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LAST UPDATED: April 29th, 2021

Amergy Solar has been providing full-service solar power to residential and commercial customers since 2009. The company serves two states: New Jersey and New York. Amergy implements some of the highest-quality equipment available in its systems; however, the company does not currently provide customers with backup batteries in the event of a power outage. Overall, Amergy Solar provides competitive baseline features to help anyone in its service area go solar.

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The Good

  • High-Quality Equipment
  • In-House Installations
  • Multiple Financing Options

High-Quality Equipment

Amergy Solar uses some of the best solar panels and inverters on the market. The company installs panels manufactured by SunPower, which boasts the most efficient panels available at 22.8%. This ensures that customers will be getting the highest possible electric output money can buy. Additionally, Amergy also gets its inverters from SolarEdge, which ranks as one of the best solar inverter producers around. Amergy's residential, commercial, and non-profit customers can rest assured they're receiving the best equipment money can buy.

In-House Installations

Amergy Solar provides start-to-finish installation of its solar systems; all installation is performed by Amergy employees and not by third-party installers. The advantage to in-house installation is fewer chances for breakdown in communication throughout each step of the process. From the initial consultation, to the system design and financing selection, to the actual installation of the system, Amergy Solar provides consistent service.

Multiple Financing Options

Solar companies can provide up to four different financing options to help their customers go solar: outright purchase of the system, a solar lease, or financing through a loan or power purchase agreement (PPA). Amergy provides all four of these options, meaning customers can choose the level of financial responsibility they have for their systems.


The Bad

  • Short Time in Business
  • Relatively Small Service Area
  • No Backup Battery Options

Short Time in Business

Although a company's time in business is not a perfect indicator of its overall performance, less experienced companies tend to lack the trustworthiness and proven track record of more experienced companies. Amergy has been in business since 2009-longer than many new companies, but not as long as companies that have continued to provide excellent service for multiple decades.

Relatively Small Service Area

Amergy Solar services just two states: New Jersey and New York.

No Backup Battery Options

One service feature being offered by an increasing number of leading solar providers is a backup battery system that continues providing electricity to the building in the event of a power outage. While many companies do not offer this feature (Amergy Solar among them), the industry as a whole is trending toward providing it.


The Bottom Line

In short, Amergy Solar provides excellent equipment, consistent service, and flexible payment options. However, its service area is relatively small.

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Harry Medford, MA

Excellent company to work with. Starting from the sales rep. I have always thought that leasing was the best option but after speaking with the rep I know the purchasing options just makes a lot more sense. The nice thing is that because they offer both options Leasing and purchasing he was able to explain both to me. Unlike a leasing company what are we tried to sell you all the benefits of a lease. I also found out that they are exclusive partners with CertainTeed and saint-gobain which is the largest home material manufacturer in the world which my CertainTeed solar system comes with the best workmanship warranty in the market which is a 15-year bumper to bumper or workmanship warranty on top of the 25-year warranty for production on the panels. Plenty of financing options where it truly didn't cost me any money out of my pocket and I am making and saving money from day one. In Massachusetts we have some of the best incentives to help pay for the system. Hope this helps everyone because I am enjoying my new system. Thank you for all your help Amergy. I will send lots of friends and family and they have a great referral program. Also after the system was turned on the rep came back out to make sure everything went smooth and we took some pictures and we were able to set up a few different appointments with friends and family. Definitely ask for Henry. He's very knowledgeable with the programs.

8 years ago

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Craig L Levittown, NY

Fast installation, friendly staff, system delivers what was promised. After my solar payment just a $11 a month Electric bill. Sales rep is a good guy always in touch and gets back to me whenever i call or text him. They followed through as promised so it all worked out.

5 years ago

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Mark Condon Lawrence, MA

I went solar a few months ago. Best decision I've made. I just did a bill swap - switched paying the utility and am paying a loan payment that's much less. I wish I didn't wait so long. More people need to do this!!!! I chose Amergy and have been impressed with everything. They gave me $500 for recommending my uncle who signed up too. Very easy to communicate with them. Process wasn't hard at all - they did everything for me which was nice. Install was a breeze. Just hoping we get a lot of sun soon! Love seeing my electric bill decrease each month and build up credits.

7 years ago

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Debra Gowins West Newton, MA

I had Amergy install solar panels in August of 2016 they sent me a list of things that would happen . I thought that they would put the electrical lines through the overhang on my house but they put it over the gutter(not in the Attic) and down the side of my house. . A site survey will be scheduled for your home. During the visit our auditor will need access to the inside of your home, including the attic, and will be on your roof. The visit should take approximately one hour. If your site visit has not yet been scheduled, please contact your Amergy Sales Representative. 2. Once your site survey has been completed, we will be working with the utility company and your town to obtain the appropriate permits. This phase can take up to 45 days, depending on your town and utility. When permitting is complete, our office will contact you to schedule your installation. 3. Materials are typically delivered the day before and installation is generally completed in 1-2 days. We will need to meet with a decision maker in the household on the morning the installation begins and crews will need access to all electrical equipment throughout the day. 4. A final electrical inspection will be scheduled with your town approximately 3-7 days after installation. Once inspection has passed, we will apply to the utility for permission to operate your system, at which time they will switch out your utility meter. This can take up to 4 weeks to complete. The entire installation process is estimated to take from 3-4 months. So they looked at my roof and it had 3 layers of shingles on it. I asked if this was a problem and they assured me that it was not. In March of this year after a very heavy windy rain, the roof sprung a leak. I contacted Amergy looking for their help to remove the panels and have my roof repaired. It took many calls and emails to finally get a quote (which came in at $10,000.00 not including the cost of the roof repair) . This quote was given to me April 17, 2018. I did find a company that would do the work for under $3000, they were very responsive and are starting the work Monday

