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LAST UPDATED: July 17th, 2023 was founded to provide people with a more affordable and sustainable energy solution. Many people may believe solar equipment is unattainable due to high up-front costs, but believes it can offer battery solutions at affordable rates. All battery systems sold through are lithium-ion battery banks made of high quality cells. 

Product affordability is what truly sets the company apart from the rest of the industry. Instead of needing to take out a loan or leasing solar equipment, customers can work with which offers high quality solutions at discounted rates that can provide immediate savings in some cases. 

The platform has partnered with a number of organizations that work to advance the causes that sustainable energy can provide worldwide. The company is a contributing member of the following groups: Energy Storage Association (ESA), Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) due to its gold cart solutions. 

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The Good

  • Off Grid Solutions
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Accessories Offered
  • Warranty Protection

Off Grid Solutions

Not many people think about the freedom associated with off-grid living. Residential property owners looking to access this level of freedom will find solutions through All battery LiFeP04 systems sold through will include the following components:

  • Meets needs of all homes and sizes
  • Easy to install 
  • Scalable equipment
  • Powers all appliances
  • Lowers electric bills
  • Requires no maintenance

Clients looking to support their solar panel system will find an affordable solution through 

Mobile Equipment

Property owners are not the only ones who can benefit from solar solutions and energy independence. As the rise in RV living continues to sweep the country, many are turning to alternative battery solutions to power their vehicles. Through, clients can purchase batteries for their RVs, as well as vans and golf carts.

Accessories Offered

In conjunction with its comprehensive sales of lithium-ion batteries are a number of compatible accessories. All accessories sold through are designed to fit all homes and mobile needs to help power appliances and lower electric bills. Available accessories include inverters, chargers, cables, and connectors.

Not only does sell direct solar accessories, all of these products can be purchased at an affordable and discounted rate. Traditional solar clients are charged substantially more for the same equipment. 

Warranty Protection

Even though most solar manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty, there is a reason that the 10-year warranty is worth highlighting. The main reason is because the warranty is a true 10-year full repair/replacement warranty. Most solar clients will find that there is less help with a 25-year equipment warranty than the true 10-year protection offers. The warranty includes:

  • All battery packs covered
  • Automated warranty registration
  • Free repair and replacement
  • Full lifetime tech support and customer service

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

With most warranties, proof of malfunction will be required and fault will need to be assigned prior to any repair or replacement work being done. It also generally takes substantial time for the repair or replacement parts to be delivered and installed. That is not the case with as the company will immediately ship out necessary parts. 


The Bad

  • No Solar Panels Sold
  • DIY Installation

No Solar Panels Sold

Despite offering solar accessories like inverters and chargers, there are no solar panels sold through This is not necessarily a concern for those with mobile power needs, but for those utilizing for residential needs, this can be concerning. A solar system will need to be installed previously in order for the battery pack to be connected.

Clients who utilize a solar company that only installs solar systems and does not offer battery/storage solutions can benefit from this. Otherwise, it makes more sense for a residential client to go through a solar provider that offers all equipment needs. 

DIY Installation

While does provide instructions for installation, professional installation is not available. Clients will have the equipment mailed directly to them and it is up to them to connect all system parts correctly in order for operation.

For mobile solutions, connecting the battery system for power is not as concerning, but it is a worry for residential customers. Most residential solar providers offer professional installation, but all equipment sold through requires DIY installation efforts. 


The Bottom Line provides off grid solar battery solutions in an effort to provide clients with a more affordable way to become energy independent. While most products are geared towards mobile solar power needs, there are residential and business solutions as well. The off grid residential solutions will power homes and require no maintenance.

There are also battery and solar solutions for mobile equipment like RVs, golf carts, and vans. This is an excellent option for those that will be on the road for a long period of time and will need an independent power source.

In addition to selling battery systems, also offers inverters, chargers, cables, and connectors. All equipment sold through is backed by a 10-year comprehensive warranty. 

While has a number of off grid battery solutions, there are limitations to what the platform sells. There are no solar panels available for sale through, strictly batteries and inverters. All installation is DIY; no professional installation is available through

Those looking to be more energy independent and searching for affordable solar battery solutions will likely find a number of options to choose from with Those more interested in the traditional solar system will have to go elsewhere for service. 

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Doug Roberts Mattoon, IL

I recently had a problem with my home solar system. when I contacted Big Battery a technician named Manny assisted me over the phone. He went above and beyond what I expected. he diagnosed the problem was with my inverter not the battery, he worked with me and managed to get my system back up and running. I am handicapped and suffer very high anxiety issues but he was able to work with both problems mine and the solar array. KUDOS to Big Battery for employing such capable people. Sincerely Doug Roberts

8 months ago

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D Wilder OR

In short I purchased an inverter and a battery from BigBattery. Installed the two items. Had issues with the inverter from the start. 60+ emails and countless calls later I have an inverter that has almost completely stopped working and they now ignore me completely. Looking like I’m out $1200 on an inverter. Tech dept kept sending me the manual. Or talk to Growatt. Well they don’t seem to care either. Zero customer service. No one has made an effort to contact me to find a resolution. 🤷🏼‍♂️

4 months ago