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LAST UPDATED: August 23rd, 2021

Arctic Solar Ventures was founded in Alaska with a purpose to do good in the Alaskan community and environment. The company is a certified B Corp, meaning it addresses social issues (in this case, helping the environment) while providing a product. Arctic Solar Ventures’ two co-founders also founded the Alaska Solar Energy Industry Association (AKSEIA). The company specializes in solar design, construction, and engineering for both home and businesses.

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The Good

  • Certified B Corp
  • Notable Awards
  • 30-Year Warranty
  • Buy or Loan
  • Great Blog and Resources
  • Referral Program
  • High Reviews

Certified B Corp

A Certified B Corp is a business that meets strict requirements and undergoes rigorous review to prove that it addresses a social challenge or social impact initiative. B Corps are also evaluated on their environmental impact and how company employees are treated. B Corps are one of the best ways to make an actual difference in the world and are a great place to invest. 

Notable Awards

Arctic Solar Ventures has received the following noteworthy awards:

  • Honoree for “Best for the World 2019” in Environment 
  • Honoree for “Best for the World 2019” Changemaker (Social Impact Award)
  • GIIRS Certified (Social Impact Certification)
  • Top Solar Contractor in 2019
  • Member of the Solar AMICUS Corporation (Solar Impact Corporation)
  • A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau

30-Year Warranty

Arctic Solar Ventures offers a 30-year warranty — five years longer than the typical standard of excellence in the industry.

Buy or Loan

Arctic Solar Ventures offers a loan or cash as its payment options. The loan information is fully transparent, with 10–20 year terms (typical in the industry) and no prepayment penalty fees. Other companies in the industry may also offer a lease option; however, leases are usually the lesser form of financing as the customer often ends up paying much more for their solar system over time. 

Great Blog and Resources

Arctic Solar Ventures provides customers an excellent blog with useful resources and other links to information regarding solar panels, the impact of going solar, and how solar affects a home’s infrastructure.

Referral Program

Arctic Solar Ventures pays customers who refer others to the company. Arctic Solar Ventures will pay customers $200 for each successful referral. This isn’t the highest referral amount offered in the industry, but it is a benefit for those who refer others to Arctic Solar Ventures.

High Reviews

Arctic Solar Ventures is exceptionally rated from dozens of customer reviews across Alaska. 


The Bad

  • Relatively New Company

Relatively New Company

Arctic Solar Ventures is a newer company, only in businesses for six years. This can be concerning as the company’s warranty is nearly six times the time it's been in business. However, Arctic Solar Ventures has proven it is dedicated to creating an impact, and was recognized as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies, which points to the likely continued success of the company in future years.


The Bottom Line

Arctic Solar Ventures is a very well established, rapidly growing, and expert solar group. The company works to bring affordable solar systems to customers in Alaska while making an impact. The company is B Corp certified and has received many notable and reputable awards. 

Arctic Solar Ventures offers customers both a cash and loan payment plan. Additionally, the company offers a 30-year warranty on its products, which is five years longer than the current typical best industry warranty.

The company also offers a $200 referral incentive as part of its referral program. This is not the best referral reward in the industry but not every company even offers a referral program to begin with. Customers should be aware that Arctic Solar Ventures is a newer company; however, Arctic Solar Ventures’ impressive track record of growth, proven impact, and excellent reviews make it an attractive and extremely trustworthy company to choose for your solar needs.

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