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LAST UPDATED: August 23rd, 2022

Spire Pest Control is an industry-accredited pest control business serving residential and commercial customers in the Richmond and Virginia Beach areas as well as Florida. 

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The Good

  • Pests Targeted 
  • Convenient Scheduling 
  • Additional Services

Pests Targeted 

This company provides a full range of insect and wildlife removal services.  Following a free property inspection, pest professionals prepare a unique treatment plan for every client’s property, utilizing sprays, baits, and traps. 

Spire Pest Control is equipped to target the following pests: 

  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Mosquitos
  • Hornets
  • Wasps
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Squirrels
  • Bats

Highlight: Spire Pest Control is equipped to perform wildlife exclusion services. 

Humane squirrel and bat removal services are included within Spire Pest Control’s scope of service offerings. Wildlife exclusion services cover removal from attics, crawl spaces, or wherever else pests are detected throughout the home or business property.


Prospective customers may appreciate access to wildlife removal services at the same time as general pest treatments since not all pest control companies offer that benefit. 

Note that Spire Pest Control utilizes eco-friendly pest solutions that are low-risk and non-toxic to people and pets after application. 

Convenient Scheduling

Whereas nearly all pest control company websites include a phone number to contact for more information, Spire Pest Control has an online form that includes a digital calendar with time slots that prospective clients can use to notify the company of their scheduling preference. 

Additional Services

In addition to pest control and wildlife management, Spire Pest Control offers a gutter cleaning service. Leaves, twigs, and sediment can get backed up and cause home damage when it is not properly removed from gutters, and Spire Pest Control technicians can do the work for you. 


The Bad

  • No Pricing Information
  • No Guarantee

No Pricing Information 

While each customer’s treatment program may differ according to pests, home size, and the number of treatments requested, prospective customers would benefit from some pricing information for general pest spraying, such as the base pricing model for homes above a certain square footage. 

Another relevant detail missing relates to contracts. Many pest control companies perform general pest treatments based on a contract model, with multiple applications throughout the year. For pricing and contract details to compare to other pest control companies, you’ll need to contact Spire Pest Control directly. 

No Guarantee

While no one can control nature, many pest control companies do offer some sort of guarantee to take the risk out of paying for pest control. This generally looks like free re-treatments in between scheduled treatments. Spire Pest Control does not offer a guarantee, so consumers should weigh its benefits listed above as well as its online reputation to make an informed decision.


The Bottom Line

Spire Pest Control stands out from competitors by targeting not only general pests but also pests that require more specialized attention and treatments, including mosquitos, termites, squirrels, and even bats. Additionally, you don’t often see an online booking capability that includes scheduling preference selection on a pest control website. This customer service perk makes scheduling easier from the start. 

Based on these two advantages of expertise and convenience, Spire Pest Control is a worthy company to consider if you live within its service area in Virginia or Florida. 

Prior to committing to a home service, such as pest control, make sure you understand a company’s pricing model and contract details. 

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Aaron Butterfield Washington, DC

Bottom line up front, look elsewhere. Buyer beware! Literally everything is a bait and switch and they use deceptive sales tactics that I didn't even know existed. Let me explain. -I have recently retired from the military and now reside in Poquoson VA. I was in the market for pest control and went with Spire because the previous home owners had them. Because of this reason, the salesman promised to waive the initial setup fee. They waived only $200 of the $250. -I decided to go with their termite plan. It was explained to me that it was an annual one-time payment plan annually in the totals of $499 for year one and $325 every year after. It is more expensive the first year because of the set up. Not only did they run my card for $540, they are also now charging me the $325 on top. I had asked the salesman numerous times if I was only going to be charged $499 and he answered "yes" every time. This was a lie. I got a call from the operations manager from headquarters yesterday stating that this was a mix up and that I would not be charged the $325 until next year. I literally just got a text message from the company stating that my account is now $324 overdue. -My plan includes quarterly treatments for common pests. The salesman was trying to push an additional mosquito fog treatment and I was not interested. The salesman offered to include it into my first quarterly treatment for free so I can make a decision on it. The technician came and fogged the yard. I was charged for the fog treatment that was supposed to be free and now it is stuck on my contract. -It has been 3 weeks since my quarterly treatment and I still have ants in the house and fresh mouse droppings in the crawlspace. I called to schedule a spot treatment (included in the plan free of charge) and I was very clear that this is all I wanted. This company scheduled me for another quarterly treatment and were prepared to charge me for it until I set the record straight. I have text messages to prove this. -This company makes you sign contracts on scratched up iPads and the documents are never fully in view. -I have submitted a BBB complaint on this company and the operations manager (as stated before) agreed to take off the mosquito treatments, refund the portion of the $325 due next year for the termites and we continued on with our lives. She said I could call her directly at anytime if there are future problems. I have attempted to contact her this morning when I got the overdue account but no answer. In summary, their products are not effective and everything the salesman pitched to us was an outright lie. The company responded to the BBB by essentially saying that I signed the contract and to suck it up. I will ride out my obligation for the next year but then I am out and never looking back. It would be absolutely foolish if you choose this company. They have no regard for their customers, or veterans, and treat them very poorly. I am warming you, do not touch this company with a 20 foot pole. I will attach screenshots of the text exchange.

1 month ago


Verified Customer


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They can't follow instructions and they almost killed my dogs. They have no customer service. Avoid them at all costs.

10 months ago


Verified Customer


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Pete Gladd Mineral, VA

Way too much money and no change, still have ants and spiders

10 months ago