solar experience to maximize energy efficiency. 

Former clients have expressed generally positive reviews of the Bland Solar service. The company is a screened and approved company with Home Advisor and was named to top 100 list of solar installers. 

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The Good

  • Solar Equipment Partners
  • Solar Install Services
  • Additional Services
  • Financing Options
  • Positive Bland Solar Reviews

Solar Equipment Partners

Solar installation companies and solar manufacturers have to work together in order to be successful. Manufacturers need installation companies to sell solar systems and subsequently install them. Solar installation companies need the equipment to sell and install. This is why equipment partnerships play such a key role in the success of the solar industry as a whole.

Most solar installation companies will have an equipment partnership with one or two panel providers. Bland Solar has gone above and beyond and has partnered with the following equipment manufacturers:

Panels Inverters Batteries Mounting Equipment
  • LG
  • Neon R
  • Longi Solar
  • Q Cells
  • SolarEdge 
  • Enphase
  • SolarEdge
  • LG
  • Tesla Powerwall
  • SnapNrack
  • Ironridge

Solar Install Services

Most solar installation companies offer the grid-tied solar system traditionally mounted to the roof of the property and attached to the utility grid. This is standard in the solar installation industry. Recognizing that this mounting and system type is not ideal, or even possible, for every client, Bland Solar offers varying solar system types.

Bland Solar will also install grid-tied systems with battery backup solar systems. This system is still attached to the utility grid, but is not dependent on it when power goes down. Then Bland Solar also offers a completely off-grid solar system where clients will not depend on the utility grid at all. Instead, these systems incorporate batteries and generators. Whatever system type a client is interested in, Bland Solar likely has a solution. 

Additional Services

While Bland Company focuses primarily on its solar service, it still offers high caliber residential and commercial services in other areas requiring replacements and repair. In addition to solar installation services, Bland Company offers the following:

  • Roofing — Bland Company offers new roof installations, roofing repairs, and roofing restorations. Clients can pair solar installation services with roofing services if desired. 
  • Air conditioning — Bland Company offers commercial and residential unit installations, repairs, and services. Additionally, Bland Company can install air purifiers as well as enroll clients in the energy savings program.

By offering roofing and AC services, Bland Solar clients can access necessary repairs and replacements prior to system installation that could prove to be costly if not taken care of before the system is installed. Some solar installation companies will install a system regardless of the roofing status, but Bland Company will ensure that all structural needs are met prior to installation.

Bland Company also offers maintenance and repair services on all residential solar projects. This includes solar panel cleaning and monitoring for all projects installed in Bakersfield, Fresno, Central Coast, and surrounding areas.

Financing Options

Bland Solar understands that solar is an investment, and it's an investment not every property owner can make upfront and in cash. While that is an option for Bland clients, the company has partnered with several companies to help provide flexible financing assistance. Depending on each client’s needs, there are loan, lease, and PPA options available from the following financing partners:

  • Energy Loan Network —  offers solar loans
  • Safe 1 Credit Union — offers solar loan amounts from $10,000 to $100,000
  • Service Finance Company — nationally licensed to provide financing options
  • Sungage Financial — offers solar loans with varying loan terms
  • Sunlight Financial — instant credit approval on solar loans
  • Sunnova — offers Lease, PPA, and loan options

With so many financing partners, property owners are bound to find a financing option that best suits the needs of each client. 

Positive Bland Solar Reviews

Bland Solar has earned a number of positive verified reviews on Best Company. Bland company reviews tend to focus on the solar provider’s helpful customer service, quality installation, and ability to help customers save. As most of these positive reviews originate in Bakersfield, California, Bland Solar’s home town, the company’s overall review profile demonstrates its local expertise and ability to tailor its services to the specific needs of California homeowners.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • No NABCEP Certification

Limited Service Area

Most solar installation companies will cover one state or several cities within a state (seen more often in large states like California and Texas). However, some solar installation companies have identified ways to expand operations and assist more solar clients across the country.

Unfortunately, Bland Solar is not one of these companies and only services three cities in the state of California. Service cities include Bakersfield, Fresno, and Atascadero.

No NABCEP Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is widely considered to be the gold standard of solar certification. The organization provides certification for a number of professions within the renewable energy space including sales and installation, but solar companies as a whole can be certified as well. Most solar installation companies employ at least one NABCEP-certified individual on staff, typically on the installation side of the operation.

While it is not required to conduct solar installations, this certification goes a long way towards demonstrating knowledge and skill in installation work. Bland Solar does not have any NABCEP-certified installers or staff members in-house. This is particularly concerning as the company does not appear to provide a workmanship warranty to its clients. 


