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LAST UPDATED: June 1st, 2021

Founded in 2013, ACDC Solar provides homeowners with accurate and fair proposals so they can make informed decisions. ACDC's two founders have decades of combined experience in solar and have refined the process so that your customer experience is a breeze.

The solar company offers custom solutions for residential solar and batteries systems and can handle any size commercial project as well. ACDC also offers the latest technology, so homeowners know their system will be reliable for years to come. 

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The Good

  • Free Quote
  • Useful Solar Terminology

Free Quote

Homeowners and businesses can submit their information via ACDC's online form to receive a free quote. 

All that is needed to fill out the form is a name, email, phone number, installation address and if the property is residential, commercial, industrial, or other. 

Useful Solar Terminology

Customers who are unfamiliar with the industry terminology might want to check out ACDC's Learn About Solar page. The company thoroughly explains some of the most commonly used terms regarding solar equipment, the financial aspect, and more.

This is an excellent resource for those who are looking for general information and want to know more about how solar can help save them money.


The Bad

  • Unfinished Website
  • Lacks Important Information
  • Limited Service Locations

Unfinished Website 

While ACDC Solar does help homeowners and businesses learn more about the industry's terminology, the website feels a bit sparse in a couple of areas.

The Home Solar page starts off explaining how the company can help homeowners save on their electric bill, but when customers scroll down the page, the page suddenly looks unfinished; there is a lot of white space — presumably where words and pictures are meant to go — and the text is cut off. 

Lacks Important Information

Additionally, the site doesn't offer much information about the company’s process. This information would be useful for customers to know beforehand — that way, customers know what they're getting into when they sign a contract. 

ACDC Solar doesn't disclose what kind of panels or inverters are available; the company merely states that it uses the best solar panels and inverters on the market, which is a bit vague. 

Since there isn't much information on the website, customers must call the company for more information. Although this isn't the worst offense, it is inconvenient for customers who want to quickly compare companies. 

Limited Service Locations

Currently, ACDC Solar only offers its services to homeowners in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, and New York. 


The Bottom Line

ACDC Solar seems like a decent solar company to work with, but it's hard to tell because of the website’s lack of information.

The company does offer a free quote and helps explain some of the industry's terminology, but that information just isn't enough to recommend customers work with the company.

Those who are interested in learning more about ACDC Solar's services should contact the company and ask about contracts, warranty length, and available panels and inverters. 

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Robert Swan Whitehouse Station, NJ

When my wife and I started researching solar, we met with several companies before choosing ACDC Solar. We preferred them over the others because they met with us multiple times during our research and answered all of our finance and technical questions immediately instead of saying “I’ll get back to you on that”. We wanted to install a diesel generator in the future but then learned about Tesla Powerwall battery storage. It was an easy decision once we gained a better understanding of the marriage between solar and battery storage. The whole team was a source of knowledge and professionalism before, during and after the install. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.

4 years ago

ACDC Solar Logo

Reply from ACDC Solar

Thanks Bob! Glad we could help you and your family.

Dec. 3rd, 2019