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LAST UPDATED: September 14th, 2022

Aptive Solar allows for door-to-door salespeople to come to the homes of prospective clients with information about how solar can transform a property’s energy use. With Aptive Solar, clients report fewer problems relating to air pollution, grid congestion, consistent utility rate increases, and interrupted streams of power. 

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administrations, homeowners who turn to solar to produce power can lower their monthly electric bill by up to 90 percent. With net metering, there could even be additional savings in applicable states. Throughout the lifespan of a solar system, most solar customers will save thousands of dollars without having to adjust to annual utility rate price hikes. 

Through a network of trusted partnerships, Aptive Solar services clients across the country looking to make the transition to clean, renewable energy sources. An Aptive Solar energy consultant will help walk clients through potential options and solutions.

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The Good

  • Logistical Partnerships
  • Expanding Service Area

Logistical Partnerships

As a direct sales provider, Aptive Solar relies on trusted partnerships to provide a high quality service to clients. Between sales software providers and trusted installers, Aptive Solar has created an impressive solar network.

For the sales portion of the solar service, Aptive Solar has partnered with the following companies:

Sales Installation
  • Quativa
  • Aurora Solar
  • Energy Service Partners
  • Fastrac Energy Services
  • Bright Planet Solar

These logistical partnerships have allowed Aptive Solar to grow and expand its customer base. 

Expanding Service Area

While Aptive Solar does not specifically disclose what states it operates in, it is clear that it services many states across the country. This is in part due to logistical partnerships and the company's ability to scale rapidly.

Most traditional solar companies start as local providers, and most remain just that. Some eventually make the expansion effort into a neighboring state, but this growth is slow and meticulous. Aptive Solar is able to constantly grow its service area to bring solar to more American homes.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Unknown Warranty Details
  • Third-Party Provider
  • Unidentified Energy Solutions

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Generally, solar companies will disclose the manufacturer of the equipment sold and installed for interested customers. After all, prospective clients have a vested interest in what tier-1 products will be installed on their property.

Unfortunately, Aptive Solar does not disclose any equipment information or manufacturer partnerships, making it difficult for those still in the research phase of the process to determine if it is equipment they want to use. 

Unknown Warranty Details

Since it is unclear what manufacturers or equipment Aptive Solar sells to its clients, it is difficult to determine what warranties, if any, are available to Aptive Solar clients. Typically, solar companies offer one or all of the following warranties: equipment, production, and workmanship.

Equipment and production warranties generally last 10 to 25 years and are backed by the manufacturing partner. The workmanship warranty is then backed by the solar installation company and lasts an average of 10 years.

Aptive Solar does not disclose manufacturer partnerships and does not offer installation services in-house, so little is known what warranties are offered through the platform. 

Third-Party Provider

Aptive Solar is a third-party provider in the solar industry. Many solar companies provide complete start-to-finish solar solutions, meaning the same company will handle the sales, permits, designs, installations, and operational functions for each client.

This is not the case with Aptive Solar as the company strictly offers solar sales services and then turns the actual implementation of the project over to a solar installation company to complete. 

Unidentified Energy Solutions

While some traditional solar providers still only offer typical PV solar services, others are starting to branch out in an effort to bring multiple energy solutions to consumers. This is most commonly found in battery and storage solutions. Some companies also offer EV charging station installation as well.

It is unclear, however, what energy solutions are specifically available through Aptive Solar. There is no mention of storage systems or EV charging options, so prospective Aptive Solar clients will have to inquire about these additional energy solutions when meeting with an energy consultant.


The Bottom Line

Aptive Solar has created a network to bring solar sales directly to interested consumers. The company has partnered with a number of high quality services to provide a product and service to residential homeowners. Aptive Solar is able to service clients on a broader scale than most traditional solar companies. 

There is a great deal of unknown information surrounding the Aptive Solar platform. There is no information on what equipment or brands Aptive Solar energy consultants sell to clients. As a result, there is no information on warranties, if any, are available to clients.

The Aptive Solar set-up makes the company a middle man as it is responsible for direct sales and then outsources large portions of the solar project to installation providers. Additionally, it is unclear what energy solutions are available through Aptive Solar. It can be assumed that traditional PV solar systems are sold, but it is unclear whether battery or storage solutions can also be purchased. 

Unfortunately, very little is known about Aptive Solar and the service the company provides. 

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