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LAST UPDATED: April 20th, 2021

Founded in 2018, Better Tomorrow Solar is the only solar company in Atlanta that is owned and operated by a woman. Roji Aldashi and Kaveh Kamooneh are a husband and wife team that founded Better Tomorrow Solar to create a more sustainable future for their two children to grow up in. The Better Tomorrow Solar team boasts many talented employees that are dedicated to clean energy and promoting solar energy.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Informational Videos
  • Solar Calculator
  • Available Rebates

Free Consultation

Many solar companies offer free consultations for those who are interested in going solar, but Better Tomorrow Solar gives customers the option to have a virtual or on-site consultation. This flexibility helps homeowners receive the service they need without having to feel uncomfortable with the consultation system.

Informational Videos

Better Tomorrow Solar has a series of informational videos on its website to inform customers about how solar energy works and to showcase some of the company’s projects. These videos are helpful for those who don’t know a lot about solar and want to learn more. 

Solar Calculator

A truly unique feature of Better Tomorrow Solar’s website is that customers can calculate an approximated cost for a solar system. Most companies in the solar industry don’t give approximate costs for solar systems unless a person contacts a sales representative, so this feature is unique. 

Customers can put in their current electrical bill cost, select BTS pricing, the roof size they’d like covered, and the number of panels to see the initial cost, federal tax credit, net cost, and payback period as well as how much they could save each year with solar.

Available Rebates

Better Tomorrow Solar wants to promote green, sustainable energy in every way, so the company offers customers incentives to go green. Better Tomorrow Solar customers who install a solar array on their roof in addition to converting their homes from gas to electric will receive a rebate of $100 per system kilowatt up to $1,000. A change from gas to electric is much better for the environment in addition to having a solar panel system installed. 

Customers with electric cars can also receive rebates for going solar with Better Tomorrow Solar. Electric cars only produce zero emissions if they’re charged with solar electricity instead of electricity from the grid that is often produced by burning coal. Customers who commit to going solar can place one of Better Tomorrow Solar’s small stickers on their vehicle for a month and receive a $100.00 per kW rebate in the mail (up to $500.00).

Better Tomorrow Solar also offers a discount in solar installation price if neighborhoods have multiple households that want to install solar together. Having more installations in one place saves time and money for Better Tomorrow Solar, so the company passes those savings on to customers. 


The Bad

  • Lack of Financing Information

Lack of Financing Information

Although Better Tomorrow Solar’s website has a helpful calculator to estimate the cost of a solar energy system, the website lacks information about financing. The website says that the company offers multiple routes to finance a solar installation, but it doesn’t give specific information about what those routes are. If customers are interested in financing a solar panel system, they will have to contact a sales representative.


The Bottom Line

Better Tomorrow Solar is a solar company that is truly dedicated to creating a more sustainable future through green energy. The company offers free consultations either virtually or on site at a customer’s house and has informational videos online to educate consumers about how solar energy works. Anyone who is interested in installing a solar panel system can use Better Tomorrow Solar’s solar calculator to approximate the cost and savings of putting in a system. 

The company also offers rebates to those who want to go green in more ways than installing a solar system, though specific financing information is unavailable on the website and a customer will have to talk to a sales representative to get details. 

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Faranak Aldashi Atlanta, GA

We chose this company because they are local and after interviewing them they gave us very honest opinions and competitive rates. They were not pushy or unreasonable. They were prompt, clean and did not give us any problems. Our installation went without any complications or issues. After installation they have been very approachable and sincere whenever we had any questions.

2 years ago