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LAST UPDATED: January 25th, 2024

Erie Home has grown to become one of the most reputable home improvement contractors in the country. The company, while known for its metal roofing solutions, also provides basement services including waterproofing, foundation work, and air quality improvements.

Since its humble beginnings, Erie Home has made incredible strides to become one of the industry leaders in home remodeling and upgrade services.

As metal roofing specialists, Erie home has created one of the most dependable and resilient metal roof products available. These roofs are made from ultra-durable steel and are designed to handle adverse weather conditions, withstanding intense hail and wind storms reaching 120 mph.

The aesthetics of these metal roofs are also a key selling point as the material mimics shingles, shakes, and even barrel tile for those concerned with the overall look of the final project. 

In addition to creating a final roofing product that adds to curb appeal, withstands and thrives in extreme weather, and even provides UV resistance, Erie Home has also put extensive efforts into its service portion of the operation.

All roofs are installed by trained and qualified professionals. Erie Home also works with its clients to provide a financial structure that works for all parties involved.  

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The Good

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • National Service Area
  • Installation Process
  • Financing Options

Lifetime Warranty

Due to the financial investment associated with a new roof installation, many roofing contractors will offer some sort of rigid warranty either guaranteeing the workmanship or turning the material issues over to the manufacturer to cover. Erie Home, on the other hand, works to provide homeowners with confidence in the product and service by offering a strong warranty.

The limited lifetime warranty offered through Erie Home is transferable, entirely backed by Erie itself, and covers all roofing products installed by the company. This covers any manufacturing defect or installation error for the entire lifetime of the roof. To further protect homeowners, Erie Home offers a weathering warranty which covers any damage derived from wind, hail, and other adverse weather conditions. Few roofing contractors can offer the protection Erie Home does. 

National Service Area

Many roofing contractors offer a local service, targeting homeowners in a specific geographic area. More often than not, roofing is a localized service at the installation level. When it comes to Erie Home, the company provides both materials and services which is one of the reasons the company is so unique and can offer a proven and streamlined product.

Although expansion efforts are still being made, Erie Home has found a way to provide services in 40 states all across the nation. That number appears to still be growing as the company continues to open a number of offices each year. Providing a national service in the roofing industry is relatively uncommon, but Erie Home has found a way to reach new geographic heights that competing roofing contractors simply cannot overcome.

Installation Process

Having been in business for nearly five decades, Erie Home has worked to streamline its installation process to ensure a positive experience for homeowners. Each crew that installs Erie roofing systems is professionally trained and are full-time steel panel technicians. Each crew is well versed in the best installation practices exclusively offered through the Erie Home line. Typically, Erie Home roofing crews will have the entire job done in one day and will remain on-site until all client standards are met.

When working with other roofing contractors, crews will oftentimes be responsible for installing a number of different roofing types using equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. This can lead to errors in installation or making the roof vulnerable to certain threats. This potential for error is drastically reduced when working with Erie Home installation crews. 

Financing Options

For many homeowners, the financial aspect of having a new roof installed is a major concern. Many contractors will offer a variety of fixed payment plans to help those who desperately need to install a new roof but do not necessarily have much wiggle room in the monthly budget to make it all work. While financing is not uncommon in the roofing space, finding a company that will be as flexible and willing to work with each client is a rare occurrence.

Erie Home offers a number of flexible financing plans and even custom solutions to make a new roof a feasible option for all homeowners. A dedicated member of the sales team from Erie Home will walk each prospective client through the financing process and ensure that the ideal solution is agreed upon.  


The Bad

  • Roofing Materials
  • Color Matching

Roofing Materials

Most roofing contractors will come to a client and go over the various roofing options and manufacturers available for that specific project. Generally, there are a number of roofing materials pitched to homeowners as contractors have the ability to install a wide range of rooting types.

Erie Home differs a little bit from traditional contractors since the company itself produces the materials used in the installations. As a result, there are much more limited options available as it pertains to roofing materials. Homeowners looking for wood shingles and shakes will not be able to utilize the Erie Home service. Homeowners already set on having a metal or asphalt roof installed should consider Erie Home, while those interested in other material types will need to look into alternative providers. 

Color Matching

One of the more common concerns of homeowners that opt into metal roofs revolves around curb appeal issues down the road. Metal roofs have proved to be one of the more difficult roofs to replace and match if and when repairs are needed. For example, if just a few shingles or a small portion of the roof needs to be repaired, installing new metal shingles will result in inconsistencies color-wise.

With its UV resistant capabilities and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, the metal materials themselves take a beating. As a result, the color of these shingles change slightly over time similar to dried paint on a wall. When new shingles, tiles, or shakes are installed, it is nearly impossible to perfectly color match these materials and present a uniform look. This is not the case for other roofing materials, making repairs to metal roofs somewhat of an eyesore for some. 


The Bottom Line

Erie Home has worked to provide homeowners with a product and service that will improve the value of the property while simultaneously performing at peak levels. The company is so confident in its products and workmanship that the company basically offers a lifetime warranty providing clients with the peace of mind to invest in the service.

Erie Home continues to expand its operation and now has offices in 75 major U.S. cities and offers solutions to clients in 40 states. The installation process has been streamlined to ensure that clients have their roofs installed in an efficient and reliable manner.

All Erie Home roofing specialists are well versed in the best procedures which are backed by the Erie Home warranty. Lastly, Erie Home Works with clients to find the ideal financing solution to meet budgetary needs.

While Erie Home provides a reputable service and product, there are limitations to what work and materials can be used in their home upgrade and remodel projects. The only roofing types that Erie will install include varied metal designs and asphalt shingles.

Outside of these roofing materials, Erie Home does not offer any other solutions. Additionally, the color matching issues that exist for clients that have metal roofs is not remedied just because Erie Home offers mimic designs. 

Homeowners looking for a nationwide company that provides a high quality metal roofing product installed by professionals will likely benefit from what Erie Home provides. Those looking for more options when it comes to roofing materials and aesthetics down the line may want to consider an alternative contractor. 

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