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LAST UPDATED: July 6th, 2021

Ambient Solar Energy is a sister company of the large, well-established RG Electric Inc. RG Electric has been in business since 1988, providing quality electrical services to customers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ambient Solar Energy started in 2018 as a way to bring green solar power to homes, businesses, the government, and the military in Nevada. The company has continued to grow. In addition to great customer service, the company offers an extensive variety of solar options to help any customer go solar.

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The Good

  • Pearl Certified
  • Single Contractor
  • Military Focus
  • Carport Solar Canopies
  • Excellent Battery

Pearl Certified

Being a Pearl Certified solar business means the company is held to a high standard of data collection in conjunction with its solar panels. Pearl Certification is a third-party auditor and data collector that monitors things like energy consumption for panels, converters, and batteries.

Having this documentation is extremely helpful, especially when selling a home. According to Pearl Certified’s website, Pearl Certified solar companies sell for five percent more than uncertified homes. Few solar companies offer Pearl Certified services and this makes Ambient Solar Energy stand out. 

Single Contractor

Ambient Solar contracts with RG Electric Inc. for solar panel installation. Outsourcing installation to third parties is often looked down upon in the solar industry because it increases the likelihood of damage, delayed repairs, and overall lower quality. At Ambient Solar Energy, only one installer is used. The company uses RG Electric Inc. who has worked in the area for over 30 years and is the parent company of Ambient Solar Energy. Additionally, maintenance is performed by Ambient Solar Energy’s own team, making the whole installation and upkeep process smooth and trustworthy.

Military Focus

According to its website, Ambient Solar Energy has worked with over 90 percent of military bases in Nevada since 2000, making it the lead solar panel company working with military bases in the area. On the company website, customers can find military and veteran assistance initiatives that focus on providing housing for veterans and families. Few solar companies are approved to work with military bases such as Ambient Solar Energy.

Carport Solar Canopies

Ambient Solar is also a carport solar canopy installer. Solar canopies are an arrangement of solar panels attached together to make one large canopy. This plane can be installed above carports to power the space’s electrical needs. This is a great benefit and reason for customers to use Ambient Solar, given customers don’t have to look elsewhere for additional services like installing solar on their carport. 

Excellent Battery

Ambient Solar Energy’s battery system produces 10 megawatts of storage capacity. This means the company’s battery system is a combination of high wattage batteries, given that the current leading batteries’ storage capacity is about 12 kilowatts.

With the combination of these high storage batteries, Ambient Solar System offers an extremely high storage capacity, saving the customer money and time by not needing multiple batteries. Should customers need to upgrade to more solar power storage in the future, however, Ambient Solar Energy also makes that easy.


The Bad

  • No Financing Information on Website
  • Limited Service Area

No Financing Information on Website

Most solar companies provide financing information on their website, however Ambient Solar Energy does not. Options such as buying, leasing, loaning, or using a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) are things customers should ask about when choosing to work with Ambient Solar Energy.

Limited Service Area

Currently, Ambient Solar Energy is only available in the Las Vegas, Nevada region.


The Bottom Line

Ambient Solar Energy is a budding solar company, branching from its larger parent company, RB Electric Inc. Ambient Solar Energy stands out by providing an exceptional battery system with up to a 10-megawatt storage capacity. Additionally, the company provides carport solar installation and uses a single contractor (RB Electric Inc.) to install all its panels.

The company does not list any financing options on its website, making it difficult for customers to know exactly how they will pay or what payment options they can choose from. This is something to be aware of when choosing to work with Ambient Solar Energy, as payment options are often one of the most complicated issues when it comes to solar. 

Ambient Solar Energy is Pearl Certified, meaning strict data is measured from every solar panel and battery installed, greatly increasing a home’s value. The company also focuses on military service initiatives and is one of the few solar companies approved to work with military bases in Nevada.

For customers looking to install solar panels and save money over time, choosing Ambient Solar Energy is a great choice. For customers who are concerned with prices and financing options, requesting a free quote from the company may be helpful before making the decision to go solar.

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