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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Since 2013, 3 Guys Solar has contributed to hundreds of solar projects all around central Florida. It is one of the fastest growing, independently owned solar system installation companies in the Orlando region. 3 Guys Solar provides solar and energy services to residential and commercial property owners throughout the area.

The 3 Guys Solar installation team is made up of experienced professionals with over 50 years of combined roofing and electrical experience. These skills combined with extensive knowledge of solar equipment is one reason 3 Guys Solar stands out from the rest of the solar competition in Florida. 

3 Guys Solar diligently works to provide a service clients will be satisfied with. The company strives to help its customers immediately cut energy costs while also reducing their overall carbon footprint. 3 Guys Solar is a BBB accredited business, part of the EnergySage organization, and has solid reviews.

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The Good

  • Services Offered
  • Process
  • Equipment Partnerships
  • Instant Solar Estimate

Services Offered

3 Guys Solar offers a wide range of options to ensure that clients receive a system that will satisfy both short-term and long-term utility objectives. In addition to installing solar systems, 3 Guys Solar is licensed to install solar battery solutions to provide clients with more savings and additional reliable power. A complete list of 3 Guys Solar services includes the following:

  • Free home energy audit
  • Solar service and maintenance
  • Residential solar services
  • Colar solar services

While most of these services are typical of solar installation services, the fact that 3 Guys Solar offers service and maintenance solutions to clients is both unique and beneficial to clients. The company does not just walk away once the installation is complete, it is there to assist throughout the lifespan of the system. 


The 3 Guys Solar team utilizes an effective and streamlined solar installation process. This process is one that all 3 Guys Solar clients can expect when hiring the company for solar installation. The process breaks down as follows:

  • Consultation — The consultation will give clients a basic idea of what is involved and what the potential benefits are for considering a solar energy system. 
  • On-Site Survey — 3 Guys Solar will come to the home or business to measure the roof or area of installation and provide details on if what you want to accomplish is possible.
  • Design, Engineering, and Permitting — The company will design the solar project, put together the engineering documents, and present them to the county and utility company for permits and approvals. 
  • Installation — Once the plans are approved, 3 Guys Solar will reach out to the client to schedule installation. Depending on the scope of the project, it can take one to two days to complete the installation. 
  • Final Inspection, Interconnectivity Process, and Training — After a final inspection and interconnectivity process with the power company, 3 Guys Solar will train clients on how to use the system. 

Equipment Partnerships

One unique aspect of 3 Guys Solar is the fact that the company is not tied to just one brand or manufacturer. The company has partnerships with a number of solar manufacturers and technology providers, ensuring that clients will have access to the best equipment for their needs. Most solar companies only have a couple of equipment partnerships, but 3 Guys Solar can install, but is not limited to, the following manufacturers:


  • Axitec
  • Q Cell
  • LG
  • Canadian Solar
  • Solaria Power


  • SolarEdge 
  • SMA
  • Sunny Boy
  • SPS Plug
  • Enphase


  • Enphase
  • Tesla Powerwall

Additionally, 3 Guys Solar is confident that it would be able to obtain and install products not on these lists. 

Instant Solar Estimate

While clients can still access a full consultation work up through 3 Guys Solar, researching clients can get an idea of what services and equipment is going to cost quickly and entirely online.

Using the instant solar quote tool, prospective customers can simply input their property address and get an instant solar estimate. This can help give clients a general idea of what to expect cost-wise and determine whether or not they want to move forward with a more thorough analysis.

Most solar installation companies will make prospective clients wait until a full quote can be delivered, but 3 Guys Solar wants clients to have as much information as they can as early as possible. 


The Bad

  • Financing Options
  • Limited Service Area

Financing Options

Most solar installation companies offer lease or power purchase agreements to clients looking to install a solar system. Very few property owners are in the position to pay for a solar system upfront and outright. To combat the expense of a solar system, solar installation companies offer multiple types of financing options allowing clients to pay over several years or the lifetime of the system if needed.

3 Guys Solar does not offer this type of financing. In fact, the only form of financing 3 Guys Solar offers is an initial zero money down option but clients only have 90 days to pay the remainder of the balance. This is not nearly as flexible as most solar installation companies are with clients. 

Limited Service Area

Solar by nature is a relatively geographically restricted service, meaning most companies are local rather than national or regional providers. Typically, solar installation companies will service one state or a select few highly populated cities or counties within a state. 3 Guys Solar is no different.

Currently, the 3 Guys Solar team solely services central Florida, more specifically Orlando, Florida. This drastically limits the number of prospective solar clients the company can service. Some solar installation companies have figured out how to expand, servicing many states or regions of the country. Unfortunately, 3 Guys Solar has not expanded in this way. 


The Bottom Line

3 Guys Solar provides a wide range of solar installation services to property owners in the Central Florida area. The company utilizes a streamlined five-step process to help clients realize their solar dreams as soon as possible. 3 Guys Solar can install nearly any solar technology, but has relationships/partnerships with countless solar manufacturers. Clients interested in using 3 Guys Solar can get an instant quote with a ballpark range of solar costs. 

While 3 Guys Solar offers a high quality service, prospective customers should be aware of a few things. First, the company itself does not offer any sort of financing option to its clients. The area in which 3 Guys Solar can service is also extremely geographically limited. 

For residential and commercial property owners in the greater Orlando area, 3 Guys Solar is an excellent option for solar installation services. Outside of these parameters, prospective solar clients will need to look elsewhere for solar installation services. 

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