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As a result of Time Warner Cable®, Bright House Networks®, and Charter Communications® merging, Spectrum is available in forty-one states and serves over 25 million customers. Claiming to be one of America’s fastest growing TV, voice company, and internet service providers, Charter Spectrum attempts to provide high-quality service with superior entertainment and communication products. 

Charter also claims that Spectrum TV offers more HD channels than any other provider. Customers can get instant access to thousands of On Demand shows and watch live TV anywhere in their home. Spectrum TV also allows customers to download their favorite movies and show onto their mobile devices with the Spectrum TV app.

The Good

  • Popular TV Packages
  • Spectrum TV App
  • Additional Charter Spectrum Services
  • Service Agreement
  • Channels in Spanish

Popular TV Packages

Charter Spectrum has potential customers enter in their address to find out the exact services and rates for their location. While its residential services and rates will vary per location, Charter Spectrum does disclose the introductory prices for its packages.

TV Select

  • 125+ Channels
  • $44.99 per month (for the first 12 months)

TV Silver

  • 175+ Channels
  • $84.99 per month (for the first 12 months)
  • HBO® and SHOWTIME® included

Silver Double Play (Internet and TV Bundle)

  • 175+ Channels
  • $109.98 per month (for the first 12 months)
  • HBO® and SHOWTIME® included
  • Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Includes modem

TV Gold

  • 200+ Channels
  • $104.99 per month (for the first 12 months)
  • STARZ®, TMC®, STARZ ENCORE®, and NFL RedZone included

Gold Double Play (Internet and TV Bundle)

  • 200+ HD Channels
  • $129.98 per month (for the first 12 months)
  • STARZ®, TMC®, STARZ ENCORE®, and NFL RedZone included
  • Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Includes Modem

With the Silver and Gold package, customers can watch premium channels without having to worry about paying a hefty fee. 

Additional Charter Spectrum Services

Not only does Charter Spectrum offer cable TV services, but it also offers internet, home phone, mobile, and business services. As seen in the payment bundles and packages above, you can bundle a number of Charter Spectrum's services to help save on your monthly bill. Brief explanations of the additional services offered by Charter Spectrum can be found below. 

  • Spectrum Internet — Spectrum Internet plans through Charter Spectrum start at $49.99 per month for the first 12 months of service. Plans feature significant amounts of bandwidth, high-speed internet, no data caps, a free cable modem/router, a free antivirus software, and an in-home WiFi network. When bundled with Spectrum Cable TV, you have both your cable TV and streaming TV needs covered.
  • Home phone — For just $9.99 per month, you can stay connected with all of your loved ones (price applicable if bundled). Calls can be made to the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rice, and more.
  • Spectrum Mobile — To start a Spectrum mobile plan with Charter Spectrum, you can use an online tool to see how much money you can save when comparing your current plan to a plan that Charter Spectrum can offer you. Plans start at $14 per GB per month.
  • Spectrum Business — Charter Spectrum offers a special Spectrum business phone service for small businesses with free unlimited local and long distance calling and 30+ advanced business calling features for $19.99 per month (when bundled). Specific internet plans are also available which feature consistent internet connection, high-speed internet, and fast upload speeds. For more information visit the Charter Spectrum website.

Spectrum TV App

Spectrum’s TV app gives customers full access to their TV lineup as well as up to 40,000 On Demand TV shows and movies on any mobile or connected device (including a smartphone, tablet, Roku, Xbox One, or a Samsung Smart TV). Spectrum users can watch their favorite shows, episodes, and movies anywhere — members can even use the app to program their DVR. 

Customers can download the app to their phone and log in using their email and password (signing in with the Spectrum username won’t work). 

However, if a customer is at home and connected to a Spectrum authorized modem, the app will automatically authorize the username and password. 

Service Agreement

Along with bundles, cable television providers often use deals as a way to get new customers to sign up for their services. Charter Spectrum offers new customers a no-contact agreement as well as an offer to buy out any current contract for up to $500.

Unfortunately, these deals do not apply to all customers and a 12-month service commitment is standard for all other service packages provided at Charter Spectrum. Which deals or bundles are right for a specific customer can be confusing, but a customer service representative is always available to help on the Charter Spectrum website.

Channels in Spanish

As rates of native Spanish speakers increase in the United States, the need for access to Spanish-speaking channels continues to rise. The Spectrum Mi Plan Latino TV and internet plan provides more than 130 channels with more than 75 of them in Spanish.

