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LAST UPDATED: March 20th, 2024

Founded in 2014, Affiliate Solar is a residential solar installer serving homeowners in California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah. The solar power provider advertises easy financing options, expert solar installation, and top-notch customer service, and builds custom systems designed to save money on the electricity bill.  Affiliate Solar was also recognized by Solar Power World magazine as a "Top 500 Solar Contractor" in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

One of Affiliate Solar's core values is educating solar customers on the monetary and environmental benefits of solar energy, and empowering them to share these values with their friends and families. This customer-based referral program is not only designed to build a customer base, but also to compensate existing customers for helping others to take full advantage of what solar power has to offer.

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The Good

  • Zero-Money Down Financing
  • Competitive Warranties
  • Solar Energy Storage Available
  • Solar Energy Affiliate Program

Zero-Money Down Financing

Affiliate Solar prides itself on helping homeowners save on their utility bill right away. Through the company's flexible financing options, customers are able to either purchase the solar energy system directly, or finance through a third-party loan with zero money down. Financing through a loan means customers will see a huge spike in money savings during the first year of operation, and thousands of dollar more once the system is paid off after 15 years.

Competitive Warranties

Affiliate Solar guarantees its work. To support this guarantee, the company attaches a 25-year workmanship warranty, which protects homeowners from paying for any damaged or improperly installed solar components for the essential lifetime of the solar PV system.

Additionally, the company sources its 25-year equipment warranty directly from its manufacturing partners; so if a system component is defective, the supplier will make it right.

Solar Energy Storage Available

In addition to sourcing its solar inverters from leading companies like SolarEdge, Enphase, and SMA, Affiliate Solar also provides the LG Chem solar battery as a system upgrade. The LG Chem energy storage system is one of the most reliable solar batteries on the market, and can provide clean, renewable energy in emergency situations or during the night.

Solar Energy Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, Affiliate Solar provides one of the most competitive solar affiliate programs in the industry. Affiliate Solar will pay existing customers up to $250 per kilowatt installed for every successful referral. Customers are paid 20 percent upfront, and the remaining 80 percent upon completion of the solar installation.


The Bad

  • Solar Panel Disclosure
  • No NABCEP Certification

Solar Panel Disclosure

While Affiliate Solar boasts a broad portfolio of completed solar project installations with details of system capacity and inverters that were used, the company does not mention the makes and models of solar panel modules it implements into its systems. Specific solar panel manufacturers build different levels of energy efficiency, durability, price, and warranty conditions into their solar cells, and this information will ultimately inform how much a solar energy system will cost the homeowner.

No NABCEP Certification

Affiliate Solar is not an NABCEP-certified solar roof installer. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners issues some of the most respected and widely recognized certification programs in the solar industry. Solar technicians and installers with an NABCEP certification mark themselves as true experts in solar technology and installation practices.

Though the lack of an NABCEP certification does not imply Affiliate Solar's installations are in any way poor in quality or materials, the presence of such a certification can be an important deciding factor for homeowners comparing multiple solar providers.


The Bottom Line

If you live anywhere within Affiliate Solar's broad, four-state service area, and are interested in upgrading your home with a solar system, Affiliate Solar could be a good choice. The company's flexible financing options, high-quality materials, and lucrative customer referral program all represent significant positives for the company.

We encourage homeowners to read verified Affiliate Solar reviews and compare what they find to top solar companies in their area to see which solar company is right for their specific energy needs.

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Gérardo Melendrez El Monte, CA

I've had Solar installed in my home and I absolutely love it. There was no out of pocket cost to me. No cost up front, no cost to install, and no cost once it was installed. All I had to do was instantly start saving money at my next billing cycle. I recomend Solar for all homeowners busniess owners. But I especially recommend Solar for all your local chrurches that are For Profit or Non Profit orginizations. Thank You

5 years ago

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Hector Salceda

I’m trying to reach customer service and no one answered. There’s been a really bad experience with this service and company. My system finally it’s been installed but I need to reach the customer service team to monitor the software and no one answers

3 months ago

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Jessica Ortiz Desert Hot Springs, CA

Don’t do it ! Do not choose this company,it’s not a “green loan”, verbage they allow their sales rep to say to customers. I wanted to cancel before the solars we’re installed, the day my housekeeper was here they installed without my knowledge. The President Kim also took part in telling me “I HAVE TO “ continue with letting them finish their work, because from day of signing I only had 3 days to cancel. It’s been an absolute nightmare this company had me having to call and ask for updates because they don’t keep you informed. If your ok with signing and releasing up to 50k to them without their work being complete then sign up. You will be frustrated , upset and depressed with yourself if you choose this company. Look at other options, you and I deserve the best for our home, I was cheated already from that experience, save your self the hasssle.

1 year ago

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Ken L Twentynine Palms, CA

Complete and total nightmare dealing with these clowns. The sales rep was cool but everyone else is flaky, unorganized, and so untimely that I have been waiting nearly a year for them to complete a tiny job. In the meantime, I'm getting slammed with bills from the electric company, which they swore they would eliminate, and being charged monthly for the loans of the equipment they haven't installed which they promise to reimburse but only do so if you're pulling their teeth. Just getting them to send my tax information is like asking them to change the rotation of the earth. I can't think of anything I regret more than dealing with these boobs. I hate them. I truly hate them. Run from this company.

1 year ago

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Cin Lar Indio, CA

This company has had since October 2021 to install and have our solar up and running. It is now the end of 2022 and all they have done is put the panels up. No skirting as of today. They messed with the electrical panel and the lights in one room were off for a day. I was promised a battery due to I am on oxygen and they now say its not in their budget and we get a generator. A 5 star generator company came out and they said that was not in their budget so they called a no star no review company to come out, I heard from them once and not again. Every time we are told it will be done this week two weeks go by with nothing being done and poor communication. I referred people to them and all of these people are very unhappy as well. I feel horrible about referring this company. I have told Kim since right before they put up the panels when I was in the hospital, to stop all work, I want to withdraw from this and she refuses to listen. She keeps saying no you can't. And as I said I was in the hospital when she had the panels put up after I said no. I also found out that I would lose my current money making solar account with my electrical company which I pay very little with my current company. The ONLY reason we did this was for a battery which is now not in their budget. I am elderly and have become very sick and this company just thinks it's o.k. to take advantage of that. I will not recover and cannot pay for this and Kim just keeps telling my granddaughter I have to do this. It has now become very stressful causing myself and my granddaughter a great deal of worry.

1 year ago

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Vicki Vince Indio, CA

PSA - DO NOT use AFFLIATE SOLAR company...they are based out of UTAH and this is what they did to our 60+ year-old ceiling. Huge screws drilled right through the brand new roof and into the 60+ year-old wood ceiling - way off mark of the beams (in two separate rooms). Unqualified and inexcusable workmanship. Very poor communication and non-responsive to customer calls. Put off after put off, work not done as promised and not in a timely fashion. We started the process in October/November of 2021 and the panels finally got installed in May of 2022 - with the horrific drilling through our wood ceiling. A week has gone by and no one has even been out to access the damage.

2 years ago

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Mike and Sarah Bell Orem, UT

After over a year of attempting to motivate Affiliate to improve our system to one that would work better (a non losing money situation), they came out and installed a better system this week. The results look more promising but will still require my topping several of my long-standing, shading yard trees. But I do feel better about the efforts made. The changes below indicate my feelings at this juncture.

6 years ago

star star star star star

C. J. "Chuck" Cota

Excellent installation in Quartz Hill, California. Difficult 2 story home and many leveled roof structure.

7 years ago

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Customer service is great whenever I have a question they are right there to answer

7 years ago