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Xfinity is a TV, internet, phone, and home security provider and streamlines its services to work together — anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Xfinity Cable TV plan options allow customers to watch hundreds of channels, view local programs, and record their favorite shows. However, Xfinity doesn’t stop there. With the X1 TV Box, customers can watch live TV or switch to their favorite streaming service for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Xfinity TV, though compared to a number of Satellite TV providers, is a Cable TV service. This suggests that it can avoid the frustrations caused by weather or other circumstances that Satellite Dished and fiber-optic cables. 

Xfinity has been in business since 1981. It was originally called Comcast Cable until in 2010 Comcast Communications decided to roll out the name Xfinity. Xfinity also offers high-speed internet, home security, home phone, and mobile services which can be bundled for lower pricing

Read our customer reviews (below) to find out if Xfinity is right for you. 

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The Good

  • No Contract Option
  • 1-Year Price Lock
  • X1 DVR
  • Bundling Options
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Other Xfinity Services

No Contract Option

Xfinity offers a no-contract option for its TV services for customers who prefer not to be locked into a contract or for those who don’t plan on using the services for long. The no-contract option will cost $10 more a month, but customers can cancel at any time.

1-Year Price Lock

Xfinity has a price lock guarantee even for packages that do not come with a contract. This means that when customers are promised a price (for the first 12 months of service), Xfinity will honor that agreement for the entire year, regardless of whether the customer signed up for a 2-year contract.


Xfinity’s X1 DVR has unique features that set it apart. Customers can use the X1 Voice Remote to say what they want to watch and easily access results from live TV, On Demand, DVR recordings and more. The X1 DVR will also give customers recommendations based on the shows they’re currently watching. The Xfinity Stream App allows users to stream live TV, DVR recordings, and more whether they’re at home or watching Xfinity on campus.

*HBO® and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. To access Netflix on Xfinity X1 requires an eligible X1 set-top box with Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet service. Limited to Netflix members who are residential customers. Netflix on X1 uses your Internet service and will count against any Xfinity data plan. Netflix streaming membership required.

Bundling Options

Customers can bundle their internet, phone, home security, and TV package and save even more. For example, customers can get the X1 Save Pro Triple Play plan (internet and TV) for just $79.99 per month (with the 1-year agreement) and receive the following benefits:

  • Download Speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • 140+ Channels
  • Unlimited Calling Nationwide with Xfinity Voice
  • 20 Hours of DVR Service
  • Popular Channels: FX, TLC, HGTV, and Bravo

A plan that includes a home security service will bump up the plan price, but for many customers, the sense of security is worth it.

Money-Back Guarantee

Xfinity offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee for its TV, internet, home security, and home phone services. There is a 14-day, money-back guarantee for the Xfinity mobile devices and services. This is good for customers who want to try out what Xfinity has to offer but are unsure if it is the right choice for them. If for any reason you are not pleased with the product or service that has been offered by one of the Xfinity packages, you can go back within the 30-day or 14-day periods that are allotted to request a refund. This is one of the ways that Xfinity works to ensure customer satisfaction.

Other Xfinity Services

In addition to offering Cable TV, Xfinity is also a provider of a number of other specialized services. These additional services are outlined as follows: 

