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LAST UPDATED: November 26th, 2022

All Energy Solar, founded in 2010 and headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a full-service solar provider that offers clean, green solar energy services to residential, commercial, agricultural, and governmental customers. All Energy Solar is certified by the North American Board of Certified Electrical Practitioners (NABCEP) and has offices in New Hampshire, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.

All Energy Solar is only available in Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.

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The Good

  • System Monitoring
  • Incentive and Rebate Filing
  • Solar Battery Backup
  • Custom Design and Installation
  • NABCEP Certified

System Monitoring

All Energy Solar offers system monitoring that will track your energy consumption, as well as your solar energy production. Additionally, All Energy Solar will monitor your system and alert you immediately should a problem arise. This is important because it helps to ensure you are getting the payback owed you and will help prevent you from losing any money due to extended periods of downtime.

Incentive and Rebate Filing

There are state and federal incentives and rebates available when buying and installing solar on your home, which is beneficial but can come with a lot of paperwork. Fortunately, All Energy Solar will handle all the rebate and incentive paperwork for you to make sure your project is properly funded and that you are receiving every possible dollar available to you.

Solar Battery Backup

In addition to its residential solar panel system, All Energy Solar is also certified to install the Tesla Powerwall, one of the solar industry's leading solar power harnessing systems. The Tesla Powerwall allows homeowners to save and store renewable energy from their solar energy system to be used in case of an emergency. Installing a solar battery also helps cut down on the electricity bill because it allows homeowners to use solar power even when the sun is not shining.

In addition, All Energy Solar offers the Enphase Encharge, an all-in-one system combining solar and storage on a single platform.

Custom Design and Installation

Each All Energy Solar project is custom designed to fit your home and needs. The company will apply for all permits and complete necessary engineering requirements, ensuring that your panels are installed professionally and last a lifetime. All Energy Solar is one of few solar companies that is a licensed building contractor and electrical contractor.

NABCEP Certified

All Energy Solar is a NABCEP-certified solar panel installer, meaning the company has taken additional steps to train its technicians in the latest solar installation practices. A solar company with an NABCEP badge marks itself as a true expert in the field, and homeowners can be confident that the solar PV system is built to last and according to industry-leading standards.


The Bad

  • Limited State Availability
  • No Solar Lease or PPA

Limited State Availability

All Energy Solar currently only offers services in Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin. If you live in the company's service area, read our verified All Energy Solar reviews to see if this company is right for you. 

However, if you don't live in any of the states that All Energy Solar services, the company does have a wide array of solar installer partners throughout the United States to which it can connect you. 

No Solar Lease or PPA

While All Energy Solar advertises low-interest, zero money down financing (which qualifies homeowners for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit), the solar provider does not appear to offer alternative solar financing methods like solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPA).


The Bottom Line

All Energy Solar is a full-service solar provider that offers solar panels and solar battery backup options for residential, commercial, agricultural, and governmental buildings. Certified by the North American Board of Certified Electrical Practitioners (NABCEP), the company has trained technicians, ensuring that panels are installed professionally and will last a lifetime.

Currently, All Energy Solar reviews are limited, but the majority of existing reviews are positive with satisfied customers frequently highlighting the company's excellent customer service and professional solar installation technicians.

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Jack Roy Pittsfield, MA

I got my solar panels back in 2019. I wanted to wait a couple years before I wrote this review. This way I could really see all the good and the bad. Installation was with no problems. The crew that installed my panels was very professional and answered any questions I had. I’m glad I chose all energy solar to install my panels. The benefits. After a few months of turning my panels on I no longer had an electric bill. Where my panels are located I get a ton of son so I make a lot of energy. Which is why I saw such a quick return. Now I have thousands of credit built up with the electric company and I get a monthly check from the electric company also. My checks are bigger in the summer though because I make more energy in the summer. I am very glad that I switched to solar. I no longer have an electric bill and the electric company now pays me. The best thing I can say to do to really reap the benefits is to buy your solar panels. Find a bank that offers solar loans and buy your panels.

