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LAST UPDATED: June 3rd, 2023

Tim KLINE Roofing offers roofing services to residential clients. Tim KLINE Roofing is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractor that works with clients to ensure that homes and belongings are kept safe with the proper roofing techniques put in place.

While Tim KLINE Roofing also does commercial work, the company’s expertise is residential roofing services. Through Tim KLINE Roofing, clients can expect to receive high-quality roofing services, materials, and protections all for a reasonable and competitive price. 

From start to finish, Tim KLINE Roofing keeps clients in the loop regarding the progress of the project. No work at any phase of the project is outsourced to another provider or less qualified team. Tim KLINE Roofing goes the extra mile to ensure that all expectations are clearly laid out ahead of time and the results meet expectations. Tim KLINE Roofing has a history of delivering. 

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The Good

  • Roofing Services
  • Warranties
  • Expert Roof Analysis
  • Experience

Roofing Services

Tim KLINE Roofing offers comprehensives services to clients in need of roofing work. Not all roofing contractors offer all related roofing services, but Tim KLINE Roofing does its best to cover all bases in order to service clients. Tim KLINE Roofing services include the following:

  • Roof inspections
  • Consultation
  • Roof replacement
  • Preventative roof maintenance
  • Flat roofs
  • Large projects
  • Patio covering
  • Framing defects
  • Shingle installation
  • Repairs
  • Energy efficiency

If a client encounters a need that is not specifically identified by Tim KLINE Roofing, the roof analysis will determine whether or not Tim KLINE Roofing can manage the workload. 


Offering some level of protection and peace of mind is also important to Tim KLINE Roofing. All clients can expect that TIm KLINE Roofing technicians and professionals are held to a high standard and will utilize their education and training to perform all work strategically and meticulously.

Completed roof work is backed by a 15-year workmanship warranty. The only exceptions to the warranty include damage caused by extreme weather conditions, unauthorized work conducted on the roof surface, actual material failure, damage to the roof as a result of flying object, or the inability to maintain basic roof maintenance or coming as a result of interior damage.

Clients who utilize Tim KLINE Roofing for repair work will also receive workmanship warranties that are backed for anywhere from two to five years. The length of the warranty depends on a number of varying factors. Most companies do not protect repair work, but Tim KLINE Roofing does. 

Expert Roof Analysis

In order to make a well informed decision regarding roofing work, Tim KLINE Roofing offers its clients the opportunity to take advantage of a complete expert roof analysis. This analysis will go in depth and provide potential clients with all of the facts, finances, and risks associated with the work. 

These thorough inspections are done in a timely fashion with all data and information turned over to the client for review. This also gives potential customers an idea of what work Tim KLINE Roofing will perform and suggests getting taken care of. Not all roofing contractors offer roofing analysis to its clients. Rarely do contractors perform this type of service for free. Tim KLINE Roofing offers it as a complimentary service. 


One of the benefits of working with Tim LINE Roofing is the experience and expertise of the company and its staff. Tim KLINE Roofing has earned and maintained all of its proper licensing and insurance needs while providing contracting services. 

The company has been in business since 2000, making it one of the more long-standing providers within Arizona communities managing roofing-related needs. For over two decades, Tim KLINE Roofing has encountered and successfully performed a number of roofing repairs and replacements making it one of the more experienced contractors in the state.


The Bad

  • Limited to Arizona
  • Unknown Price Points

Limited to Arizona

The Tim KLINE Roofing operation covers areas and communities throughout the state of Arizona. While the company started out as a strictly local operation, the company has expanded to cover most of the state.

Outside of these Arizona communities, prospective roofing clients will need to turn to alternative providers for roofing help as the services remain strictly in the state of Arizona. 

Unknown Price Points

While it is difficult to determine costs associated with new build roofing needs and replacements, there are a number of more basic repairs and replacements that should have a basic or average pricing point. Other roofing contractors will disclose costs for basic services, but that information is not publicly released by Tim KLINE Roofing.

By not disclosing pricing points or ranges, it is difficult for interested clients to determine the affordability of the Tim KLINE Roofing service. This will require homeowners to conduct further discussions with the Tim KLINE Roofing team to determine whether the financial aspect of the project is a good fit. 


The Bottom Line

Tim KLINE Roofing offers high-quality and comprehensive roofing services to residential and commercial clients looking for a reputable and dependable roofing contractor. Tim KLINE Roofing can handle virtually every aspect relating to roofing work and will conduct all projects from start to finish.

All Tim KLINE Roofing services are backed by warranties to ensure client peace of mind. Any prospective clients still undecided about what work needs to be done and where to turn to for services can reach out to the company and receive a complimentary expert roofing analysis. Tim KLINE Roofing has provided quality roofing services for over two decades now making it one of the more experienced roofing contractors in the area.

Despite offering a number of valuable services and products to its clients, there are downsides associated with Tim KLINE Roofing. The service area is restricted to designated cities within the state of Arizona. This keeps the geographical service area of the company relatively small. Additionally, it is unclear how much basic repair and routine maintenance will cost through Tim KLINE Roofing. 

Residential clients looking for a reliable roofing contractor that can handle almost any replacement type or repair needed should consider utilizing the services provided by Tim KLINE Roofing. 

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