DIRECTV got its start in 1990 and has since grown into a successful Fortune 100 company. The company offers over 190 full-time HD channels as well as high-speed internet and a streaming service. In a side-by-side comparison with other digital satellite providers, it holds up very well.

In June 2015, AT&T officially acquired DIRECTV, creating one of the largest television and communications companies in the world. The projections for this merger are positive for DIRECTV customers, giving them bundling opportunities on internet and phone service not available before.

DIRECTV is a digital satellite entertainment service provider that offers homeowners and businesses more than 250 channels throughout all 50 states. 

Read what other DIRECTV customers are saying about their service (below).

The Good

  • DIRECTV Packages and Pricing Information
  • Genie® HD DVR and Direct Remote
  • Channel Lineup and Selection
  • Save Money By Bundling

DIRECTV Packages and Pricing Information

Each DIRECTV package offers a variety of channels each designed to entertain clients of all ages. Customers can enjoy hit shows, movies, sports, and more. 

DIRECTV is transparent about what each package includes (even mentioning notable channels), allowing customers to make an informed decision about which package will work best for them.


  • Price: $49.99 per month*
  • Channels: 155+
  • Notable Channels: USA, TBS, Nick, and Disney
  • Genie® HD DVR Included

*Plus taxes for 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agreement. Autopay & Paperless bill required. Pay $40/mo + taxes until discount starts. $78/mo. in months 13-24 (subject to change).


  • Price: $54.99 per month*
  • Channels: 160+ 
  • Notable Channels: ESPN, ESPN2, FS1

*Plus taxes for 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agreement. Autopay & Paperless bill required. Pay $45/mo + taxes until discount starts. $90/mo. in months 13-24 (subject to change).


  • Price: $59.99 per month*
  • Channels: 185+ 
  • Notable Channels: Travel, OWN, E!
  • NFL Sunday Ticket 2019 Season Included
  • 1 Year of HBO Included (at no extra charge)
  • Genie® HD DVR Included

*Plus taxes for 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agreement. Autopay & Paperless bill required. Pay $50/mo + taxes until discount starts. $105/mo. in months 13-24 (subject to change). Regional Sports Fee up to $7.49/mo. is extra & applies.*


  • Price: $69.99 per month
  • Channels: 235+
  • Notable Channels: FX, Golf, NHL, NBC
  • NFL Sunday Ticket 2019 Season Included

*Plus taxes for 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agreement. Autopay & Paperless bill required. Pay $60/mo + taxes until discount starts. $117/mo. in months 13-24 (subject to change). Regional Sports Fee up to $7.49/mo. is extra & applies.*


  • Price: $74.99 per month*
  • Channels: 250+
  • Notable Channels: IFC, Chiller, Esquire, FXM
  • NFL Sunday Ticket 2019 Season Included
  • 1 Year of HBO Included (at no extra charge)
  • Genie® HD DVR Included

*Plus taxes for 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agreement. Autopay & Paperless bill required. Pay $65/mo + taxes until discount starts. $128/mo. in months 13-24 (subject to change). Regional Sports Fee up to $7.49/mo. is extra & applies.*


  • Price: $124.99 per month*
  • Channels: 330+
  • Notable Channels: HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®
  • NFL Sunday Ticket 2019 Season Included

*Plus taxes for 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agreement. Autopay & Paperless bill required. Pay $115/mo + taxes until discount starts. $181/mo. in months 13-24 (subject to change). Regional Sports Fee up to $7.49/mo. is extra & applies.*

Genie® HD DVR and Direct Remote

In decades past, TV plans came with one remote for one television. Now any iPhone mobile device can act as a DIRECTV remote, and viewers can watch up to four different shows in four different rooms at any given time. Android devices can be used as well. but only if they are running on at least an IOS 6.0.

The Genie HD can be used to record shows. Better yet, those shows can be recorded in HD, meaning customers can fully enjoy them without viewing them live.

The ability to view different TV channels in multiple rooms has many customers asking, "How much extra equipment will I need?" With DIRECTV, all you'll need is a Genie Mini in each additional room. Also, if you have a Samsung or Sony Direct Ready TV, you don't need any external devices to run multiple TVs through the network.

With each of the plans listed above, customers will receive a set-top box in the mail that allows them to do their own installation. Instructions for setting up your DIRECTV set-top box are sent with the package and customer support is also available.

