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LAST UPDATED: August 10th, 2023

All Season Solar was founded in 2009 and is currently one of New Jersey's largest solar installers. The company provides solar services to residential and commercial facilities. Additionally, All Season Solar employees are North America Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified.

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The Good

  • Web-Based System Monitoring
  • Exceptional Warranties
  • Superior Micro-Inverter Technology

Web-Based System Monitoring

All Season Solar offers MyEnphase online monitoring to its customers. This gives customers the ability to monitor their system's hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly performance in real-time via their web browser.

Exceptional Warranties

All Season Solar's confidence in both its products and its installations is reflected in the warranties offered by the company. Customers of All Season Solar receive a 25-year manufacturer's warranty on the panels, a 25-year inverter warranty, and a 25-year workmanship guarantee.

Superior Micro-Inverter Technology

Micro-inverters are generally better than central inverters. According to the All Season Solar website, micro-inverters harvest up to 16 percent more AC electricity than central inverters because they will continue to work if the system fails, whereas central inverters will stop working in the event of system failure. Additionally, micro-inverters minimize the impact of shading, dust, and debris. If you choose to go solar with All Season, you can rest assured that your system will include a high-quality micro-inverter.


The Bad

  • Moving Services Not Disclosed
  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited All Season Solar Reviews

Moving Services Not Disclosed

All Season Solar has failed to disclose on its website whether or not the company offers any type of panel moving services in case you have to replace your roof or relocate while under contract. This lack of transparency can be frustrating for potential customers.

Limited Service Area

Currently, All Season Solar only operates in New Jersey.

Limited All Season Solar Reviews

As of August 2023, All Season Solar has earned five or less reviews on Best Company. And these reviews are mixed. On the one hand, the more positive reviews were impressed with both the knowledge of the salespeople, and the follow through of the installation team. However, the negative reviews criticized the solar provider’s handling of a cancellation request as well as the company’s choice in a tree removal subcontractor.

These reviews represent an incredibly small sample size of All Season Solar’s customers. Without a more comprehensive picture of the actual customer experience, it can be difficult for readers to get a true sense of how this company actually performs once the contract has been signed. We encourage current or former All Season Solar customers to post their reviews below.


The Bottom Line

While All Season Solar has exceptional warranties and NABCEP-certified employees, the company's service area is limited to New Jersey.

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JMorgan Port Republic, NJ

Allseasons is a great company!I was surprised when I saw their rating on here since I had never heard of this site before. They installed my system last fall and were great. Our sales rep Ben was super informative, and explained everything to us. We were looking at a different company but then Ben showed us that the price would go up every year and the only had a 5 year warranty so we went with allseasons. Now we only get a $4 electric bill! Call them. Theyre awesome.

4 years ago

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G.Edward Vlaszac Northfield, NJ

From beginning to end Chris , the owner ,and David and Joe from installation were very sincere with all of my needs. Chris went above and beyond with insuring a problem I had was confronted as well as possible and stood by his work 100%. G. Edward Vlaszac... Northfield N. J.

4 years ago

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Sandy South Plainfield, NJ

I went to All Solar for my panels. I didn't have a problem with the installation of the solar panels, but with the tree company that they hired. The tree co. was from So. Jersey and had to travel to S.Plainfield (1 1/2 hours travel). The trees were taken down quickly but were left sitting in my yard for almost a month. When they did come to remove them, they showed up late, so it took several days. They used a bob cat which tore up my lawn. The machine ended up falling in a hole that was an old septic that was not filled in properly. (I had no idea it was there). Then after getting the bob cat out, they just threw grass seed over the ruts and put a metal street sign over the hole. They eventually gave me some money to make the repairs (not for the hole, because they said it was not their fault). I finally found someone to help repair it. So as I said, the solar panels were installed, but their choice of contractors gets a F-. Also because of the rainy weather the system is not paying off.

4 years ago

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Ajay Madan Woodbridge, NJ

We had signed for Solar system with Peter C of All Season, I had informed him up front that I was having trouble paying my bills as my SS benefits were far less than my Property Tax and was seriously thinking of moving out of NJ. My wife is dying with cancer at the moment. I had invested a $1000 on cutting the tree in the front. The system is not installed yet and requested Peter to cancel my order on July 15th and spoke to the office on July 20th to cancel. Now they are threatening me with a law suit as I have moved out of New Jersey for a cheaper retiree state ! ! Don't fall for the Trap by signing with them ! ! Watch out its a Bad company to deal with ! !

6 years ago

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Jim Papaycik Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Had issues with Allseason. Thanx to hard work, persistence and diligence by Ben W., we worked out our differences.

5 years ago