  • Xfinity high-speed internet — Xfinity claims that its internet service offers reliable internet speeds, enhanced coverage, advanced security, and customizable WiFi with extenders, cameras, and more. The WiFi that accompanies this plan is known as xFi. One of the advantages of using Xfinity internet is that you are able to use your own modem and router (not all models comply). If you do decide to use your own modem and router, you will get high-speed internet, but you will not unlock xFi WiFi. Basic prices start at $29.99 per month.
  • Xfinity mobile — Xfinity mobile offers users what Xfinity claims to be the best LTE, unlimited talk and text on up to five lines, flexible data options, and the possibility of using your old phone from an old plan. When you add your mobile services to your internet plan, you can get discounted pricing. Each unlimited line starts at $45.00 per month. As part of this service you are able to connect to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots to help save money and data.
  • Xfinity home security — Xfinity offers a couple of different home security plans. The first of these plans is the basic home security plan that provides you with 24/7 professional monitoring, smart home control, real-time alerts, cellular system backup, live hd video, and the Xfinity home app. This plan starts at $40.00 per month. The second plan is the home security plus plan. With the plus plan you get everything that is included in the regular plan plus 24/7 video recording, motion-activated recording, artificial intelligence that detects people, vehicles, and pets, and the ability to look back on specific archived moments. This plan starts at $50.00 per month. The pricing for both of these plans does not include equipment. Pricing for packages for equipment ranges from $15.00–$25.00 per month (subject to a 24-month contract), or one-time payments of $360.00–$600.00 depending on the size of system that you would like to get.
  • Xfinity home phone — The Xfinity home phone offers you unlimited nationwide calling, reliable call clarity, and advanced features such as readable voicemails. You can connect your home phone to the Xfinity Connect app to manage your voicemail and make and receive calls from your home phone while on the go.

The Bad

  • Early Termination Fee
  • Additional Fees
  • Consumer Complaints

Early Termination Fee

Signing a 1- or 2-year contract with Xfinity can help customers save $10 a month, it does come with a catch. Customers can expect to pay around $100+ in early termination fees; although the fees will vary based on the service level and how much time is remaining on the contract.

While early termination fees are not uncommon in the industry, many customers are surprised when they cancel their contract and the fee is applied to their bill.

To combat the early termination fee, customers can sign up for a shorter contract — which will cost more per month but can save customers money if they end the contract early, or they can sign up for one of Xfinity’s no-contract plans.

Additional Fees

Xfinity’s base packages are reasonably priced; however, customers may find their bill going up if they are not careful. Customers should be aware of these potential charges:

  • Broadcast TV Fee — up to $10 per month
  • Regional Sports Fee — up to $8.25 per month
  • HD Technology Fee — $10 per month
  • X1 DVR — $9.95 per month
  • Premium Channels — start at $10 per month
  • Professional Installation Fee — typically between $40-$80

To ensure that you are not confronted with hidden fees, it would be in your best interest to talk through the details of a contract with a representative. This will help get all of the hidden fees out into the open.

Consumer Complaints

A number of our user reviews have explicitly complained about how poor Xfinity’s customer service experiences have been. With cable TV companies, issues are guaranteed to arise and need to be resolved quickly and painlessly. Most complaints discussed how long it took to get in touch with a customer service representative.

The Xfinity website does provide a lot of information; however, some customers have stated they feel the website is confusing and aims to hide important information (especially regarding costs and fees).

The Bottom Line

One of the biggest perks for Xfinity TV is the cloud DVR service. Being able to watch shows anywhere you want on any device is great for those who are always on the go. Another plus for Xfinity is their no-contract option and the 30-day, money-back guarantee, which allows customers a little more flexibility with their plan. Customers will need to keep an eye on their bill as additional fees can be added. Consumers can also expect to see their bill go up after the first year or two when the price lock ends and they start paying the standard rate. This isn’t unusual in the industry but can come as a shock to unsuspecting customers.

Xfinity offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of all their customers. Whether you’re a sports fan or prefer a good binge-watching session, Xfinity’s TV service has a quality plan that will suit your needs. To see if Xfinity is available in your area or if you want more information on Xfinity's TV services, we recommend you call or visit the company site to see what they have to offer.

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The Scoop

May 22nd, 2015 Philadelphia, PA

This company is way too over priced, has way too many outages. Especially if you are in Florida or Chicago. They slave drive their employees which causes them to be discourteous and rush you off the phone because they have handle times for calls. No structured answers to technical questions. And all of their call center employees are SALESPEOPLE to some degree.