Channel Lineup and Selection

DIRECTV has plenty of channels to offer. The TV provider has over 200 live HD channels and a plethora of movie channels. Customers can enjoy HD and 4K programming with each of its channel packages; however, you'll need to purchase a higher tier plan or upgrade to gain access to a larger variety of HD channels. You'll also need a 4K TV to access the 4K channels.

DIRECTV's PREMIER package gives consumers access to premium channels. If you're obsessed with HBO's Game of Thrones or if you can't miss an episode of Showtime's Billions, then this DIRECTV package is perfect for you.

Sports fans love DIRECTV because it is the exclusive TV provider for the NFL Sunday Ticket. This sports package lets consumers watch live, HD, out-of-market games every Sunday. This plan particularly appeals to football fans, but if you're a fan of another major sport, no need to panic — DIRECTV still has you covered. You can select from any of these sports packs:

  • DIRECTV SPORTS PACK: CBS Sports, ESPN Classic, Outdoor Channel, etc.
  • MLB EXTRA INNINGS®: MLB Network, MLB Network Strike Zone

Every DIRECTV channel pack has plenty of options for even the pickiest entertainment buffs. There is plenty of original content, classic movies, and sports channels for everyone. Just be sure to pick a channel lineup that satisfies your entertainment needs.


The DIRECTV App lets subscribers stream live news, sports, along with their favorite shows and movies. The app gives customers flexibility as they can decide when and where they want to watch. Users can watch live, On Demand, or download their DVR recordings to their device, to view it anywhere. The DIRECTV app comes at no extra cost, can stream on up to 5 screens at once, and uses no data when customers have AT&T wireless. 

The DIRECTV App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Save Money By Bundling

When bundling your DIRECTV Satellite TV services with other services (phone and internet service), you can save a decent amount of money. The AT&T internet plan costs $50 per month and the most basic DIRECTV package costs $35 per month. The DIRECTV and AT&T Internet bundle costs $75 per month, saving customers $10 a month. What customers get is over 155 channels, internet speeds up to 100 Mbps, over 99 percent reliability, and the professional installation fee waived — a $99 value. Customers can even sign up for a 3-month preview of HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and Cinemax® at no extra charge.

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The Bad

  • Possible Monthly Fees
  • Price Increases
  • Signal Relies on the Weather

Possible Monthly Fees

Before signing up with DIRECTV, it is essential to review the terms and conditions for each service to be sure of any additional fees or taxes. Too often, customers sign up and don't find out the terms until it's too late. Here are some possible fees a DIRECTV customer might run into:

Activation and Installation

For each of the DIRECTV packages, there is a $19.95 activation fee

While installing DIRECTV, the technician may need to make changes to a telephone line or provide extra equipment, etc. and a custom work fee may be applied. The technician should prepare a Custom Work Rate sheet to explain what was needed and the cost. 

However, customers should also be aware that there is a non-activation fee. DIRECTV will charge $150 per receiver if it is not activated within 30 days of installation.


There is an Equipment Lease Fee. The fee for the first receiver is waived; after that, each additional receiver costs $5 per month

At the end of their agreement, customers should return their equipment to avoid DIRECTV's Unreturned Equipment Fee, which can range from $55-$470 per receiver

Cancellation and Deactivation:

Customers who don't fulfill their Programming Agreements may be charged a pro-rated fee of up to $480. 

There is a disclaimer at the bottom of DIRECTV's site that states there is an "early termination fee" or cancellation fee of $20 per month, for each month remaining on the TV agreement. 

If a customer deactivates their service or if DIRECTV deactivates the service, there may be a charge of $15. This charge is made apart from the termination fee.

Extra Fees:

DVR Service Fee: Choosing a DVR or HD DVR receiver will automatically enroll customers in a DVR service. The cost is $6 per month, no matter how many DVR or HD DVR receivers they've selected.

HD Access Fee: For an additional $10 per month customers can receive HD channels

Late Fees: If a customer misses their monthly bill and fails to pay within the grace period, DIRECTV will charge $5 or the maximum amount permitted by law.

Price Increases

DIRECTV is known for locking customers into great promotional packages for the first year of their contract; however, once the first year of the contract is complete, year two can bring a substantial increase in monthly programming prices. While this is stated in the contract, it comes as an unwelcome surprise to many customers. A number of DIRECTV reviews mention these price hikes as one of the top frustrations with this satellite tv service. If this is a deal breaker for you, there are other service providers that offer set pricing for the length of your contract.