The Bad

  • Price Increase
  • Charter Spectrum Consumer Complaints

Price Increase

As with most companies in the industry, Charter Spectrum’s prices increase after a year of service. Before signing up for a plan, customers should ask how much they’ll be paying per month after the first 12 months. Initial lower prices is a common tactic in the industry and will only apply for a short amount of time. Customers should also ask about any other charges that might be added to their account — some companies will charge extra for the modem, DVR service, internet speeds, etc.

Charter Spectrum Consumer Complaints

The top three complaints customers have about Charter Spectrum are unreliable service, price increases, and the company's subpar customer service. Many consumers mentioned the unreliable signal and felt that they were paying too much for the quality of service they were getting in recent Spectrum customer reviews. The price increases were another common complaint as customers felt that the prices were continually going up, but channels were being removed.

The majority of customer complaints found in Spectrum reviews are related to Charter Spectrum’s poor customer service. Consumers were not happy with the technicians or customer service representatives. There were mentions of being put on hold and never getting an answer, being hung up on during a call, being charged for things customers weren’t signed up for, waiting hours for a technician to come, and receiving faulty equipment.

The Bottom Line

Customers looking for a simple satellite TV provider that doesn’t require lengthy contracts should look into Charter Spectrum. The company is flexible with its bundling packages and customers can easily build a package with the basic TV essentials. In addition, with the Spectrum App, customers can watch their favorite shows on multiple devices. 

However, there are several less than desirable aspects of the company. Charter Spectrum is pricier than other service providers and consumers have often had problems with Charter Spectrum’s spotty, unreliable signals, pricing, and customer service. The company is only available in forty-one states and customers have to live within a specific area to get service. 

According to consumers, Charter Spectrum’s customer service is lacking in many aspects and that alone has made customers want to cancel their contracts. 

We suggest customers use another — more reputable — satellite TV service provider.

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June 12th, 2017

Spectrum is the worst, I called in April 2017 to downgrade my TV and get slower Internet because our monthly bill went from $140 per month to $170 when they took over. With less TV channels and slower internet we were quote $129. The May bill was $166+ and my June bill is $189.30. I called and I was told the quote I was giving in April was in the system but they could not honor it. Even with less TV channels and slower internet the best they could do was $189.30 . Not a lot of families can afford their services Spectrum is expensive and their operators lie, I suggest keeping a close eye on your monthly bill from Spectrum. I canceled my services and looking somewhere else.



June 11th, 2017

I recently switched from a DirecTV At&t internet bundle back to charter for everything. Only because they gave me the good deal. Are supposed to be buying me out of a contract as well. This is all good things and im a gamer so I absolutely love the internet switch back to charter. The internet from charter is so much faster and more reliable than At&t's uverse. They only complaint I have is charters on demand and DVR. While it's been updated and it's better than it was a few years ago, it still sucks compared to DirecTV!!! With Direc you actually get a DVR in all rooms and they are linked. You can watch what you record in every room. Charter ha only the main TV has the DVR. And DirecTV offers so much more to watch on demand!!! On DirecTV I was watching all of Game of Thrones from the beginning to catch up to new season. With charter they only offer season 3! What? Why only one season? And why 3? Lol ugh I miss DirecTV!!



June 4th, 2017

Do not go eith Spectrum ever. Eorst customer servive snd cable service ever. TW eas awesome Charter Spectrum,all about themselves and money dont care about their customets especially rlderly disabled. Hate hate hate the service. ATT here I cone u verse. Gotta grt to a point where you,hate something so much ypu make a change. I am,there.,att bundle 115 for 2 yrs no contract firm price.


Emily Dye

June 2nd, 2017

Internet service drops in and out often, is slow when it is on and screws up my email. They claim I should be obtaining my emails through their server, but it doesn't function in real time. There are very long delays. Many incoming emails are delayed 12 - 24 hours. Sent emails usually don't go with the first attempt. When they do go, the system has a hard time filing them in the Sent folder. There's also a very long delay before deleted emails show up in Trash. It's as though the emails are intercepted by an unknown party temporarily before going where they're supposed to go. When this happens with emails I'm sending, I'm stuck waiting sometimes for ten minutes and multiple attempts before I can move on to reading and responding to the next email. Their techies are unable to fix these problems. We've had mild problems with phone and cable. Sometimes callers will be able to hear me but I can't hear them. It's not unusual for movies and tv shows to disrupt. Netflix often has to reboot because of momentary lapses in cable service.


