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LAST UPDATED: July 17th, 2023

Baker Electric Home Energy is a family-owned business founded in Escondido, California, in 1938. The company began offering residential and commercial solar services in 2007 in an effort to bring less costly, more environmentally friendly solar energy systems to the families and businesses of Southern California.

Baker Electric Home Energy offers both ground-mounted and roof-mounted systems, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of homeowners and business owners. This flexibility allows customers to choose the most suitable installation method based on their available space, roof condition, and aesthetic considerations. 

The numerous awards and certifications under its belt highlight Baker Electric Home Energy's industry leadership and commitment to excellence. By consistently delivering outstanding customer service, superior product quality, and innovative solutions, the company has garnered recognition and trust from both industry organizations and satisfied customers.

Read on for the good, the bad, and the bottom line on Baker Electric Home Energy as compared to other solar installers. 

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The Good

  • Customer Education 
  • Straightforward Solar Installation Process
  • High-Quality Equipment
  • Lengthy Warranties
  • Financing Available 
  • Additional Home Services

Customer Education 

Baker Electric Home Energy's commitment to customer education sets it apart from its competitors. The company understands that investing in solar power is a significant decision for homeowners and strives to empower them with the knowledge necessary to make informed choices. Its website features exceptional educational materials that provide prospective solar customers with valuable insights into the benefits, costs, and installation process of solar systems. 

By prioritizing customer understanding over quick sales, Baker Electric Home Energy builds trust and fosters long-term relationships with its clientele.

Straightforward Solar Installation Process

Baker Electric Home Energy strives to provide high-quality service and make each solar project simple and hassle-free for its customers.

The process begins with customers meeting with one of the company's consultants and discussing energy needs, solar power installation costs, and financing options. The business then conducts a pre-engineering site survey and designs a custom renewable energy system for that specific property. Baker Electric Home Energy's staff also takes care of all city permitting.

Once approval is received, the solar panels are installed. Installation typically takes one to three days. Then, the company's staff takes care of jurisdictional and utility inspections, obtains utility approval, and sends a power technician out to check system performance, explain how to monitor the system, and answer questions. 

High-Quality Equipment

Baker Electric Home Energy offers some of the best solar equipment in the industry. The company utilizes solar panels manufactured by LG and inverters from SolarEdge, which are each respected brands. 

By utilizing tier-1 products, renowned for their high quality and efficiency, Baker Electric Home Energy ensures that its customers receive top-of-the-line solar solutions that will stand the test of time.

Additionally, Baker Electric Home Energy uses state-of-the-art AURORA software to custom-design each solar system to meet the individual needs of the customer. 

To provide peace of mind to solar customers, a solar installation with Baker Electric includes solar monitoring. This feature provides customers with real-time visibility into the energy production of their solar panels, allowing them to track consumption patterns, monitor the amount of solar energy used in place of grid electricity, and observe excess energy exported back to the grid. 

Furthermore, the company's per-panel monitoring capabilities enable customers to optimize their system's energy efficiency by adjusting individual panels. Early notifications regarding panel issues ensure that any problems are swiftly addressed, maximizing the performance and lifespan of the solar system.

Lengthy Warranties

Baker Electric Home Energy doesn't skimp when it comes to warranties. The company offers a 25-year equipment warranty, which covers the panels and inverter, as well as a 25-year workmanship warranty, which covers labor.

Consumers who go solar with Baker Electric Home Energy can rest assured that they will be covered if anything goes wrong in the first 25 years. 

Financing Available 

Whether customers choose to make a cash purchase or opt for a loan, the company offers flexible payment options to facilitate the transition to clean energy. Customers will need to contact the company directly for specific loan terms and eligibility details. 

To further enhance the affordability and accessibility of its services, Baker Electric Home Energy provides various coupons and promotions, listed on its website. 

Additional Home Services

In addition to providing solar systems, Baker Electric also offers a number of other services, including the following: 

  • Electric vehicle (EV) and home chargers
  • Generators
  • Smart thermostats
  • Electrical upgrades and repairs
  • Home batteries
  • Advanced heating and air

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) tune-up and installation services utilize Carrier brand products, which are known for their reliability and energy efficiency. Additionally, the company offers duct and ventilation work. 

Baker Electric’s comprehensive suite of services ensures that customers can create a sustainable and comfortable living environment in their homes while maximizing energy savings. Not many other solar installers in the industry offer such a wide array of additional services. 


The Bad

  • Needs More Customer Reviews 
  • Limited Availability

Needs More Customer Reviews

The Baker Electric customer reviews listed below provide an overwhelmingly positive report of the company’s solar installation services. 

That being said, most of the reviews are from several years ago. For the most accurate picture of a company’s customer satisfaction, we like to see recent reviews from past and current customers. If you’ve worked with Baker Electric Home Energy, please leave a review below. 

Limited Availability

Unfortunately, Baker Electric Home Energy currently only operates in the state of California. Although being a local provider does come with its own unique set of advantages, it also limits the number of consumers who have access to its services. 


The Bottom Line

Among many companies in the solar industry, Baker Electric Home Energy stands out with top-tier solar and home battery solutions, heating and air conditioning services, and a host of other energy-related offerings like smart home upgrades.

Through educational resources, solar monitoring capabilities, flexible payment options, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Baker Electric Home Energy sets a new standard for excellence in the solar industry. 