Signal Relies on the Weather

DIRECTV is satellite-based and is subject to all the disadvantages that come with a satellite dish: reception is at the mercy of weather conditions. Heavy storms are likely to affect the satellite connection. Weather does not affect the quality and availability of cable tv or fiber optic programming to the same extent as satellite TV service. Be prepared to deal with spotty live tv connections  as connections to local channels during considerably adverse weather.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of reasons to consider signing up with DIRECTV.

DIRECTV offers an incredible assortment of specialty and local channels, and its initial promotional packages are hard to beat. However, be aware that after your one or two year contract is up, there will be a price hike; while this isn't unusual in the industry, this catches many customers off guard. Customer reviews did not take this lightly. 

DIRECTV is the exclusive provider for the NFL Sunday Ticket. This is great for football fans who want to watch those out-of-market games, but if football isn't your game, then there are plenty of other sports packages to select from. You'll also have access to plenty of channels, so you can pick the perfect TV package. These perks make DIRECTV hard competition for a number of Satellite and Cable TV providers. 

If you're looking for a TV provider that provides a plethora of HD channels, amazing sports packages, and gives you access to exclusive content, then it might be worth looking into DIRECTV.

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Victor Uding

June 6th, 2015 Summerville, SC

they tried to charge us for stuff we didn't have, kept raising monthly fee, we totally didn't trust them, they fixed a piece of their equipment then said we had to keep them another 2 years, we DIDN'T PAY, we went with ATT/U-VERSE


Charles westrup

June 5th, 2015 Houston, TX

Pathetic provider. If they were the only provider, I'd give up on TV.


Ernie Valentin

June 5th, 2015 Daytona Beach, FL

Great service -love all the sports -been with them for over 15 years!!


John Tadin

June 4th, 2015 Halbur, IA

Had Dish for 16 yrs and got tired of programing problems and not being credited for not having those channels, so I went to Direct TV and yes I bought into their Package for 2 yr agreement, but compare cost with Dish over that 2 yr period of time I still save $240.00 and having a better package, as far as quality about the same. Remember this is only for 2 yrs and then will see has the best DEAL!


Paul Willis

June 4th, 2015 Harrison, AR

Our system was out for about 4 days and trying to do what a computer is telling you is ridiculous. Not every one has a computer and their tv in the same area. When did get a real person did all the things I was told or suggested. Finely they said it was the tv not the dish. Thanks to the very nice service man (Zane) when he arrived it was all the wiring from the dish to the receiver. He moved the dish to the roof of the house and redid all of the wiring. He was great at explaining every thing where an older adult could understand it. The tv picture is better than it has ever been. Just a heads up Directtv. you have a number of customers who are older and speaking to a real life person is more to their benefit than a machine. If you read this fine and much appreciated but if not I have it said any way.



June 4th, 2015 NC

It doesn't treat you fair when installing new equipment. My box tore up and I did not ask for HD because it was 10.00 higher, and we are on a fixed income. They put a Hd box in and charge 10.00 higher each month plus 7.00 extra for insurance. I signed the paper when the work was completed, as always. I called them and they told me that I signed a 2 year contract and there was nothing I could do but pay for HD for 2 years. This is very sad when companies take advantage of elderly people


Terry Griffith

June 3rd, 2015 Longview, TX

A different bill amount every month, and never what they say it is. I need to get cable! The new customers are treated like royalty, while the loyal customers are treated like s**t!


Roy Estes

June 2nd, 2015

My bill went up 27 dollars this month. This is totally unacceptable. I can get high speed internet and netflix for considerably less than my current 129.00 a month.



May 31st, 2015

They raise my price every month, last mo went up 9.00 per mo. That sent me to another service.



May 30th, 2015 Forsyth, GA

I have had no trouble with Direct TV during the years I have had them. I think they should lower their price for customers after 5 years with them or up grade the package etc.



May 28th, 2015 Crossville, TN

We have been using Directtv for over 16 years. We have nothing good to say about Direct, therefore it is best to say nothing at this point.


John Grantham

May 28th, 2015 Dothan, AL

Bad service high rates real bad!