Steve Stout

June 1st, 2017

I got a promotional email and regular mail stating Spectrum wanted to provide me service. I called and placed an order. I explained problems I'd had with installation from Time Warner, but he didn't seem to listen. Just said it would be no problem to provide me with service. The day before they were supposed to come out I got a voicemail stating that they couldn't find me and they'd have to send out a survey crew and said I could call back but gave no phone number. I called the same number that placed the voicemail and it was someone else who had no idea what was going on. He wanted an account number, well how can I have one if I'm not yet a customer! Duh! So I gave the reference number the salesman gave me and he said it didn't exist. But he did say that the installation crew would be out today between 8am and noon and they would call me before they arrived. So today, No Call, No Installation. At 1pm I called back. Same run around, another 25 minutes on the phone giving my information over and over again. Same results. After being transferred to yet another person I'm told I have to start all over again after spending a total of 2 hours of my time to end up getting nothing but frustration. TERRIBLE CUSTOMRT SERVIVCE!


Anne Hufstetler

May 30th, 2017 Fort Worth, TX

There is very little good about the Spectrum Cable. To start the remote is terrible, lots of tiny little buttons, make it very difficult. The channel lineup is terrible , I have channels listed I apparently don't get ? and then there's 2 sets of channel lineup , very confusing. Also I can't set up a favorite list so I only view channels I watch, not that with 800 channels with all sort of off abbreviations you can't figure it out anyway. Next the DVR service is terrible...i set up all my shows and then left town and came back and it had recorded nothing, went in and it was completely blank with nothing setup.....redid it and to this day some shows still won't record. And don't try to watch TV and record bc it won't do that! The boxes don't communicate so I can watch DVR from 1 room! Also n my DVR shows the sounds seems to go out frequently. They try to make up for the terrible DVR service with the On Demand, this is so bad, no many shows are in there and its so poorly organized and if you click on the wrong thing, you can't go back, you have to start all over. The only good thing I can say is that since its on a line it does not go out in bad weather BUT they do take over control of the cable during bad weather so you can't watch anything and you have to watch their weather report.....again very frustrating!!! I have called and called with no help. Talked to 3 people today couldnt get a discount and when I tried to cancel they wanted to transfer me to yet another person.


Don Pierce

May 30th, 2017 Huntington Beach, CA

Why does the on demand stop working about 15 minutes into each program we choose to watch? Can't fast forward; can't restart where it left off; is this just a way to require customers to watch more commercials so spectrum can make more money?


tom webster

May 30th, 2017 Ellicott City, MD

the charter tv service is terrible. they installed the high density system for all of our TVs. About every 3-4 minutes the TV rescrambles to get the picture - it is so distracting you can not even watch the TV and the price is over $200 mo for this terrible product. Customer service is useless. Wish there was another company in the area as we would leave charter. internet is not much better - half the time this does not work either. and they also do not bill at the rate they promise on the phone when you speak to them.



May 27th, 2017

This review is based upon service since the merger of Spectrum and Time Warner cable. Everything stated has happened frequently since then. Spectrum has somehow made something that was decent—TWC—to a service that is truly horrible. This is my first ever "true" review on a product and I am writing it due to the horrendous, unacceptable service that they provide. As a pretense, this review is coming from the viewpoint of a High Schooler who plays games and worries about speeds/connection a lot more than the average consumer. In short, Spectrum is known for falsely advertising higher speeds than they provide. For example, my bundle advertises 100 mb/s while I get roughly 1-2 mb/s Download and the same for upload (Over wifi). The connection is very unstable with Google not loading, as well as ping spikes up to 1200-1800 ms. On this service, Gaming is very difficult and often frustrating. The price is not worth the frustration it causes, get something such as FiOS instead. Hopefully, this negative review will help prevent others from suffering as I did. P.S. An interesting story to look up is the story about Spectrum being sued by the Attorney General for purposely toggling speeds and making their internet slower in order to account for more customers. The company is truly crooked and I look forward to seeing all the interesting stories one can find on google.



May 25th, 2017

Cancelled Spectrum went to WOW for 8 daysreally disliked the WOW cable and went back to Spectrum . Spectrum said 48.99 for re hook up and 144 pr mo as we had previous. Well bill came for $204 pr mo. That's not what they told me! Someone cancelled old account and now new acct. costs more. I feel we are being punished for returning!! We're retired and on fixed income and believed them on the return costs. Now no one will help and say that's how it is. We were lied to and taken advantaged of. I guess because we're seniors. I don't know.