Michael S. Parks

May 21st, 2015

You have GOT to be kidding!! They have the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE HISTORY OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! You hear horror stories of people being put on hold for over two hours all the time. Hell, it happened to me THREE TIMES! I will NEVER go back to Comcast and I tell EVERYONE I KNOW who may be considering switching to Comcast/Xfinity all about my experiences in an effort to prevent them from going through the same thing I and many people like me have gone through.


Rex Brock

May 21st, 2015 Ridgeland, MS

Terrible service. Our internet went out at least twice a month and Comcast could have cared less. When I called to tell them I was switched to Fiber internet the month before they just blew me off and did nothing to retain me as a customer. Then when the men were here to install the fiber optics, they tried to send a repairman out and upgrade our modem. At that point it was too late. They should have brought that up when I called in a month earlier. SO HAPPY TO NOT BE CHAINED TO THE HELL THAT IS COMCAST CUSTOMER SERVICE.



May 21st, 2015 Indianapolis, IN

After 3 years of having my bills increase every 3 months. Having service issues and getting representatives that barely speak english and hang up on you, we finally cancels our tv, phone, and security with Comcast. Our bill jumped from $212 every month to $308 in those 3 year. Everytime it jumped we called Comcast, when a representative would not hang up on us, they told us when the bill went up to call them and they would reduce it. That worked a couple of times or we would be paying over $350 a month. And if we needed a service call it would cost $50 for them to come out and fix their problem. They will never be my provider again.



May 20th, 2015 Augusta, GA

Customer service is lousy as hell, you can NEVER get anyone, bill constantly goes up without any changes being made to it,


Joel Martinez

May 19th, 2015 Chicago, IL

My point is why we have to pay more for channel internet that know coming whit the package.please give to all good costumers a break please.We know that we have to pay for the services, take a minute and revue the prices and a just then so people can be HAPPY!


Charles Gould

May 18th, 2015 Centreville, VA

OK, so for years I have tried to get then Adelphi then Comcast, now xfinity to put cable on to our our street (Miles Lane) in Warrenton, Va. Many times I got we only support areas where there are 10 homes per linear mile. At the time we had 9 but later a 10 home was built. But they told me for 3,800 dollars we could put a pole on your property.Well the cable ran up Green road of which my property butted up against. Well I wasn't going to pay money for new infrastructure for what I felt our taxes had already paid for. Then last year two of my neighbors bit the bullet and paid the money, they ran the main trunk right up Miles lane and past my house. So I called them and they said no problem and scheduled an install. So the installer gets out there and realizes they hadn't run the cable up to my property. After several phone calls explaining this to various folks some which could not speak English well they finally got the point. Four weeks go by and I come home from work finding my yard a little torn up but a big coax right up to the house. So I let them know via email they ran the coax, but I do not have a splitter or an access box yet. I have yet to hear back and it is been a month. So I figure I will stick with what I have, when it breaks they fix it quick. Based on the amount of time I have already had to spend to attempt to get their service provided to me and based on other reviews I see here. Why should I take a chance on them?



May 16th, 2015 Brick, NJ

Comcast is the worst company in the world, the only reason they stay in business is in most towns they are the only cable company except for DSL and that's like living in the 80's. Last September my promo was up and I called to get a new one or a lower price as the new normal price was going up to $160. They said they would give me the exact promo I had at the time except it would be 99 cents more. Fine....the next month I got a bill for $250! I had read other people's Comcast horror stories and I decided from the first call and every call after to tape them. I played the tape back and I was transferred to someone who said that promo couldn't be honored and gave me another one that was fifteen dollars more, I was pissed but it was better than $160. Well from Sept to Feb I kept getting bills with all different prices, not the one agreed on AND I was paying for the higher tier Internet and not getting anywhere near the speed promised. All the while I tape every call, to make a long story short I finally got fed up and instead of going to the FCC, I went to our local District Attorney brought the tapes as evidence and I wanted Comcast charged with FRAUD. He said he thought I had brought him a very good case. Next thing I know I got a call from Comcast, was given the promo promised that September, was refunded everything paid over that amount and I dropped the charges, BUT I left it open that if Comcast ever pulls that crap on me again, I'm going ahead with the charges and this time they could give me the service free for a year and I won't drop the charges. Enough is enough!