2 years ago

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Tyrker West Springfield, MA

After receiving several quotes from multiple solar installation companies we chose to go with All Energy Solar. They came highly recommended from two other people we knew. We entered the process skeptical that a company would be as good as the reviews claimed. They were better. David (their salesperson) was very quick to meet with us and discuss all options and answer all questions we had. He explained everything very thoroughly and is the most honest salesperson I have ever met. He was not there to sell us a giant system that would not be sized for our home. He went through all the numbers and explained how the process would evolve until the completion of it. Carlo (project coordinator) was always accessible during the installation to answer any new questions. He communicated frequently and kept us up to date on what was happening and the time frame of each step. If we left a message he was very quick to respond. The installers were all very professional and respected our home. They cleaned everything up and were very polite. I can not properly express our gratitude enough to David, Carlo, and all the great people we met during our installation. Thank you all for your honesty, professionalism, and quick turnaround. There is no better company out there. You will not fail with this company. R. Ducharme Southwick , MA

4 years ago

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Diane Gale Southwick, MA

We did our homework and requested quotes from 7 different solar companies, from the huge corporations with limitless advertising budgets to the smaller, younger companies with local representation. ALL ENERGY SOLAR's salesperson, David D, was the absolute most honest salesperson we've ever met (in any industry). He freely shared his knowledge and experience with other customer installations of all things solar - from the newest, hottest panels and their pluses and minuses to SREC programs and application nuances. David was the most truthful and forthcoming of any salesperson that we met in this process, and he bent over backwards to accommodate our schedules for multiple visits to our home. He assured us that ALL ENERGY SOLAR would do everything for us from all filings, applications, permits, AND follow up, and he was absolutely correct. They stayed right on top of everything and made our installation happen right on schedule, and to our surprise, in a single day. Their follow up after installation has been phenomenal. Had one issue of a panel not reading correctly and they were on it before we even knew about it. They came in and replaced it and we didn't even realize that they had come and gone already to do it. Everyone that we dealt with in the process was absolutely fantastic, from sales to installation and office follow up. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

5 years ago

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Rich Joseph Agawam, MA

I did my homework before selecting a solar company. We had five different installers present their products, explain their installation, and quote us a price. All presentations were acceptable, but the people at All Energy Solar definitely impressed me more. That includes the sales representative who made the initial home presentation; very knowledgeable, the representatives in the office, they literally seem to know everything about the solar industry, and the installers, who did a great job putting in the system. From site location on our property to engaging the completed system for the first time, All Energy Solar rates A+. The after-installation support and online information is also excellent. I have confidently recommended All Energy Solar to my friends.

5 years ago

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Mark LeSage North Adams, MA

I worked with All Energy Solar. Sara was my contact. I wasn't like the others, I researched the panels that I wanted LG315N1K-A5 and the solar edge Power Optimizer and solar edge inverters. the price they gave me for them were the same I found on the internet. they installed them in the time frame they told me left my house clean, picked up all the paper/trash. they were very friendly and new what they were doing. they helped me get on Sol Systems to sell my srec's. and get net metering. it's nice not to have an electric bill and get paid for the power I make. the tax credits are good also. $170 a month for the loan for the whole install which is paid for from selling the srec's and the tax credits. the extra cash also comes in handy. if you live in Ma. buy your panels and have All Energy Solar install them I'm very glad I did.

6 years ago

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Richard Pepin, WI

All Energy Solar installed my first 16 panels in September 1014 directly grid tied with an eGauge monitor. I was pleased enough to have them out again about2 years later to install 18 more panels. I had my first all electric car by then & wanted more capacity for my greatly increased usage. This past December they came again to install a couple of Tesla power walls. I have nothing but praise for the quality of service I have received from them.