James T. Southern

May 28th, 2015 Hurricane, WV

We enjoy Direct TV. Never had a problem with the service!! Great picture always!!!! The price is a little high and we wish something could be done about signal loss during bad weather !!


Deloris Wielkie

May 27th, 2015 Winder, GA

Nothing but garbage. You claim you are the best at customer service and you will not even take care of problems that we have with installation, not to mention subpar equipment. Never recommend this company to anyone, you do and you will turn your friends into enemies.


Michael Grisanti

May 27th, 2015 Winder, GA

This site plus the company is something that I will never recommend to anyone. They do not care about their customers one bit. You call them to talk about an issue, all they want and you can not move forward until you pay the bill. They will not listen to your issues at all. I have several but, they don't care. They call all the time offering free service but, when you try and talk, they ignore you and talk over you. This is the worst company in business today. I have wires hanging everywhere in my house plus wires running on the ground, exposed, from the dish. My DVR screams when playing and recording but ,they are not the least bit interested in talking to me to resolve these issues without renewing with a new 2 year contract. No I don't want a new contract, I just want you to honor the last one


thomas whyte

May 26th, 2015 Columbus, OH

bundle prices are to high. two bills every month.


Steve Rodie

May 26th, 2015 Spring City, TN

I wouldn't recommend direct TV to anyone. The first 6 months of my contract I was on the phone every month arguing with some idiot who couldn't speak English. They kept adding charges and I would have to call to change it. I can't wait to change to another service I had dish before and there is no comparison to them. I switched because of programing disputes. I will find another service that I like.


Richard Green

May 25th, 2015 College Station, TX

Over 20 years. Great service, I do have a service plan, for a long time. Moved and they wired the whole house. We have moved up plans over the years and have considered dropping down to lower plans, but have not done so. Upgraded to High Def too. Several family members have Dish and I do not like it,, just me. Storms can be a PITA. but with 2 DVR''s we can catch up on other things. We do have it bundled with the phone, but that is ok.


Jan Menkens

May 23rd, 2015 Verdigre, NE

You are exactly right the prices just keep going up and up. We've been customers for many years and even when we try to get some type of discount they give you $5.00 off for 6 months, Big deal. When I told them we are elderly and on a fixed income they really did not care or try to offer us a senior discount they wanted to reduce our package. If we had a better choice in our are I'd change in a minute. Its so expensive and continue to go up and up. Your right abut the weather affecting the reception. When it rains hard, you might as well shut off the TV.


mary johnson

May 22nd, 2015 West Memphis, AR

NOOOO i have argued with you over 10 times, i have had diresct tv since 2000 never been late , you do NOT offer any incentatives for US . my bill went higher then he said he would help me lower it so i find out he did he took all my channels that i watch , so i basicALLY HAVE O TO WATCH . BUT I TALKED TO DISH and im moving . tired of trying to deal with some one who takes my money that long with nothing to watch ...



May 21st, 2015 Merrillville, IN

best ever packages and pricing I tried the others and always came back to Direct TV


Rosanne Howard

May 21st, 2015 Milton, FL

I subscribed to Direct TV. Worse mistake ever made. It is nothing but a scam I was misinformed about free movie site so did not get to take advantage of that. The form for another offer was received too late to be any good. I reported Direct TV to consumer reports.


Bill Rader

May 20th, 2015 Nitro, WV

My bill was never the same amount, it kept going up, and up, and up.....I never changed my subscription, although they changed it frequently. Customer service calls were frustrating and complex. When my contract expired, I switched to Dish and haven't been more satisfied.


Nancy Cavinee

May 20th, 2015 Kenton, OH

I am thinking of changing as soon as I hear from Time Warner. I have no special package and they have raised my bill so much that I will have to change. Tried esplaining that we have been with Direct as long as they have been in our area and this is how we are treated. We couldn't even talk to anyone about the bill. The lady said there was nothing they could do. Husband has passed and you raised it so high, I just cannot afford it. Direct does not work with you or even try to help. Will be changing.