Kim Huffman

May 24th, 2017 Harrodsburg, KY

5/22/17 I was called saying the fire dept was at my house that my cable wire was down blocking the road. The poll is on one side of the road and my house is on the other side. I was only few houses up, so I was there in a minute. When I got there the fire dept had got cable pulled up and tied to a tree, so the road was open. Spectrum had already been called at 5:10 pm, and I was told they were in route. The fire dept stayed about another hour, waiting for Spectrum to show up. Once I seen everything was ok and was told it was ok to leave, I left and returneded at 6:50 pm, and Spectrum had not been here. I call Spectrum and was told yes a call was made and they were looking for a tech to be available to come out. At 7:10 pm a supervisor called me back stating the same as the previous gentleman. I ask when the end of day was and that was at 8 pm. She said she was putting in for appt to be first in morning. I had a contractor coming out this morning and he wouldn't be able to get his work trailer in drive. My drive was blocked with cable wire. She said the call was listed as hazardous. At 9:50 am this morning I called back and that is when I was told that a 3 pm appt was sit up. I told the gentleman what was said last night. He went through notes and said yes the call was listed as hazardous, which meant this call should have been priority over others. There were no notes saying that I should have a appt 1st thing this morning. He even tried while I was online to see if he could someone out sooner. Dispatch responded, telling him no. I did ask him what would have happen if fire dept hadn't got wire out of road. He said as far as Spectrum was concerned, they wasn't aware anyone had moved wire so traffic could get through. In other words for 22 1/2 hrs Spectrum would have left the wire blocking the road. Way to go, great customer service-NO!


Evelyn braswell

May 22nd, 2017

This company is a scam and perge the consumer. They really believe that the FCC and LFA does not apply to them because of no contracts. Spectrum is very quick to dismiss you nor will they honor any sales they advertise. I wish I could just rewrite the rules as I go along to fix my needs as they do. So we the consumer obviously do not matter as long as they are getting paid. Half the time my service would cut in and out certain channels would not work and dvr in all rooms would stop working and have to be rebooted. Go any where else besides this company for your data and network needs. Now as for the managers or supervisors who are suppose to help will not nor do they care. You are even lucky if you can get one to talk with you. The rude hateful soul that I was blessed to talk to was a Salina and if you get ahold of her then you will terminate your services all to quick. That customer service had no proper training and the all time worst service.


Debbie allen

May 21st, 2017

I have never been sent a bill! The guide has all channels on it, and I can't find anywhere I can see what channels I have purchased. Third, when you look at genres the shows come up. Some have had by them and some have$ signs. The ones with hd or nothing beside them, when you click on it to see what the show is about, you get note saying you have to subscribe to that channel. It's a lot of wasted time for nothing. Forth, I have never had to go on the internet to schedule a series to record.


Bobert Epicman

May 21st, 2017

Charter is absolutely terrible at fixing internet outages. The amount of time it should take is under five hours, yet they have not fixed it within 72 hours!



May 20th, 2017 Madison, WI

Horrible, if I make a payment it should register. How do you lose my money??!! I have been disconnected 7 times in the less than 3 months I have had service. I am cancelling today and you can shove this missing payment....


Neil burkhead

May 19th, 2017 Alma, MI

i am constantly get phone calls about our bill. then when i try to contact them they do not want to respond. plus their service reps say that you will not get a bill for a month and then you recieve one not even after a week of it being hooked up.


Sherrill Hays

May 19th, 2017 Bowling Green, KY

Horrible--I pay for my cable and for three boxes. I have two guest rooms and a kitchen tv that i plug into cable directly. Spectrum is stealing my cable when they scramble the signal as it comes into my house. This company is greedy and constantly wants more money. I hate this company. Since the cable lobbiets paid off Congress and gave them a monopoly there is no competition


Steve Monks

May 19th, 2017

35 mb internet in Florida is $38 per month. Spectrum 60 mb internet in Wisconsin $70 per month - no other practical option available unless you can live with 3mb



May 18th, 2017

Spectrum is the worst! I finish paying them $500 and get an instillation the next day, they mess my time up... push me back to another time the same day, make me wait for 4 hours and than proceed to tell me I have to wait til the next day to get my service. I loved Twc and never had any problems with that, but now that it's spectrum. The prices go up and the customer service is terrible. I hate spectrum! Don't get service through them


Joe Shipp

May 17th, 2017

Spectrum answered my call on a few rings. I asked for updated equipment. Problem resolved. I received equipment the next morning to my doorstep! Thanks Spectrum Joe


Katie Shipman

May 16th, 2017 Windermere, FL

Horrific company!!!!! We have paid a bill, and they will not credit us. We have made about 5 or 6 calls, each taking 45 min. or more and we are back on it today as we rec'd a shut off notice. This is absolutely ridiculous. I manage 155 apartments in a complex and will never recommend them. The worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katie


Aubrey Campbell

May 16th, 2017 Watsonville, CA

I finally figured out how to watch the content i pay for online. There are many sites where you need to log in properly to get access. No thanks to customer service i finally got to stream content. i was using the wrong email address. you must use your charter made email to access. Charter should explain this to there customers better. Its been like buried treasure for 2 years!!!