Vince Enzo Mar

May 15th, 2015 Macomb, MI

It has been a battle with Comcast. I have been with them since they started and have had them in two houses. Just 13 months ago I was paying $90+ but since then they have jumped me up to $200 a month. That's Criminal. I do not know of one company that has increased charges that much in six months with out a gun to my head. My three children who grew up with Comcast will not have any thing to do with them and they have all moved to the Dish and are happy with it. They keep telling me to drop Comcast but we will see what happens next and I may just make the move. The agreement that they have with the city is also Criminal and a Monopoly. No other cable company is allowed in their area.



May 14th, 2015 Pompano Beach, FL

Painful experience with COMCAST: After signing an agreement, I did not get the channels written on the agreement b/c the service rep said they did not have a code for it in their system. Next they charged me more than the amount on the agreement and refuse to adjust it. And of course, add in hours of time waiting on the phone with people who could care less if you dropped them.



May 14th, 2015 Tacoma, WA

Every aspect of their service and customer service is terrible. There isn't enough room here to report how terrible their customer service is. Incident 1) It took 3 phone calls from my husb. to get me on the account so I could talk to customer service. Each time he / I was told that it was done. Incident 2) When we changed a rental account from our Son to Us, they couldn't figure out how to bill us (I gave them ALL that info. at the time of the switch.) So, naturally, they stopped our service. When the college students who live there now contacted us, I spent hours on the phone with Comcast. Talked to 3 different CSR's on 3 different days. Each one telling me the problem was taken care of, when, in fact we still had no service. The last person I talked to told me he couldn't fix my problem until I paid my bill, which I had done on the 2 previous calls. I told him that I WAS TRYING TO PAY MY BILL BUT COMCAST WAS TOO STUPID TO TAKE MY MONEY. Then he told me, "It's not MY FAULT YOU DON"T WANT TO PAY YOUR BILL!" At which point I demanded to speak to his manager. The irony of this whole exchange... I couldn't make changes to my account until my husb. gave his permission (which he did 3 times) but the reason we never received the bills or phone calls was because Comcast assigned us a random email address and phone number that I didn't know about and THAT was where they were sending the bills and making their warning phone calls. I asked Comcast, "Who gave you permission to get into my account and change the email address and phone number? You wouldn't let me do it because I was "not authorized" but YOU do it? Incident 3) after getting service at our rental again ... FINALLY, I get a call from our tenants that their service has been disconnected ... AGAIN. They call for a service man to resolve the problem. And what does the service man tell them? "Oh, your neighbors just got cable. The installer climbed the pole, pulled your cable out, plugged their cable in." REALLY? ? ? Incident 4) Called CSR to find out why I wasn't getting the full picture on my screen. The CSR had no idea how to help me. I finally figured it out on my own after about a week of trying different things. The list goes on and on ... DISCONNECTING OUR TV SERVICE FROM COMCAST was the BEST THING I"VE EVER DONE! If there was anywhere else to go for internet I would rid my life of COMCAST in every way forever.


Bert Pace

May 14th, 2015 Kewanee, IL

I live in a 12 Unit Apartment Building. Every few months Comcast is here to hook up a new customer or disconnect one. In doing so, the dumb** turned off my service 3 times in two and half years. The last time it took them 4 DAYS to send someone here for 2 minutes to flip the switch to on. Pretty incompetent. Service is slow as hell, and customer service is a joke. Comcast sure would NOT be my first choice.



