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Founded by Jimmy Hiller, Hiller is a company that builds success on the foundations of good service, honesty, and integrity. Family owned and operated from day one, Hiller focuses on keeping everyone involved in the business happy—whether it’s the customer, the employee, or the company itself. The company owes its expansion to customer referrals and good business practices.

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The Good

  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Customer Support
  • Promotions
  • Happy Hiller Club

Family Owned and Operated

Hiller started out as a one-man operation when Jimmy Hiller began working for himself at the age of 24. Hiller still operates and treats customers as if they were the only customers, but the company has grown rapidly. Today, Jimmy Hiller is joined by his family in providing plumbing services to the company’s area of operation.                                          

Customer Support

The company has made it clear that it expects its employees to be available round-the-clock; customers can expect repairs in emergencies 24/7 from Hiller plumbing. Additionally, the company maintains a policy that its employees wear shoe coverings on the job, keep clean work areas, and provide flat-rate pricing.


The Hiller website offers current deals and promotions for customers. Even though most visitors to the website are likely already customers, the company still provides discounts. The company proves its devotion to its customers by helping them save money on plumbing services.

Happy Hiller Club

The Happy Hiller Club is a subscription-based maintenance service offered by Hiller’s plumbing experts. The club ensures the maximum life span of home systems through periodic repair visits. Additionally, the club offers members the following benefits:

  • Choice of four, three, or two visits
  • Discounts on repairs
  • $100 yearly credit
  • No diagnostic fees
  • Front-of-the-line scheduling

The Bad

  • Lack of Focus
  • Low Coverage

Lack of Focus

Hiller has its hand in a few different industries, including HVAC and electrical, as well as plumbing. This wide range of company services can lead to a lack of focus in the plumbing industry. Though it may give the company widespread expertise, it may also diminish the amount of effort and expertise the company can devote to plumbing services.

Low Coverage

Hiller only operates in three states, so the company can only cater to a very limited portion of the customers that might find its website online.

The Bottom Line

Hiller is a family-owned and family-friendly business that proves its care for customers through exceptional customer service and promotions. Though the company does not have a wide area of operation, it devotes all of its efforts to the customers it can reach. The option of joining the Happy Hiller Club is an additional benefit to Hiller’s service. We highly recommend customers consider choosing Hiller as long as they live within its three-state service boundary.

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