May 16th, 2017

The worst equipment along with the worst customer service and I just become a customer from the Brighthouse buyout I will be switching to a new provider ASAP, like this week!!


Lisa Tyler

May 13th, 2017 Gardiner, ME

No Television on apps. It is constantly glitched. So frigging sick of this. Horrible when when I am in in the middle of a series when another TV doesn't respond. The customer service was polite and said that they have been working on the issues. This has been on on going issue since Spectrum....


James W. Cone

May 9th, 2017 Brooksville, FL

My experience with Spectrum has not been a good one, but it's the only game in town. Next day set up turned into a nightmare when the set up contractor brought along a trainee. The contractor spent most of the time teaching and not setting up equipment because the account was not ready and he had to wait. He ran out of time and left me to set up my own equipment. I called the tech services and got cut off several times. Finally I called Sales and they forced tech services to take my call. They couldn't help me and sent another tech out the same day. This time it was a company man who knew what he was doing. He took care of the problems quickly. Then I tried to set up an on-line account which I could not do because most of the information the first guy gave me was wrong. I couldn't get past security because to access the pin number I had to call using the phone that came with my order which was also not ready. You need to allow plenty of time on the day of your appointment. Like me, it may take all day.



May 3rd, 2017 Memphis, TN

I hate Spectrum! I have been a BrightHouse customer for many, many years! No problem whatsoever! Spectrum took them over, raised my monthly fee, and took away MANY of my stations that had been included in my premium package for years! Like BET, Comedy Central, VH1, etc... Now, in order to keep them I will have to pay EXTRA! I am beyond disappointed! Their Customer Service is awful too! NO compassion! At least BrightHouse was Customer Service friendly and would try to please their customers. Spectrum doesn't care about anything but getting your money!!! Your satisfaction with their service is NOT their concern! :-(


Jo Martin

May 3rd, 2017

I called Spectrum yesterday to talk about cancelling my internet service. At this time, I only have internet service, having had to cut my cable service a couple of months ago. This is due to my current lack of funds to pay for the service. Although there may be a glitch or outage of internet service now and again, I want to say that I'm happy with the services Spectrum provides. Most of the time I get 100+ mbps internet speed. This review is mostly to say, I was able to speak with their solutions department to get my past due amount squared away (with some additional days to pay the amount due) and I also received enough of a deduction on my monthly service so that I'm able to keep up with the monthly due. I found both persons who I spoke to in the customer service and solutions departments to be understanding, empathetic and helpful to my situation. Hands down the best service I think I've ever encountered. To the 56 people who gave Spectrum a 0. Here's a Pro-Tip: Honesty and a calm demeanor goes a long way. Thank you Spectrum!! Especially your Solutions department.


Marion Cushman

May 2nd, 2017

We switched from at&t,I hate it there is always a problem every they took chiller off. The phone goes out,tv reboots,can't watch dvr shows.


Samantha L Berger

May 2nd, 2017 Gatlinburg, TN

They over charged my account by 155 im having to fight with them to refund my money and get it back into my account they keep daying i agreed to auto pay but i didnt charter is the worst there a bunch of thieves that is fixing to have a lawsuit



May 1st, 2017

When you ask to get s bundle they individualize everything from time warner to spectrum my bill is going up 200 reduculous if you wanna speak to a repair you get the Philippines so far there spending more on there advertising then caring for there customers!



May 1st, 2017 Orlando, FL

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE ! ANACIEA in the call center is super rude and laughs at your issues she smirked so many times when I complained. They just want your money and try to sell you stuff all the time, take away their word their deals they gave you, ANACIEA THE MANAGER IS HORRIBLE AND RUDE !!! company sucks no privacy policy they just spew your personal info when you call anyone can know your information. bunch of druggies working in the call center, all sound HIGH and unprofessional...GARBAGE COMPANY OVER PRICED CRAPPY INTERENT !!! 60mbs for 59.99 omg how crappy. bright house charged me 42.00 for 100 mbs for years.



