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LAST UPDATED: October 4th, 2019

Founded in 1985, Bland Solar and Air is owned by Glenn Bland and his family. With three decades of experience, the company provides a variety of services to homeowners, including solar energy system design and installation. Bland has a proven track record; its website boasts that panels it installed back in the 80s are still running smoothly today. Bland Solar operates in Central Valley, California, and is very involved with the community there.

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The Good

  • Years of Experience
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Great Financing Options
  • Moving Help
  • Skilled Employees
  • Monitoring

Years of Experience

With 30 years of experience under its belt, Bland Solar and Air is a solar power expert. As one of the most seasoned companies in the industry, Bland has learned how to install on different types of roofs and evolve with climate and economy changes.

25-Year Warranty

The solar panels Bland installs are designed to last 25 years or more, as is evident in the fact that panels the company installed 3o years ago are still functioning. All panels degrade over time, but if any of the panels installed by Bland Solar don't produce at least 80 percent of the energy they were generating upon factory design in 25 years, the company will replace them for free.

Great Financing Options

Bland Solar and Air strives to give its customers options for financing a system by offering different loans to qualifying individuals. Even if a customer has subpar credit, Bland will try to work with them and figure out another financing solution.

Moving Help

The company will work with you if you have to move. While some companies simply tell you that you're out of luck if you need to relocate, Bland Solar and Air offers to help you move the panels to your new home.

Skilled Employees

One thing that Bland really emphasizes is the fact that its team of installers is trained, qualified, and experienced. The company wants to ensure that every customer receives a quality installation.


Another benefit of getting solar panels from Bland Solar and Air is access to online performance monitoring of your panels. This monitoring program allows customers to check up on their system's production and ensure that everything is working properly.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • No Leases or PPAs

Limited Availability

Unfortunately, Bland Solar and Air is only available in a few cities in California. This limited reach makes it difficult for customers in other areas to do business with Bland.

No Leases or PPAs

Bland Solar and Air does not offer leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs), which are both popular payment options within the industry.


The Bottom Line

Bland Solar and Air is a well-established, local company that takes pride in its reliable solar panels, lengthy warranties, and qualified employees. However, the company does not offer leases or PPAs or service areas outside of California, so be sure to keep those things in mind if you are thinking about moving forward with Bland.

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Chris Spohn Bakersfield, CA

We bought our Solar System and replaced our Air Conditioning / Heating System about two years ago, are old AC system was 15+ years old. Bland Solar is local, we went to a show room and discussed their products, and pricing, warrant, delivery, service. The staff were very helpful, estimated our power usage from our old PG&E bills, made recommendations on Solar and AC, also availability of products. AC was upgraded in about a month and Solar was installed about a month after that, there work load prevented having it done sooner, took about two /half days to install, a week for PG&E to ok the connection. 5 stars. Note: About a year later the AC failed due to a condenser leek, called Bland Solar they came out and located the problem, Factory defect, replaced condenser and recharged unit, all under warranty. PG&E billing are next to nothing, there panel recommendation was correct, highly recommend Bland Solar.

3 years ago

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Bland has been great to us. Gòod customer service. Quality work! They were also great on prices! We spoke to several other companies including solar city before we picked Bland. Solar City told us to send them the bid from Bland because they were sure they could offer a better deal. They also told us that the contract and warranty probably were not as good. Well apparently they couldn't beat it or poke holes in the contract because they never called us after we sent the bid. I would highly recommend Bland. Even solar cities monthly PPA payment was predited to be higher then what our monthly payment on our loan ended up being. They're definitely worth a look if you're thinking about going solar.

5 years ago

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Jack Bakersfield, CA

A friend recommended Bland Solar. I had done a lot of research on types of panels, efficiency, inverters, and system size for my needs. Bland met all of my expectations for equipment. And they didn't try to sell me more than I needed. Their explanation of the process was straight forward and the time frame was accurate. I've had my system almost 1.5 years and am extremely happy.

4 years ago

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Glenis Vila

They are great. We had several larger companies come out for estimate on our home. Bland was the only one that could guarantee us 100% solar coverage . We have has our solar for a year. No problems what so ever !!! Installation was easy and ahead of schedule. We get constant emails from them for their customer appreciation nights . I would recommend them to anyone

4 years ago

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rick villa Lake Isabella, CA

Bland solar rep called us back, asked when would be a good time to talk to my wife and i, came out and worked with us on a location (i didnt want panels on the roof). install day was set, they hit a lot of hard rock running for under ground conduit, but the price i was given at the start never changed. install was completed and from day one i have never had to call them. they called just to check. its been almost 4 years now. not sure why the rating is so low. my opion, Bland was right on.

5 years ago

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Don L Bakersfield, CA

Selected Bland solar and air about 5 years ago. Installation was fast and efficient. 2 years later I added 5 additional panels. No problem. I can keep up to date through the Enlighten program. Which also provides each panels output. Bland monitors the array and notifies me of any problems.

3 years ago

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J Coleman

the sales person "Jim" figured out a bid, I checked it out, looked at prior installations, bought system, it was installed as promised, w/o any up on price. System works unbelievably well, no disgusting wiring on side or roof of house, a real class installation. bye bye Pacific Graft and Extortion Co.

4 years ago

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Robert Tehachapi, CA

I have had my system for 3 years with Bland. No issues with it, in fact they call me to see if I want a system check up or cleaning. Everyone I have talk to at Bland is friendly and very professional. I've heard they will travel to do solar. So I would definitely recommend them no matter where you are.

5 years ago

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Fran Bakersfield, CA

Had solar installed and my bill is extremly high i have called them to check it several times and no responce also paid for a quarterly cleaning for 1 year it has been 3 years and i have to call them again and this will be the 4th cleaning and it has taken 4 years not 1 year

3 years ago