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LAST UPDATED: April 13th, 2024

Avail Solar is a Utah-based solar company, providing end-to-end solar solutions to homeowners in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Nevada. The company designs and installs solar systems with products from leading manufacturers, such as Enphase, Hyundai, QCells, and SolarEdge. All Avail Solar products and services are backed by extensive warranties of up to 25 years.

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The Good

  • End-to-End Solar Solutions
  • Extensive Solar Warranties
  • Solar Monitoring
  • Leading Solar Manufacturer Partners
  • Free Solar Quotes

End-to-End Solar Solutions

Avail Solar provides end-to-end solar solutions, from design to installation and maintenance. Some solar companies outsource installation work to solar contractors, which can cause delays in the solar process because there are more parties involved. However, this isn’t the case with Avail Solar; while the company doesn’t guarantee a specific time in which your solar installation will be completed, you may be less likely to experience significant delays because Avail Solar itself is overseeing all aspects of the solar process.

Extensive Solar Warranties

Avail Solar offers extensive warranty coverage of up to 25 years. The company offers warranties on both parts and labor, ensuring that your solar investment is protected for an extended period of time. 

It’s worth noting that Avail Solar works with leading manufacturers for solar panels and components. In most cases, the manufacturers provide warranties for their products, and the solar installation company (Avail Solar, in this case) provides coverage on labor/workmanship.

Solar Monitoring

Solar monitoring is available to Avail Solar clients through mobile apps, such as the Enphase or SolarEdge mobile app. Enphase and SolarEdge are two of the manufacturers that Avail Solar works with, providing inverter and solar battery products and components. Through either manufacturer’s mobile app, you can monitor your solar system’s energy production in real-time while also tracking your energy savings over time.

Leading Solar Manufacturer Partners

Avail Solar is partnered with leading manufacturers in the solar industry, including the following:

Solar panels

  • REC
  • Hyundai
  • QCells

Solar inverters

  • Enphase
  • Canadian Solar

Solar batteries

  • Tesla
  • LG
  • SolarEdge

For potential Avail Solar clients, it can be reassuring to know that the company works with leading product manufacturers because a level of quality and performance is guaranteed. When Avail Solar designs your solar system, the best products for your home and location will likely be recommended; however, if you have interest in and/or questions about specific products, an Avail Solar representative should be able to provide you with answers and information.

Free Solar Quotes

If you’re interested in Avail Solar’s services, you can get a free quote through the company’s website. You’ll be asked a series of questions about your home, such as the age of your roof and whether or not you own your home. You’ll also be required to provide personal contact information, through which the company can send you your personalized quote.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited Financing Information

Limited Service Area

Avail Solar serves only the following four states:

  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • Colorado
  • Nevada

If you don’t reside in one of the four states listed above, Avail Solar’s services may not be available to you.

It isn’t uncommon for solar companies to have limited service areas, especially if they offer end-to-end solar solutions; companies that work with third-party contractors can have much wider service areas due to the fact that contractors can be employed in a variety of locations. However, a small service area allows a solar company, such as Avail Solar, to garner local expertise, as well as forge partnerships with permitting offices and other local agencies, which can contribute to faster installation timelines.

Limited Financing Information

Avail Solar provides financing through various lenders in the solar industry, but it’s unclear which lenders the company works with and what types of financing options are available to clients. In addition, financing eligibility requirements aren’t provided; although, requirements will likely vary by lender. 


The Bottom Line

Avail Solar is a Utah-based solar company that provides end-to-end solar solutions in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Nevada. The company is partnered with a variety of leading solar product manufacturers, such as Enphase, LG, and SolarEdge, ensuring that your solar system should meet a high level of quality and performance.

If you’re looking for a solar company that carries out all steps of the solar process in-house, from design to installation and maintenance, Avail Solar could be a good fit for you. The company doesn’t outsource any work to third-party contractors, and the Avail Solar team will help you every step of the way through the solar process. Because of its end-to-end services, Avail Solar has a limited service area, which will disqualify clients outside of Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado from the company’s services, but this also indicates that the company has local expertise that a larger solar company may not have.

Financing is available through a variety of lenders, but Avail Solar doesn’t provide any specific information on what types of financing are available. Thus, if you’re in need of solar financing options, you’ll need to contact Avail Solar and speak with a company representative.

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Phill Stevens

Great company. They communicate the process well from design to permits to installation. They went above and beyond to make my experience a good one.

1 month ago