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LAST UPDATED: November 10th, 2021

180 Solar Power is a local solar contracting company in Southern California. Since the business was founded, its employees have completed over 2,000 solar installations. 180 Solar Power has been established for seven years and was given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. The company has some of the best financing options available in the industry and offers a wide range of solar products.

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The Good

  • Financing
  • Prepaid Lease Option
  • Available Solutions


When it comes to financing options, 180 Solar Power has a range of possibilities. Customers have the opportunity to finance their purchase of a solar system or pay for a lease. Not all solar companies give customers both options.

For a solar purchase, you can enroll in $0 down PACE financing programs. With this option, there are low fixed monthly payments, no fees if you pay it off early, and no lien on your home. The terms of these loans can be anywhere from five to 30 years. There is no credit score requirement for PACE financing, but in order to qualify you do have to verify that you have no outstanding mortgage or property tax payments. 

Typically, when a solar company has a leasing option, it requires monthly payment. 180 Solar Power does have a monthly lease available for its customers. These leases typically have a 20-year or 25-year term. With a lease, the property owner does not own the solar system, the solar company does. The customer essentially “rents” the system from the company in exchange for a lower electric bill. Leases are especially appealing for customers who do not qualify for certain tax incentives. 

Prepaid Lease Option

The prepaid lease option is one of those most unique features of 180 Solar Power. With a prepaid lease, the property owner pays a large sum upfront for the entire lease. Typically, a prepaid lease has the lowest total cost of any lease — in some cases the cost is even lower than the cost of ownership. However, it still requires a significant sum of money. 

A prepaid lease may not be the best option for every customer, but it is worth highlighting because this type of lease is not a standard offering in the industry. 

Available Solutions

180 Solar Power installs solar systems residentially and commercially. Within these systems, the company provides roof or ground mounted solar panels, micro or string inverters, and battery storage installations. Battery storage can be added to a solar powered system or installed on a home as an energy backup. 

180 Solar Power is committed to analyzing the customer’s property, designing a custom solar solution, installing, and providing continued service on the solar system. Most solar equipment sold by 180 Solar Power have a 25-year minimum warranty, but the workmanship warranty is not disclosed.


The Bad

  • Product Transparency
  • Limited Service Area

Product Transparency

On the 180 Solar Power website, the company stresses how important it is for customers to know what types of panels they are getting. Unfortunately, 180 Solar Power is not very transparent about its product offerings — at least on its website. In order to find out what types of solar technology is available, potential customers must reach out to a representative for a quote. 

Without product transparency, it is difficult to know the warranties on products or know how efficient the products are. It is likely that the lack of transparency is a result of 180 Solar Power being a distributor of many different solar panel brands. Third-party websites indicate that 180 Solar Power distributes solar products from at least ten different brands — but this information is not verified by the company’s website. 

Limited Service Area

180 Solar Power limits its business within Southern California. Service areas include San Diego County, Riverside County, and other areas of Southern California. Residents outside of these areas will need to seek an alternative solar provider. 


The Bottom Line

For residents of Southern California looking to take advantage of great solar financing options, 180 Solar Power may just be the right company to work with. 180 Solar Power sells panels from a selection of well-known manufacturers, so we recommend doing your research on the type of panels that are most efficient and budget friendly for your current situation.

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