April 29th, 2017 Orlando, FL

I was grandfathered in from Bright House in the Orlando area before Spectrum took over. The moment Spectrum took over I started seeing drops in speed. I was and am still paying for 100mbps, but my speeds clock in at a max 35mbps. I've been on 8 calls with Spectrum support, customer service, and what they call "Tier 3" support. I've had a technician come out and replace my box. No solutions, just terrible inability to ensure that a customer receives EXACTLY what he is paying for. I have no other recourse in my area, they are the only ISP available — so I can only gather from this that they are either (A) exploiting a monopoly to offer subpar service, or (B) making my life hell so I will switch over to their Spectrum 60 or 100mbps tiers. Either way, this puts Spectrum at the very bottom of my list for reliability.



April 28th, 2017

Outside of the retention group, there are not any great things I can say about this new service. Went from Brighthouse (basically because no other options in the area - monopoly) to Spectrum The transition for my services was a mess and wait lines now at the center in Daytona range from 1-2 hours just to pay a bill or exchange equipment. Contacted customer service to inquire into a better rate for my daughter who has a young child and on a limited income. No one could help at Customer Service so I requested retention and was immediately transferred. Spoke to Ashley A. and she was amazing, we worked out a rate, informed me we needed a new motem to support the upgraded speed as the one we had was not longer offered by Spectrum. Explained the wait issue at the center and she setup a service call for the next day in hours that would work. Well, no one showed and I found out today the office cancelled the appointment without notifying us. Then I call customer Service and am informed the appointment was cancelled, the woman argued about what was agreed with retention, could not identify what system I had (does not show online, only states "Standard") and put me on hold for long periods, finally said I would have to pay for the service call and I asked for retention, she refused and put me on hold again for a supervisor. Joseph (ID61332) got on the phone, again told me I would have to pay. I stated the summary on my bill shows no charge and he was not very agreeable. Asked for retention and he refused, which I find odd as they were the ones who setup the new contract. So after 50 minutes on hold, he told me I would have to wait an entire day, 12 hours, for an open day appointment, which is not possible. Finally identified a time frame within 2 hours and stated there would be no fee for the service call. Hopefully this is true. What a bad, bad, did I say "BAD" experience, again with their customer service. My husband has a restaurant we also experience this type of service, lack of quality in work or services. I wish ATT would get their act together to cover more area. This is not very customer friendly.



April 27th, 2017 Fort Worth, TX

Customer Service will give you the runaround, transfer you or put you back in the queue with no warning. The first person will say what you want to hear and the last person will tell you he was full of it. Very glad to be going with another company instead. The internet speed was never as advertised anyway and the channel lineup wasn't great.



April 26th, 2017 Austin, TX

I have TWC taken over by Charter internet service. I added digital phone line and the technician who came to my house to add the phone service mistakenly took my modem with him, when he replaced it with the new one. I understand this was an honest mistake. I reported this to Spectrum Charter right away. Spectrum put a trace order to locate the Modem which they were never able to find. I called several times. Every time same answer - we are still looking for it. We haven't found yet. This went on for more than 6 months. Then they are changing from TWC to Spectrum - old records, complains, requests are now lost. And you start over. New people come on board and totally irresponsible. When I called, the answer I got, "We cannot find your modem so we are going to close this case" . We cannot reimburse you any money for the mistake we made because we cannot find your modem. I just want every reader to know that be careful when dealing with this company.


chuck kasper

April 26th, 2017 Santa Paula, CA

Like other TWC customers, Spectrum took over and raised my prices shortly after that. Their customer care says they don't have the ability to fix bad pricing. I will cancel Spectrum as soon as I have another service provider. I feel they are deceptively doing business by offering a one year honeymoon price then drastically increasing the prices after the honeymoon. They do not disclose the post honeymoon prices. They don't disclose the uplink speeds for their Internet services. A week ago I suffered a "planned" 6 hour outage. I was not notified of the planned outage. My experience is they don't care about their customers as long as they pay their bills.


Gail Porter

April 24th, 2017

I was a TWC customer. After Spectrum took over they raised my bill and would not allow me to take advantage of any of their offers to new customers. I am paying for all those discounts new customers are getting. I attend to cancel. In my area there is only one other company that offers service. That's the problem. I had no problems with TWC and my bill was reasonable.