However, Baker Electric Home Energy is only available in Southern California, and we would like to see more recent customer reviews to confirm that the company continues to deliver high-caliber customer care. 

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Eugene Joseph Polley San Diego, CA

Met with three solar companies including Baker. Spoke to neighbors and everyone who used Baker had positive experiences. All the quotes were competitive. Baker had the more professional interface and best layout on our roof. Our next door neighbor chose the lowest price company that we had considered. Neighbor's system was installed about a month before ours. We observed the installation process and saw untethered workers whom we worried would fall off the roof (steep slope). Their installation appeared to be "quick and dirty." Our installation was slower but much more professionally performed. Our tile roof was removed in spots and the roof carefully protected upon reinstall. Several tiles were replaced in the process. Workers were tidy and professional. The foreman kept us informed every day on progress and what would happen when. After the installation, the technician installed the monitoring software on our computers and showed us how to stay on top of the system. We are generating more electricity than our contract guarantees and we could not be happier. Oh, and getting a $500 VISA gift card after the completion was an added plus.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Lee Bates Poway, CA

Baker Electric Solar just completed the install of our new residential solar system. The whole process, from sales rep. meeting, to authorized operation, and final customer meeting was so seamless with Baker staff's outstanding project management. Baker Solar installed solar equipment in only one day and system was operational in only 8-days. The entire Baker team consists of a division of labor with each stage of project smoothly passed onto each team member to complete the project professionally and efficiently. The precision and attention to detail was a pleasure to watch. Ever step in the project I was provided with timely status emails or phone calls . Best of all the quality of equipment and the installation. I didn't think I wanted solar on my newly re-roofed concrete tile roof. But after a recommendation from a friend who used Baker Solar, and our meeting with Jason, our sales rep., I was convinced that the Baker equipment and quality of installation method (mounting system w/ replicate flashing roof tiles ) made Baker Solar my contractor of choice. I also spoke with a rep. from the National leader in solar installation, and it was obvious to me for several reasons that Baker Solar was the better company & contractor for Solar in San Diego County. Finally, I have to mention Andre, the project installation team leader, absolutely incredible professional who gave me installation day recommendation on how best to route the conduit lines from 2nd story roof panels to the inverter equipment (the entire conduit run thru attic down interior wall to garage and out to the backside of inverters). No ugly exterior conduit runs like some many other companies are known for doing it, on the cheap.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Judy Stojsavljevic Escondido, CA

Judy Stojsavljevic, Escondido, CA What a great experience I had with Baker Electric Solar, from start to finish, they were professional, competent, efficient, and they did everything they promised. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in having solar installation. The money I saved was amazing. They explained everything and delivered !

6 years ago

star star star star star

Chuck Kogge Carlsbad, CA

We used Baker Electric and told a neighbor about them and they used them as well. In my opinion they are THE BEST. Everyone we dealt with was awesome. They have it down to a science!! They showed up pulling a van with our name on it and everything the installers needed for the install was packed inside the van for our install. They have been doing solar longer than anyone else I talked to therefore they have the most experience . And they are price competitive

6 years ago

star star star star star

Dan Poway, CA

A very professional company. From the site survey to the electrical panel upgrade to the professional solar installation, everything went smoothly. They keep you updated on every aspect of the process, alleviating the need to call them with questions. I highly recommend them.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Dominick San Diego, CA

There are many solar panel companies out there , but if you want a company that is up front answers all your questions , friendly , on time, and can call them anytime even when the panels are in go with Baker Electric you won’t be sorry.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Dale Long Poway, CA

Baker put up our array in October of 2015. Clean, efficient, prompt on the install and trouble free for 3 years now. I've done 2 cleanings. Performance has been as projected. Great electric company and they bring that skill to solar. They deserve more pub. Check Baker Electric out.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Arthur Gresham Escondido, CA

I Highly Recommend Baker. Our 2012 in Escondido, install was very well done, and have had no roof leaks, or solar system problems, ever. (Sunpower system) . My electrical bill savings are what I expected, and have nothing but satisfaction with entire process, team and results.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Karen Galves El Cajon, CA

Baker was a great experience for someone who was skeptical about the whole solar thing. From the first contact to the last, it was a painless and informative experience for me.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Jerry Ritter San Diego, CA

I highly recommend Baker Electric Solar. There customer service is the best I have ever seen. They go qabove and beyond. They also have a great referral program

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

john Hernandez Corona, CA

I went with Baker for my install, I told the sales guy that I wanted t complete my install in 2017, we started this process in October, moving forward through the processes it was pretty good. When my file went to scheduling on 12/13 i was still assured that we could get it installed in 2017 and I would receive a call in the next 2 days to set up install. Well I never got that call for installation, I had to e-mail and call Baker on two separate days to finally get someone to call me back, only to tell me that they have no idea on why I never received a call to install, no explanation on what happened. So now my solar will not be installed in 2017. If this is the way they treat customers before they are customers I hate to think what will happen if I have an issue after the system is already on my house.

6 years ago

star star star star star

kenneth allan McLoughlin Carlsbad, CA

i used baker and they were terrific. super professional install and anytime we have had a problem,. they have been on it. high recommend.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Chris Hodge Escondido, CA

They were great during the sales process and installation was as they said and no issues with the roof

6 years ago