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LAST UPDATED: November 10th, 2021

Avid Solar offers solar design, financing, and installation services to residential and commercial customers. 

Avid Solar LLC. is a Massachusetts Registered Home Improvement Contractor, and all solar projects are supervised and monitored by licensed professionals.

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The Good

  • Save Money While Saving the Environment
  • Free Property Evaluation

Save Money While Saving the Environment

Avid Solar boasts that its clients save an average of 30 to 60 percent on their monthly energy bills. However, alongside your savings, solar energy is non-polluting and one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Free Property Evaluation

Those interested in working with Avid Solar can simply call the company to get started. During the call, you can set up a free property evaluation. Once the assessment is complete, Avid Solar will send you a packet of information regarding the options for types of installation, projected savings, financing options, and an estimated timeline. 

As a client, you are encouraged to go through the packet and review all the information. Verify that everything is correct and double-check that the project is within your budget and timeframe. 


The Bad

  • Limited Information on the Website
  • No App

Limited Information on the Website

Avid Solar doesn't disclose a lot of details regarding its solar systems. While not required, many solar companies which panel brands and types it prefers, if there are any warranties/guarantees, and what payment options are available. 

Avid Solar discloses on its website that it offers several financing options. However, our research team could not find out exactly which options were available. Most solar companies allow clients to pay for their systems with cash or enable clients to finance through a solar loan. Others allow clients to lease or through a solar financing agreement (otherwise known as a PPA). Before settling on Avid Solar as your solar provider, we encourage consumers to ask about their financing options. 

Additionally, our research team could not find any information on which brands and types of solar equipment Avid Solar prefers. Again, this information is not required to be included on the website, but it would be helpful to potential customers. Including the panel and inverter information allows consumers to do their own research and find out if Avid Solar offers the brands they are looking for. Most panels and inverters come with their own manufacturer's warranty, and including this information would ensure consumers know exactly how long their warranty will last. 

We are confident that Avid Solar providesthese details during your initial consultation and reiterates it when you receive your details packet. But if you are just doing some preliminary research, be prepared to call and ask the company for more information. 

No App

Unfortunately, Avid Solar does not have an app where clients can monitor their solar system. 

Apps are an easy way for homeowners and businesses to quickly check on how their system is performing, view past months and savings, and some even allow you to check the weather and see how it will impact your system. 


The Bottom Line

Massachusetts residents may want to take a look at Avid Solar for a new solar system. The company handles all aspects of the solar process, from design to installation to financing.

Unfortunately, if you are interested in working with Avid Solar, you'll have to contact the company for detailed information. The company does not disclose its panel/inverter brands, financing options, or if it offers any workmanship warranties or customer satisfaction guarantees.

Additionally, the company does not have an app, so you'll have to log in on a computer to view your solar system's information — instead of it being easily accessible on your mobile phone. 

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