6 years ago

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Bob Lancaster, MA

I have an Amergy System, and while the system operates as promised, if I had to do it over, I would have chosen a different company. The first indication should have been in the miscount of trees that had to come out, we had originally counted 16, but it seems that only 15 were put into the paperwork, and when the issue was discovered, it was too late to change. Part of the reason it was discovered too late was that my original agent left the company, and I didn't find out for several weeks, and was never contacted by the new agent. The new agent, when he finally did call, is the one who informed me of the tree issue and that it was too late to change. He did offer a solution which had to do with the "rebate" I was to receive after the system was up and operating. The solution involved me using the rebate check to pay the tree company directly for the removal while they were on the property removing the contracted trees. Sounded reasonable, except no one bothered to tell the tree company, and they refused to remove the trees citing scheduling concerns. My system was to be installed and operating by August 2016, that didn't happen until late December 2016. We encountered unexplained delay after delay, and it wasn't till I became irate that things seemed to move SLOWLY forward. We encountered a delay with the electric company whereby we needed to submit an "expedited permit" for installation. When I received this notice, I called Amergy to find out that our second sales agent has now also left the company, I have as yet (Oct. 2018) to find out who replaced him. I was told by the person I talked with that they also had received notice from the electric company and I was assured that they were on it and will take care of everything. It took 3 weeks for Amergy to file the necessary paperwork, and the electric company another 5 weeks to approve it, so much for "expedited". It wasn't till October 2017 that the actual installation took place, including the digging of a trench across my yard (I have a ground based system) to connect the system to my house. That turned into another fiasco. The installation company decided they knew better than me WHERE the trench needed to go, even though I showed them WHY it couldn't go the way they wanted. They disregarded what I told them and nearly took out a brand new septic system trying to do it their way. Once the trench passed inspection, this took several attempts, and the system was connected, the install team just could never find time to come fill the trench back in. By the time they did, the ground had frozen, so my yard wintered with the trench cut out. The install team came out in March to back fill the trench, not only not filling the trench, but left a literal ton of stones and rocks lining the edge (and up to 10' away from the trench) of the trench. For some unknown reason they weren't put back into the trench, and because they weren't, the trench was only half full, causing up to a 6" depression the length of the nearly 200' trench. Since I had no known sales agent, I had no one to call. I was finally able to reach Amergy Corporate offices in New Jersey through their Facebook page. I had left a message on their answering service and received a call back in an hour or so. The lady (Denise) that returned my call was very nice, understanding and more importantly, helpful. Shortly after our conversation, I was called by MIke, a more local agent. Again, very helpful, texted photos to him regarding the trench and within a couple weeks, install team was back, filled in the trench level to the ground, seeded, and the rocks were at least neatened up and piled for easy removal. Since I was not going to be home when the install team arrived and could not show them where to remove and dump the rocks, I had asked if they could at least round them up for me and I would remove. When I came home from work that night, I was impressed with the work that was done. Shame it wasn't done right the first time. Remember the "rebate" check I previously mentioned? That took three phone calls to Mike to remedy. Seems as though the request was never processed, and I was never (e)mailed a W4. I greatly appreciate all that Mike and Denise did to help me remedy a bad situation, I just regret what was promised never materialized or took way too much time to develop.

6 years ago

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Bill Fronapfel Staten Island, NY

I'm back!!!! As usual I made 2 calls to Melissa and did not get a return call; not surprising! Yes they said they will make all repairs and pay for the damage their roofer did to my property. I still have water damage to the inside of my house and Mold may be growing their; this was brought to their attention 9 months ago and they did care about the possible health hazard. They sent Chinese speaking 2x to do the repairs I do not speak Chinese so how do I communicate with them? Their roofers damage is about $300.00 to $400.00 so far. I told Melissa I found nails in my NEW pool (installed April of this year); we were away for over a week and nobody used the pool for almost 2 weeks; during that time it rained several days so I should have more or less the same amount of water; I DON'T!!!.. The water in the pool is down about 2 inches and I have to add water so as not to burn out the filter. They will have to pay for a NEW liner and the cost of 5,000 gals of water (water is NOT cheep in NYC). I have pix of the low water and want ALL REPAIRS DONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus the cost of all damage. This is not the company you want to do your solar panels.. They are distributors of Sunpower.

7 years ago

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Chap Springfield Gardens, NY

the system is very reliable but you must give it time to work because the process moves a little slow but it's worth the wait. My end result PRICELESS

7 years ago