David Shaffer

May 20th, 2015 Washington, DC

Bad customer service. If you want to buy something it happens quickly. If you need service or repair it is done slowly. I wish I could get cable where I live



May 19th, 2015 Denver, CO

I have had Direct TV for more than 2 years. My contract has since expired. My receiver died and they sent me a new upgraded one for just the cost of shipping. I was not required to sign a new contract. I had Dish before and had lots of service interruptions they say were due to my equipment which they wanted me to pay them a fee to work on (I was renting the equipment from them). That was not going to happen so I switched to Direct TV. The one thing I can tell you is that if you bundle your package with you telephone provider (suppose to be cheaper) lots of little extra charges show up and its never the same amount. I can not recommend bundling. Cable where I live is terrible, but I am in a very rural area. Best thing I hear about the cable is that they have the fastest WIFI speeds. I am not a gamer so anything more than dial up is fast enough for me. :)


Matt Gassler

May 19th, 2015 Hutchinson, MN




May 19th, 2015 CO

I have dish now and in 2 mouths I got to switch to something it is to high



May 19th, 2015 Clarksburg, WV

Worst mistake I ever made was switching from cable to this trash! I would love to get out of my contract and rush back to my old cable company. Additional charges charges charges every month! I could go on but I need to be in a good mood at work.



May 18th, 2015 Hamilton, AL

I wouldn't recommend direct TV to anyone. The first 6 months of my contract I was on the phone every month arguing with some idiot who couldn't speak English. They kept adding charges and I would have to call to change it. I still have about 5 months left on my contract and can't wait to change to another service. I try to pay bills online but their page is so complicated to get around, because of all the things they are trying to sell you.If you pay with a check on the phone, it's a five dollar charge and you won't know it till next bill. I pay 98 dollars per month and have maybe 10 channels worth watching. Everything else is trying to sell. I had dish before and there is no comparison to them.



May 17th, 2015 West Jordan, UT

DIRECT TV SUCKS *! Worst customer service ive had in years Bill is constantly messed up and charging more then agreed and all you get is SORRY for your inconvenience! Sorry for your crappy Service I say TOOK them over a month of Have to wait 3 days to see if that fixed it to decide it was THEIR BOX they replaced to fix the problem THEN the next month charge extra on the bill INSTEAD any kinda of consultation Get another SORRY BS DISH NETWORK has better customer service and better packages for what i pay for PARTIALLY service to DIRECT TV i can get ALL the DISH network channels that includes everything i get with DIRECT TV and MORE A soon to be EX Direct TV costumer for over 5 yrs ROBERT E OSBORN Roy UTAH


Debbie Burkhart

May 17th, 2015 Sharon, PA

their satellite internet gives you an allotted amount of high speed...once you use you time ....EVEN THO YOU PAY FOR A MONTHS WORTH...its slows down and your computer runs slower n slower until the 27th of each month when it resets the speed again.....meanwhile its slows down and hard on your hard drive ...ruining your computer....when doing updates or anything in computer isn't a year old n had to send it in for repair to hp...4 times in 8 months...I dropped dish and my computer runs like new....I have a dell desktop in the garage it ruined....I will never go back to n ask them about the high speed allotted time if you don't believe me...



May 16th, 2015 Baytown, TX

The Worst ever experience. After I decided to quit service after 5 years (because of ever increasing rates) they refused to release me but here is the kicker. When I finally got a supervisor to cancel my service, they set and EMP signal through the signal box and burnt out my HDMI PORTS on both of my TVs. WTF and they would not admit to it saying not one but both my tvs were faulty. WTF. I will never do business with them again. Netflix streaming baby1


Lavenia Whigham Dunaway

May 16th, 2015 Unadilla, GA

Increased rates twenty-five cents to four dollars every month. Same old shows every night and every week. Never any new or good westerns or movies All other shows are reruns from years past. Programming horrible. They keep adding and removing channels. They changed my package because the original package I had is no longer available. Supposed to be an improvement, but definitely is not. Considering going back to Dish which is the only other choice in my area.



May 16th, 2015 Ridgedale, MO

I live where the nearest gas station is a 50 mile rt ~ DiRECTV is great (can't get local tv from Tulsa or AR) No problems - had it for 15 years



May 16th, 2015 Panorama City, CA

to many info channels, Joyce Meyer, Wen hair,best vacuum old shows from the 40,50,60 Perry Mason, Rifleman, emergency etc as soon a the penalty goes down I will be out of here.


Lillie Espurvoa

May 15th, 2015 San Antonio, TX

got a bait and switch deal promised that I would get $200 if I would switch.. after months of trying to get it, got fed up and switched back. I am now paying $300 back because I "didn't fulfill my contract.. how come I have to fulfill my contract and they don't? I found out this is a common practice with direct t.v. I'm on social security and have to make monthly payments..certainly do not recommend direct t.v.