May 14th, 2015 Provo, UT

Wow after reading these reviews I wished that I would of read them first . I haven't even had them for a week and I still don't have all of what I signed up for . My phone don't worked my internet isn't right yet . I got lots of promises on this bundle but with all the time off to be here , is it worth it. Still waiting for my phone to work . I hope the bill is reduced for all this waiting.



May 14th, 2015 Franklin, MA

Hello. I can tell you from experience that Comcast does not always listen to their customers. They would not use my email address to send messages. They created one for me on which I never used. The last time I logged into their site I had 27 messages. They just don't get it. Then, whenever I called them with a problem they always wanted to call me on my Lan line. I told them the only reason why I had the line was for my lifeline. As I said, they do not listen to the customer.



May 14th, 2015 East Machias, ME

To my knowledge this is the email I signed up with. My comment may not even be considered but I am giving it anyway. I have not had Comcast for years since I moved out of the area that Comcast "controlled". I had no problem with them, paid my bills the day they arrived at my home, and contacted them ahead of time to alert them that I was moving out of the area and wanted to know the process of returning the equipment. Comcast drove by my residence many times a day but they refused to stop to pick up the equipment. I was told to return it to any Comcast business and it would be accepted as returned. According to them I had never returned the equipment and have charged me for the returned equipment. I called in the information as to where it was dropped off, the receipt number, and the person's name that signed the receipt. I also mailed a copy of the receipt. They still would not believe me with proof. If I ever have to use Comcast as a provider I doubt that they would take me as a customer and I doubt I would even want to deal with them again.



May 12th, 2015 Lawrenceville, GA

Comcast is a VERY SHADY company. They promise you things and then charge the deal on you after the fact. Your bill goes up and you have no recourse when they say, "OH that discount was a promotion only for 2 months" and if you have no back up and have not saved or taped the conversation you are hosed. This happened to me recently but luckily I saved the chat session where everything was promised for free as I am unemployed. They have raised my bill the last 2 months and the first month they credited the "mistake." Now the 3rd month they have raised the bill again and are saying, "OH that was a promotion." Sorry Guys I am hip to your dishonesty. I am not paying the upcharges. I will disconnect Comcast before I deal with a shady company. They need to clean up their act or they will have a lawsuit on them.


Sheri Snyder

May 12th, 2015 Norcross, GA

mediocre at best.


Larry Sitzes

May 12th, 2015 Olive Branch, MS

I was contacted with a new offer from the sales office. I explained to the salesman I was on a limited income and could afford 160 a month ...nothing higher !!! He said no problem !!! I have been a customer with Comcast for several years. My first bill was around 270 ...I struggled to pay thinking they must have pro-rated the bill. When I got my next one it was around 250 !!! I called customer service and all I got was " I am sorry but there is nothing I can do" so I told her there was something I can do !!! I would suggest if they contact you hang up on them cannot trust them !!!


Mary Thompson

May 12th, 2015 Calumet City, IL

I hate Comcast/since they switched to Infinity,the service is terrible,and the prices are very high.You can hardly get through on the phones,and get any help,and if the system is down,and you have to get help,to pay over the phone,they charge $5.00.!!!


Janet Burt

May 9th, 2015 North Augusta, SC

I like Comcast but feel it is way over priced!!!! Every time I turn around my bill is going up!!! No Cable is worth what I Pay Customer service is terrible to deal with also!!!!!


Richard Reimer

May 9th, 2015 Howell, MI

Comcast internet sucks big time they don't deliver but make promises and then they lie about it! If I had a second choice in my area I would be gone but Comcast knows there is no other choice so they can steal from their customers every day without repercussions! THEY SUCK!


Sandra Thompson

May 7th, 2015 Fresno, CA

hate the phone service its complicated and gets disconnected easily.



August 20th, 2014 Salt Lake City, UT

Customer service is always hard to work with. Monthly bill would go up and no notification or reason would be posted. But I think they are the best of the worst. So I give them a 3, but they are a close 2.