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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Addy Solar & Electric provides complete start-to-finish solar services to those looking to maximize the power of the sun while reducing those ever-increasing monthly utility bills. Addy Solar & Electric has taken on both residential and commercial projects, helping clients determine what equipment is needed in order to produce enough energy while simultaneously reducing overall carbon footprint. 

Master electrician, Danny Addy, founded Addy Solar & Electric in 2012 after working as an electrician for 14 years. After relocating from New York to Redding, CA in 2008, Addy realized the potential solar energy had in the area as the city is the second sunniest city in the entire country. Addy decided to start and provide a local solar service that could help residential and commercial clients in the area.

Since its founding, Addy Solar & Electric has installed hundreds of customized solar systems for clients across Northern California. The company will help prospective clients explore potential tax credits and financing options if needed. Since business started, Addy Solar & Electric has garnered a reputation of being dependable and affordable as the company has helped local residents use clean energy while saving money each month. 

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The Good

  • Top Tier Solar Partnerships
  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • Design and Mounting
  • Additional Services

Top Tier Solar Partnerships

Prospective solar customers want to know what equipment a particular installer has access to and whether it is through a dealership platform or a manufacturer relationship. Addy Solar & Electric has gone above and beyond in this respect as the company has partnered with a number of tier-1 solar manufacturers. 

For solar panels, Addy Solar & Electric has partnerships with the following manufacturers:

  • SunPower
  • Panasonic
  • Solar World America
  • Canadian Solar

For inverters, Addy Solar & Electric has partnered with the following companies:

  • SunPower
  • Panasonic
  • SolarEdge

By partnering with multiple manufacturers, Addy Solar & Electric clients are able to receive a completely customized solar solution that will provide the best results and efficiently produce clean energy. Not all solar installers have access to this wide range of equipment options. 

Energy Storage Solutions

A key focus of the Addy Solar & Electric operation is helping clients become less dependent on the traditional utility grid. Utility grids are notoriously known for randomly experiencing outages or struggling to perform during inclement weather. With the number of energy storage alternatives available through Addy Solar & Electric, clients are able to increase their own energy independence. Energy storage solutions include solar energy storage, generators, and EV chargers.

While many solar companies offer solar energy solutions, not many also offer generator and EV charging installation. Addy Solar & Electric does, allowing its clients to no longer rely on utility grid function to power their homes or vehicles. 

Design and Mounting

Many solar installation companies solely offer cookie-cutter solar solutions. This means that designs are essentially the same, regardless of home structure or build, and all systems are mounted to the roof of the property. While this may work for most solar customers, it is not ideal in all circumstances.

Addy Solar & Electric professionals will come to the site of the project and complete a custom design that the client will approve. Additionally, the company offers both roof and ground mounted solutions which means that the property will dictate the best mounting solution rather than the actual installation provider. 

Additional Services

In addition to offering solar sales, design, and installation services to clients, Addy Solar & Electric goes the extra mile to ensure that installed systems perform to client expectations for decades to come. Other services offered by Addy Solar & Electric include solar monitoring and maintenance.

If a system goes down or stops performing as efficiently as it should, Addy Solar & Electric will come to the property and rectify the situation. Not all installation providers are willing to provide ongoing services, but Addy Solar & Electric recognizes that things happen and systems may need additional service. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • NABCEP Certification

Limited Service Area

Addy Solar & Electric was originally founded to provide a local option to customers looking for solar solutions. The company has remained committed to its geographic service area, offering solutions in the following cities in Northern California:

  • Redding
  • Red Bluff
  • Weed
  • East Bay

While a local provider comes with a host of benefits, those located outside of this service area will have to look elsewhere for solar installation services. Competitors within the industry generally offer a larger geographic service area. 

No NABCEP Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is widely recognized as the gold standard certification organization within the renewable energy space. While it is not required to obtain NABCEP certification prior to offering installation work, it goes a long way in displaying the skills and craftsmanship of a solar professional. Many solar companies will have at least one in-house professional on staff that is NABCEP certified. Unfortunately, there are no NABCEP-certified solar professionals on staff for Addy Solar & Electric. 


The Bottom Line

Addy Solar & Electric offers comprehensive solar solutions to homeowners and commercial property owners, including solar maintenance and monitoring services. The company has partnered with a number of tier-1 solar manufacturers to provide clients with state-of-the-art technology. Addy Solar & Electric specializes in energy storage solutions, allowing clients to increase their overall energy independence. The company will provide custom design solutions and offer clients multiple mounting options.

While there are several reasons prospective solar clients may want to consider Addy Solar & Electric for solar design and installation services, it should be noted that there are limitations to the operation as well. The service area is restricted to the greater Redding area, and there are no NABCEP-certified installers on staff. 

Those interested in having a custom solar system that utilizes the latest solar technology while also decreasing dependence on the utility grid will likely benefit from the services offered by Addy Solar & Electric. 

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