5 years ago

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Thomas Morin Adams, MA

These folks did everything that said, they would and then some. The system was up and operational in six weeks from my first contact with them. The only issues where with the local building dept. they where not very co operative and not on time for their inspections. No fault of All Energy Solar. The first months electric bill with the solar installed was $33.00 compared to $ 467.00 the month before. Thanks, All Solar Tom Morin

6 years ago

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Customer service was great, product A-! (checked out what they used for panels and inverters over the internet) among the best in USA and Europe if not the best. What perked me up was how the Electrical Inspector was impressed with their job and how impressed the inspector sent here by the finance company who came out here from a near by state. They both asked about them and asked for phone their number..etc. There was a crew of maybe 8, they had to upgrade the from old fuses to breakers They were here for 2 days in the attic, in the cellar and of course on the roof, My wife and I don't remember them taking a break ( they must have).

7 years ago

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Robert Pacitti

I worked with All Energy Solar. Sara was my contact. I think they did a wonderful job explaining the system, ordering the system and installing the system. Recently when my system stopped sending data they emailed that day and had me troubleshoot. I am completely satisfied with their work and customer service.

6 years ago

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Jason Spiegel Hugo, MN

We unfortunately had a very negative experience with All Energy Solar throughout the install and activation of our solar system. I’m frankly at a loss how they have such glowing reviews given we experienced a lack of communication, improper initial installation that resulted in a lengthy delay of interconnection, multiple improper repairs of the initial installation failure, failure to provide our warranty documents, and just a complete lack of good faith effort to identify, correct, and prioritize their errors as they occurred. For brevity, I’m only going to describe a few of the larger issues, but I also have plenty of documentation from emails, phone records and voicemails, showing numerous smaller issues occurring throughout the entire process. 1. Our system was improperly installed and failed its interconnection test with Xcel. This caused a 3-week delay in activation. They said they fixed it that day but no one could tell me what they changed… 2. …So I had to repeatedly ask our project manager to send someone out to make sure it was fixed. They sent an electrician on the morning of our 2nd test. He spent 4 hours working on it. It passed but… 3. …1/2 of our panels were not working at, and after, the time of the interconnection test. I discovered this the next morning when we weren’t generating our expected power. 4. Upon notification of our system problem, our project manager said they’d send someone “in a few days” to look at it. Really? After multiple installation errors by All Energy Solar it still was not a priority to fix. I had to track down a manager in their service department who did prioritize checking it out. Turned out the last electrician left a fuse out of the non-functional string. I hope our interconnection pass was legitimate, but I really have no way of knowing. 5. Our closeout meeting was never scheduled. I had to call and email to get it scheduled. At our closeout meeting I was told our warranty documentation would be emailed shortly. It’s a month later, I’ve asked for it twice and it still hasn’t arrived. 6. We were billed for equipment that was not needed. To All Energy’s credit they did notify me of the error, but it 6 weeks and multiple phone calls to actually get the money returned. Twice we were told it was in the mail only to have it not arrive because it had not actually been sent yet. I’m leaving out other details on scheduling errors, general lack of communication on everything, and other more minor but still concerning events that occurred. I was left with the feeling that they do not pay any attention to details, do not have any desire to proactively fix their errors, I have no faith in the quality of the install, and in general they were extremely frustrating and disappointing to work with. Consider yourself warned. I wish we had been before signing a contract with them.

1 year ago

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Reply from All Energy Solar

Hello Jason, Thank you for providing your feedback. We set a high standard for ourselves and we are truly sorry that standard was not met in your interaction with our business. To try to make it up to you, we have fixed your production issue, addressed your 30 days of lost production while the system was down, provided a refund for the eGauge, re-sent your warranty documentation, and courteously answered your questions. If you have any additional concerns, please email us at or call (800) 620-3370 directly so we can assist you promptly. Kind Regards, ~The All Energy Solar Team

Sep. 7th, 2022

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Dan Hathaway Williamsburg, MA

Honest helpful sales rep Made sure that I understood what the process of installation would be as well as how the financial layout should be Helpful office support

6 years ago

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LarryB Saint Bonifacius, MN

Professional installation and service. Online since September 2017. Saving and earning money with our 28 panel system.

4 years ago

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Don Springfield, MA

What an easy process, From Dave to Carlo to all the installers and electricians it was seamless, friendly and clean

4 years ago