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LAST UPDATED: April 30th, 2020

Cable One is one of the ten largest cable companies in the United States. It is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has nearly 700,000 customers in 19 states across America. Beginning in 1986, Cable One provides services for cable television, high-speed Internet, and telephone services.

Cable One prides themselves on excellent customer service, they offer 24 hour technical support and have offices located in the majority of their markets for one on one customer support. The company has also been voted one of the five best places to work in cable television by Cable World magazine.

Note: During the beginning of 2019, Julie Laulis, Cable One CEO said that she did not feel that bundling TV with internet was effective. Cable One is currently focusing the majority of its efforts on internet services for the time being. It has decreased the number of channels that are deemed "replaceable" for a number of years, including Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. 

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The Good

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • No Contracts
  • Good DVR System
  • Additional Features

Reasonable Pricing

Cable One, like many other cable companies, offers packages or bundles for lower prices on their services. Cable TV, high-speed Internet and telephone services are all products that Cable One offers to be packaged together for their customers. With the variety of products, Cable One's pricing also varies depending on what best fits customers needs.

Cable TV alone will cost an average of seventy dollars per month. However, this price can be as low as $40 a month for fewer channels or with different products bundled together.

Existing customers can upgrade their monthly packages for additional charges and new customers have a wide variety of offers to choose from when selecting what best fits their cable needs.

No Contracts

One of the most amazing benefits Cable One offers their customers is a contract-free service agreement. Customers can pay a monthly cost for cable or any services without signing a contract agreement for a specified period of time.

This amazing benefit, really gives Cable One a competitive edge over their cable competition, as most companies do not offer such a luxury to their customers. In addition to having no contracts for their services, Cable One also states on their website that customers can cancel their services anytime they want, making for even more convenient agreements with Cable One.

Good DVR System

The DVR system that is offered through Cable One is fairly standard compared to other cable companies. It does have the ability to record four shows at one time as well as the ability to start a show in one room, and move to another room to finish. The system allows for up to 650 hours of storage for recordings.

The ability to record four shows at once and a large amount of storage space it has available makes the Cable One DVR system worth the extra cost. Customers must pay an additional $15 a month for the system. However, there are other options available to customers who do not want to pay that high of a price.

Cable One has TiVo choices for much lower prices though they do not have the same abilities as the DVR system.

Additional Features

In addition to the DVR system, Cable One offers residential customers premium channels, as well as TV internet, with faster speeds and HD channels. 


The Bad

  • Small Number of Channels Available
  • Poorly-Rated Mobile App

Small Number of Channels Available

A company that is as large as Cable One, being one of the top ten largest cable companies in the United States should have a large number of channels to select from, with even their most basic of packages. Their advertised products list the highest amount of channels in a package as one hundred channels.

This is few channels compared to other cable providers. In addition, all one hundred channels are not in high definition. Only a handful come in high definition, but customers can pay an extra five dollars a month onto their added bill for more high definition channels. In comparison to other cable companies, this is not the best a cable company can offer.

Poorly-Rated Mobile App

The mobile app available to Cable One customers is called TV Everywhere. It gives customers the ability to stream the shows they want to watch anywhere they go.

However, the app is poorly rated among customer reviews and cannot be found in either Android or Apple app stores with any ratings. This is a problem for Cable One, as it advertises the app as a prime benefit for choosing their cable TV services.


The Bottom Line

Cable One is a great cable company that has many benefits to offer their customers, the most desirable of those being no contracts for their cable television services. Customers can sign up for cable TV, or for any services bundles with television such as high-speed Internet or telephone services and pay a monthly price without any service agreement attached.

Customers can also cancel their products at any time with Cable One. Other benefits for choosing Cable One as a cable provider include a low monthly cost at around seventy dollars or lower a month, a good DVR system that is able to record up to four shows simultaneously, although for an additional cost, and a wide range of availability across the United States in 19 different states.

However, Cable One does not provide a large number of channels for their customers and receiving channels in high definition is an additional expense. Cable One does not have a great mobile app for streaming content on the go. Overall Cable One is a great cable provider who prides themselves on excellent products and customer service to match.

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Chris Alonzo Gilbert, AZ

In our small town this is the major cable service and the only internet provider. The technician that came to our house to install was really friendly and helpful. The staff we talked to at the location wasn’t as friendly and helpful. Our internet has gone down more than once and made it hard to rely on. We ended up opting out of our cable service but stayed with internet and fortunately our service has gotten better and the internet speed has improved tremendously.

5 years ago


Review Source

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Trey Farner Norcross, GA

My grandparents use cable one and when I go to visit their house I know I can have a game of some sort on while I’m catching up with them. It’s always great to have a wide variety of shows at the touch of a button.

4 years ago

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Jum Muther Meridian, ID

Everything is extra. Our Cable One (Idaho) has a monopoly and has absolutely no desire to upgrade their services. My DVR ($10/mo) 'allows' 9 hours of programming, not 650 hours. My DVR can record 2 programs at one time but only if you are watching one of the channels being recorded. Best cable outfit? I doubt it but maybe the others are just as bad or worse.

6 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Kaye Porter Prescott Valley, AZ

We have been customers for over 25 years, always pleased with the service. At all times the techs are of assistance and solve the problems quickly.

4 years ago