Dennis Martinez

April 21st, 2017 Ashland, OR

Website hosting? Do NOT even consider using Spectrum (Charter Communications). I was enticed since I already have a business account for my Internet, IP phone and TV. Their internet is unbeatable, The IP phone has been satisfactory and the TV offerings are acceptable. Web hosting? I can't imagine how it could be worse. I was assured that tech support was available to assist me with migrating my site from ASO to Spectrum. After 2 weeks of talking to multiple techs that could correct a TV issue but did not have a remote clue about their website hosting services, I finally started screaming at the poor hapless chap demanding a supervisor for assistance. Several days later I received a call from a nice lady who could attend to my grievance, even though she knew nothing about website hosting. She assured me that she would follow through until my website issue was resolved (however she could not provide me with a phone number for her direct line and by no means could I speak with their technicians). After 3 days I received a call from one of their expert technicians to inform me that the hosting validations were completed and that their job was complete. While on the line I informed him that my site has disappeared and all I get now was a Spectrum page stating that you have reached my site. All my files on Word Press have disappeared. I am stuck in a hellish hand off situation with no hope of resolve. For God's sake, do not even be tempted to switch to Spectrum, I assure you, it will be the most nerve wracking events that you can imagine. There is no help, no recourse, ancient security controls and enless loops with customer service.



April 20th, 2017 Cincinnati, OH

Worst customer service ever. Raised rates. Limited support for existing equipment.


Rhonda Kirschner

April 19th, 2017

Although I was not impressed with their misleading advertising of telephone, internet and TV for $30 per month when bundled, I realized that was to good to be true and disregarded their misleading practices. So, I switched to Spectrum business telephone based on their no contract, $30.00 per month deal. I figured the $100 activation fee was worth the $30 per month until I received my first bill. The fees were outrageous! They charge more fees than my previous phone provider, my internet provider and my cel phone provider. Doing some research, I found out that they do not have to charge all of those fees such as the Federal Subscriber Line Charge. It's is not even Federal, the Federal Govt just allows it. As soon as our service was up and running we had intermittent static on our line, so I called, they came out, and of course it was not doing it at the time. So we dealt with the static until our phone began ringing only once, so I called they told me it was our phone. I almost purchased a new phone system till I did some checking and realized it was not our phone, so I called them back, they came out, and finally fixed the static and the phone ringing problem. Next I realized our call waiting wasn't working, so I called and asked if I had call waiting, found out that yes it comes standard, but you have to request to have it turned on. Then the next day, unknown to me, since I could make phone calls out, I was not receiving phone calls in. There was some problem with incoming calls all through out Texas. So, in the past month I have spent more time on the phone with Spectrum than I have been receiving phone calls that fuel our business.


Scotty B

April 17th, 2017 North Olmsted, OH

Here is yet another beyond poor rating for this terrible company who only cares about making more money instead of retaining existing customers. Here is my grief.... Spectrum's customer service is less than satisfactory. With Time Warner Cable (TWC), if you are on a fixed income or just needed a little help lowering your monthly payment and working out a deal (aka, promo price) they were willing to work with you. TWC would look at the amount you owe each month vs the services you had with them. TWC would then lower the amount of some of the "fees" you are paying to help get your bill a little lower each month. This special "promotional price" was only good for 12-months but was helpful. After Spectrum took over, and my former TWC promo price expired, my bill went back up (which was expected). The only problem was, it went up even more than before. I called Spectrum and spoke to customer services who "could" not help me so they transferred me to a "retention rep" who was "unwilling" to help me - to say the least. She told me - and I quote "...we feel very confident in our pricing and you have every right to cancel your services with us at anytime. You are not locked into a contract so, if you choose to leave us, there will be no early cancellation fees to worry about..." I was speechless to say the least. I was a TWC for the last 25+ years and will now have to consider another cable company or possibly switching to a satellite company. I am even considering cancelling the cable TV and digital phone and streaming everything from the internet. All I have to say is, if you have a choice of more than one cable company, seriously consider choosing someone other than Spectrum.


Tiffany Green

April 15th, 2017

TWC got bought out by Spectrum and since then my service has been abysmal. Have had to call once a week to get Internet turned back on because 'something' in the computer keeps changing our service or our box or SOMETHING. Internet cuts out every couple of hours forcing a reset or a call to get it reset on their end and even though we are paying for the highest speed streams will STILL get dropped or will lag. I tell friends and family to look elsewhere it's not worth the headache.


Lisa Blake

April 14th, 2017 Gastonia, NC

Worst cable provider we've ever had. On Demand is full of bugs. Our number of channels is ridiculous when you realize that it's just all the same channels repeated 3 times. Tonight, trying to watch a regular channel, A&E, but all 3 selections are frozen in some weird, distorted state. Miss our FL DVR where we could watch one show while recording multiple others. More than one recording at a time on Spectrum requires you to choose only one and forget the others. Maybe they should spend some of their "Look how great we are now" advertising budget and actually create a better service.