May 14th, 2015 Dallas, TX

Horrible. I moved over 5 years ago and the movers packed the receivers. When I arrived in my new city, the condo would not allow satellite. I tried to return the receivers to the local office but they refused. I called many times and I was told they would send a box and shipping label. Never received it even after more calls and more attempts to return the receivers. Now 5+ years later, I have a collection for almost 800.00! I've tried to, again return the receivers and now I'm told they too old. Never again with these guys even if they would erase the collection.


Rob Williams

May 14th, 2015 Winter Haven, FL

Excellent service, good selection of programming options. However, an expensive approach to tv.


joanne petrini

May 13th, 2015 Sharpsville, PA

They gave the wrong package that I requested. I attempted to get it change to the promo that I was calling about. They said that they were sorry, but they could not change it. I asked for the headquarters' telephone number. I was told that they didn't know it. I was promised that they would not charge more than $29.95. I was charged without consent about $40.00. The additional charge was for HD. My TV did not have HD capabilities. After two years, I tried to terminate the service. A representative called and she was sorry. She won't refund the $240.00 charge for HD, but promised a benefit package for $29.95. Two months later, I was charged $80.00 for the special package. I refused to pay and demanded that they terminate the program. For several years they had collection agencies call me. I told them I would love to have a judge hear about their dishonest business practices.


Ann Elfstrom

May 13th, 2015 Saint Croix Falls, WI

We have the two year contract And they are always raising the rates and since we have the 2 yr contract there is not a darn thing we can do about it. When contract is up will be looking elsewhere.



May 13th, 2015 Dothan, AL

Awesome Company, Great Cust service


James Metts

May 13th, 2015 FL

I cant watch tv in one room because they wont fix a remote ! And they make you buy a new one !! And this after 19 years of being a loyal customer When I said I might look into alternatives to DIRECT they said who cares ? So much for loyalty with these people


Kenneth Gray

May 13th, 2015 Portland, OR

Love direct TV and have had it for many years, but I hate the fact that they do not offer Pac 12 Network and the caller ID has not worked right since I upgraded to the new DVR.If I wasn't under contract, I would have changed to Comcast months ago. They offer Pac 12 and have reliable caller ID. For older people with bad eyesight, it is nice to have caller ID. Seems to be at the bottom of your priority list! If you don't get it figured ou, I will be changing when my contract is up!



May 12th, 2015 Raymore, MO

To high on price. weather afects tv


Brad Bakalyar

May 12th, 2015 Medford, OR

long outages phone support is a joke \ charges are bunch of s*** renting used equipment then they want you to pay for repairs on used equipment fees are a JOKE


Richard Holcomb

May 11th, 2015 West Tehama County, CA

i wouldn't use direct tv if it were free lying b*****ds i gave them a letter from my landlord and stating where the dish had to go i pointed it out i had to go to work because they were late getting there when i came home the had put it in a different spot and refused to come move it they said it was a contractor (who they sent out) put it up and they werent responcible for the work he did i had to deal with the contractor myself i reminded them they sent the contractor not me the just blew me off when i told them i would call dish network ,the dish network contractor happily took down the direct tv dish the next and then direct tried tohit me with a collections agency because i refused to pay them



May 11th, 2015 Buffalo, TX

They are horrible!!! They lie to you when you can get someone to talk to which takes for ever. Their hidden fees are outrages and the program lineup is terrible. Beware those of you who love DirectTV. Your bill is full of secret fees you may not know about! Come this August they are history in this house!


Dolores Davies

May 11th, 2015 Paducah, KY

Lies. Lies. And more lies. They say it's wireless. Everyone I know that has it, has a bunch of wires showing. They talk about the whole house genie but they don't tell you that it adds 30 dollars a month to your bill. If you're not happy, there's no way you can get out of it without paying a hefty fine. Of course, the government gave them a hefty fine for that.


Alejandro R. Nunez

May 10th, 2015 Miami, FL

I've been a Direct TV costumer since 2011. I've never had problems. Very good costumer service and professional technicians. They have very good deals and very good service. At home we have a HD DVR, High Definition in all rooms (3), from every room you can record and move forwards and behind all programs are live or recorded. We are very pleased with Direct TV.