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LAST UPDATED: February 28th, 2022

8MSolar provides environmentally friendly and financially sustainable solar PV systems to North Carolina homeowners and commercial properties. Since 2015, 8MSolar has created a team of highly-trained designers and engineers to install top of the line solar panels, inverters, and batteries to its customers.

In the state of North Carolina, 8MSolar is the only solar PV installer in the entire state that is completely NABCEP certified, operates as a general contractor, and has in-house licensed and registered professional engineers on staff. 

8MSolar specializes in the following services: solar engineering, solar design, rooftop solar PV, ground mount solar PV, residential rooftop solar, commercial rooftop solar, EV charging inverters, non-profit solar PV, and troubleshooting as well as repair services.

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The Good

  • Savings
  • Solar Purchase and Solar Loan Options
  • In-House PEs
  • Utilizes Mounting Feet


Everyone would save on energy costs with a solar system. 8MSolar customers experience more savings on average than the national average. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, North Carolina is the second largest solar state in the United States. It has ample sunlight and more mild temperatures which assists in silicon cells efficiently producing energy.

Additionally, the cost for solar systems has come down in recent years making the up-front costs more manageable for homeowners. There are also federal and local rebates that go along with installing solar. For 8MSolar customers, there is also the Duke Energy Rebate the company can help customers obtain to bring the cost down even more.

8MSolar provides this scenario for costs, “​​There is a 26% federal tax credit on all qualified expenses towards a solar photovoltaic system. For example, if you get a $15,000 solar system, your tax credit will be $4,500. Bringing your net cost down to $10,500. How a credit works is that if you owed say $8,000 in total taxes that year, after the solar credit you will only pay $3,500. Now, if you don’t have enough tax liability to use the credit in year one, you may spread the credit over 3 years.”

8MSolar specializes in harnessing solar power, with some customers experiencing a 100 percent reduction in their electric bill. Lastly, 8MSolar customers will be paid for energy that they do not use, netting the difference. Solar is saving the average North Carolina resident around $20,000 when the switch is made.

Solar Purchase and Solar Loan Options

With 8MSolar, there are two main payment options for customers to choose from. Since there are costs, sometimes steep costs, associated with solar equipment and the subsequent installation, many homeowners need some financial leniency. The two payment options for 8MSolar customers include a Solar Purchase and a Solar Loan. Each option breaks down as follows:

Solar Purchase: outright purchase upfront

  • Customers own the solar system outright
  • No monthly payments on equipment
  • Benefit from local and federal rebates
  • One-time upfront cost
  • Responsible for maintenance

Solar Loan: available through a third-party lender

  • Option available through a third party lender
  • No upfront costs
  • Still own the system, over time
  • Pay for the cost of panels on a monthly basis
  • May still qualify for rebates
  • May qualify for warranty through lender to pay for maintenance

While it is not uncommon for a solar company to provide financial options to customers, what makes 8MSolar unique is the fact that the team will assist customers throughout the entire process regardless of which option is chosen. 

In-House PEs

While there are solar certifications available to those looking to become a technician or installer, the 8M team has taken its service to the next level with in-house PEs (Professional Engineers). Prior to final installation, the state of North Carolina requires a licensed design professional visit and sign off.

With in-house professional engineers, the 8MSolar team guarantees the system to be installed properly and safely. The 8MSolar PEs are registered and NABCEP certified. Installers even take the actual installation to new heights, over-sizing rails, installing mounting feet closer together and installing larger grounding connections.

8MSolar also claims to be the only solar installation company in North Carolina with in-house PEs. While many solar companies train technicians or contract out installation, 8MSolar has found a way to keep them in-house and ready to work. 

Utilizes Mounting Feet

In addition to having professional engineers conduct the design and installation process, 8MSolar customers can also rest assured that the actual equipment used to mount their solar system is top of the line. Before any panel is laid in place, a meticulous plan is drawn out. Engineers form 8MSolar will look at the following:

  • Existing roof support structures
  • Spacing and current load capacity
  • Pounds per square foot (PSF) loading from solar
  • Wind loading
  • Snow loading

After taking all of these items into consideration, 8MSolar installers will use the IronRidge Flashfoot 2 to secure the system. These mounting feet are the strongest attachment made in the solar industry. IronRidge Flashfoot 2 mounting feet are completely self sealing once put in place which eliminates roof leaks. It is not necessarily made known by most solar installers as to what is used to mount a solar system.

Not only does 8MSolar make this information available, but the company has also gone above and beyond to find the best equipment for solar installation on the market.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Workmanship Warranty

Limited Service Area

While 8MSolar understands the ins and outs of the North Carolina solar industry, the company is limited to just that, North Carolina. While there are many solar companies that focus on one specific state or cities within a state, other players have found ways to provide solar services in regions and multiple states.

Workmanship Warranty

Many solar installation companies offer some sort of workmanship warranty. This warranty protects against any mistakes or misjudgements made during the installation process that causes the system to malfunction or not work as efficiently as it is designed to. While 8MSolar has professional engineers on staff, there is no mention of a workmanship warranty or how customers are protected from possible installation errors. 


The Bottom Line

North Carolina residents looking to install top-of-the line equipment by professional engineers would be wise to look into 8MSolar. The savings, equipment warranties, products used, and service are all driving forces behind the company’s success and clients’ satisfaction. However, residents of any other state will need to look elsewhere for solar installation services. 

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