April 13th, 2017 Blacklick, OH

Following an annual rate hike, I chatted w/ a CSM about a more competitive rate for my area. They came up w/ one & turned me over to the customer retention department to finalize. Customer retention said they had no idea where those new numbers came from & could not change my rate after I had agreed. I was a customer of 20+ years.


Nicolas Jancek

April 13th, 2017

We got switched from TWC to this company. Terrible, absolutely terrible. Ever since they officially took over, my internet has gone out 3-5 times *a day*, 3 to 4 days a week. It takes four times to call them because the first three times the computer sends a "reactivation" signal to my modem and then HANGS UP ON ME. When I do as it says and call back, it goes through the process again. When I finally do get an the line with a real person, usually their accent is so thick (typically Indian) and they have such a hard time understanding what it is that I'm articulating, that nothing gets done. It's always the same cheat-sheet answers of "Restart your modem. If you have a router, unplug it. Restart your computer. Unplug your modem. Let me get a technician out to you." Fun fact, I've already changed my modem once, and the guy at the store refused to listen to me when I said I wanted *only* a modem, not a 2-in-1. Which, this messed up the functionality of my modem until I went in and changed the settings, though the man claimed I wouldn't have to do that. His exact words were "If you're only paying for a modem, it will only work like one, the Wifi won't turn on." My god I should get a job there if you don't need to know anything. And also, whenever I lose connection, the modem doesn't even report that there is no connection/that it is disconnected, it says "ACCESS DENIED." I've told them through four different phone conversations that it must be something on their end, but they refuse to accept that. My bill went from $40~ to $94, and I also am no longer allowed to add *any* extra services like TV or phone. In order to do it, I must first *increase my internet speed*, thus be charged even more, to even have access to adding TV or phone. And to top it all off? Where I am located, this is basically a monopoly. The only other internet service available in my town now is Verizon, at a whopping 1Mbps, vs the 30Mbps I get with Spunktrum. To quote our new President, "Sad."


Don L

April 12th, 2017 Pasadena, CA

Spectrum is just AWEFUL. We switched from ATT to Spectrum based on a good rapport with their salesman . The installation was the worst that I have ever seen; they drilled holes in the middle of our hardwood floors...not near the edge, but 8 inches away from the base molding. The channel availabilty and the image pixelating all the time...oh I could go on and on. I swear, 48 hours doesn't go by where my wife asks if we can switch back to ATT; and we hated ATT.


J.L. Gazelle

April 12th, 2017 Casselberry, FL

if you enjoy root canals and passing kidney stones, by all means, sign up for spectrum. these people took over brighthouse networks a few months back and it's been a fucking dumpster fire ever since. in 10+ years, i can recall 1 significant problem with brighthouse and it was handled immediately. in a 2 week period, spectrum has managed to shut down cable coverage to the entire region of central florida- cable was out for 24+ hours with no explanation and no apology AND last night i discovered that my internet service was down- as of this morning it was still down. we also inherited spectrum for our business after the brighthouse acquisition and it's been a total nightmare. their IT team migrated company data from our server to the cloud and they somehow managed to permanently lose critical files in the process. gone forever. again, no apology and no explanation. what is baffling to me is this......brighthouse exited with a fully functional infrastructure in place. in a few short months, the incompetent dolts from spectrum strolled into town and managed to fuck everything up. i pay a lot of money for my cable and internet service because it is important to me- mainly because of its reliability. spectrum has managed to completely fuck up what used to be a great thing. spectrum reminds me of the hillbilly who wins the powerball jackpot and buys a lamborghini and paints flames on the hood. i am cancelling my spectrum service and i STRONGLY recommend that you do your homework before hopping into bed with these morons.



April 12th, 2017

WORST cable provider Ive ever had. Worst service they never call back when they say they will. Raise prices and change Tiers without telling you. Overpriced. Cheaters and scammers. Do not get spectrum


Delayne Coats

April 11th, 2017 Rochester, NY

I received a letter today saying I could upgrade my Spectrum service for $25 less a month than I'm paying now. When I called the number on the letter, the first two people I talked to had "never heard of that promotion." The third person said my account wasn't eligible because I already have service. What? When I asked why I was sent the letter saying my account was eligible, she said "I really don't know." Horrible customer service and advertising! Spectrum just took over for Time Warner, and I'm missing Time Warner already! I'm giving them a one, because at least they answered to phone, and they know how to forward calls to another department....


Barry Green

April 10th, 2017 Garland, TX

Unbelievably terrible service. Can't watch a video without buffering and at least a 20 second pause. Why is decent internet service so hard to deliver? Spectrum doesn't know and doesn't care. Hate it.