The Bottom Line

Bland Solar provides a number of commercial and residential services, most notably being solar installations. The company has created and maintained a number of relationships with solar manufacturers allowing clients access to all different equipment makes and models.

Bland Solar also provides a number of mounting and solar installation services ensuring that each property can access energy in the most effective manner. In addition to providing comprehensive solar services, Bland Company offers roofing and AC solutions. Clients in need of financing assistance to have a solar system installed will find a flexible option with all of the financing opportunities available to Bland Solar clients. 

While there are a number of high caliber services Bland Company offers, there are limitations prospective buyers should be aware of as well. For starters, Bland Solar only offers installation services in three cities in California restricting just who can use the company for solar needs. Additionally, Bland Solar does not have any NABCEP certification either on the sales or installation side of operations. 

Potential customers in the service area of Bland Solar should at least consider the company and what it offers in the solar industry. Clients will have access to tier-1 equipment and multiple mounting options. 

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Chris Spohn Bakersfield, CA

We bought our Solar System and replaced our Air Conditioning / Heating System about two years ago, are old AC system was 15+ years old. Bland Solar is local, we went to a show room and discussed their products, and pricing, warrant, delivery, service. The staff were very helpful, estimated our power usage from our old PG&E bills, made recommendations on Solar and AC, also availability of products. AC was upgraded in about a month and Solar was installed about a month after that, there work load prevented having it done sooner, took about two /half days to install, a week for PG&E to ok the connection. 5 stars. Note: About a year later the AC failed due to a condenser leek, called Bland Solar they came out and located the problem, Factory defect, replaced condenser and recharged unit, all under warranty. PG&E billing are next to nothing, there panel recommendation was correct, highly recommend Bland Solar.

5 years ago

star star star star star


Bland has been great to us. Gòod customer service. Quality work! They were also great on prices! We spoke to several other companies including solar city before we picked Bland. Solar City told us to send them the bid from Bland because they were sure they could offer a better deal. They also told us that the contract and warranty probably were not as good. Well apparently they couldn't beat it or poke holes in the contract because they never called us after we sent the bid. I would highly recommend Bland. Even solar cities monthly PPA payment was predited to be higher then what our monthly payment on our loan ended up being. They're definitely worth a look if you're thinking about going solar.

7 years ago

star star star star star

Jack Bakersfield, CA

A friend recommended Bland Solar. I had done a lot of research on types of panels, efficiency, inverters, and system size for my needs. Bland met all of my expectations for equipment. And they didn't try to sell me more than I needed. Their explanation of the process was straight forward and the time frame was accurate. I've had my system almost 1.5 years and am extremely happy.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Glenis Vila

They are great. We had several larger companies come out for estimate on our home. Bland was the only one that could guarantee us 100% solar coverage . We have has our solar for a year. No problems what so ever !!! Installation was easy and ahead of schedule. We get constant emails from them for their customer appreciation nights . I would recommend them to anyone

6 years ago

star star star star star

rick villa Lake Isabella, CA

Bland solar rep called us back, asked when would be a good time to talk to my wife and i, came out and worked with us on a location (i didnt want panels on the roof). install day was set, they hit a lot of hard rock running for under ground conduit, but the price i was given at the start never changed. install was completed and from day one i have never had to call them. they called just to check. its been almost 4 years now. not sure why the rating is so low. my opion, Bland was right on.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Don L Bakersfield, CA

Selected Bland solar and air about 5 years ago. Installation was fast and efficient. 2 years later I added 5 additional panels. No problem. I can keep up to date through the Enlighten program. Which also provides each panels output. Bland monitors the array and notifies me of any problems.

4 years ago

star star star star star

J Coleman

the sales person "Jim" figured out a bid, I checked it out, looked at prior installations, bought system, it was installed as promised, w/o any up on price. System works unbelievably well, no disgusting wiring on side or roof of house, a real class installation. bye bye Pacific Graft and Extortion Co.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Robert Tehachapi, CA

I have had my system for 3 years with Bland. No issues with it, in fact they call me to see if I want a system check up or cleaning. Everyone I have talk to at Bland is friendly and very professional. I've heard they will travel to do solar. So I would definitely recommend them no matter where you are.

6 years ago

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Fran Bakersfield, CA

Had solar installed and my bill is extremly high i have called them to check it several times and no responce also paid for a quarterly cleaning for 1 year it has been 3 years and i have to call them again and this will be the 4th cleaning and it has taken 4 years not 1 year

5 years ago