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LAST UPDATED: March 8th, 2022

Palmetto Exterminators is a family-owned company founded in 1960. It is owned by Bud Snyder, a graduate from Penn State University, who studied entomology and education.

During the company’s more than 60 years in operation, it has been selected as one of the top 28 out of 168 best pest control companies in Charlotte in 2020 and has become Green Pro Certified in eco-friendly pest control. 

The company is also a member of the South Carolina Pest Control Association, North Carolina Pest Management Association, Georgia Pest Control Association, and American Mosquito Control Association.

Palmetto Exterminators focuses on excellent pest control services while protecting the environment and delivering above and beyond customer expectations.

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The Good

  • Large-Lawn Services
  • Educated Staff
  • Commercial Services
  • Excellent Termite Plan
  • Green, Eco-Friendly Treatment Options
  • Extensive Mosquito Control
  • Additional Services

Large-Lawn Services

Palmetto Exterminators offers lawn services to those customers who would like pest control treatment outside their home. The company treats pests beyond 10 feet of the home. This is exceptional for customers who have a large yard or who would like treatment to extend much farther away from the house.

Most other pest control companies treat yards up to a certain distance from the house, but Palmetto Exterminators offers a much more expansive, inclusive treatment after 10 feet from the house.

Educated Staff

In part to help ensure environmentally friendly pest control and to provide updated and innovative pest control solutions, Palmetto Exterminators staffs two entomologists as part of its team. Not all pest controls companies do this, and doing so marks a company as dedicated to improvement and innovation. 

Commercial Services

Palmetto Exterminators treats homes and businesses alike, including restaurants, manufacturing plants, warehouses, healthcare facilities, office spaces, education hubs, airports, religious buildings, and more. 

Excellent Termite Plan

One of Palmetto Exterminators’ most impressive plans is a termite protection plan. This plan includes lifetime termite protection, up to 1 million dollars in damage repair coverage, is transferable if you decide to move homes (your next home will be covered) with no transfer fee, annual inspections, booster treatment every seven to nine years, and treatment with the leading termiticide Termidor®. 

With an annual fee, this lifetime plan is truly unique and incredibly beneficial for those looking for peace of mind about termite prevention and damage reconstruction. Many pest control companies offer termite treatments but they are far from as thorough or warrantied as the termite plan from Palmetto Exterminators. 

Green, Eco-Friendly Treatment Options

All of Palmetto Exterminator's plans are green and eco-conscious. As a certified Green Po member awarded by the National Pest Control Association, Palmetto Exterminators offer products that are EPA-free and are natural, biodegradable, and organic. 

Palmetto Exterminators offers two green options for its customers, a fully green treatment plan and a hybrid. Both use clean chemicals and follow strict guidelines.

For example, for the company’s misting system and mosquito barrier treatments, Palmetto Exterminators offers EPA-registered and organic pesticides for misting and biodegradable and organic options for barriers. A completely all-green option is also available for misting.

These extra steps to ensure environmental conservation are extremely important and show a marked sense of care from Palmetto Exterminators that transfers to all other areas of service.

Extensive Mosquito Control 

Palmetto Exterminators offers an extensive list of mosquito treatment options: 

  • Mosquito Misting System — Fully installed, this system releases short, 30-second mists throughout the day at peak mosquito times. The system is similar to a sprinkler system and is controlled by a timer. It is a permanent system, more expensive than typical mosquito treatments, and a great option for permanent mosquito removal.
  • Mosquito Barrier Treatment — With this plan, every two to four weeks for the duration of the mosquito season, a Palmetto Exterminators’ associate will fog or surface spray the customer's yard. This is a much more cost-friendly and customizable option than the Misting System; however, it is also less permanent and is less independent.
  • Neighborhood Mosquito Program — Entire neighborhoods built around large bodies of water or with frequent mosquito areas can participate in the neighborhood mosquito program, designed with similar treatments to Palmetto Exterminator’s other plans. Cities and local governments frequently provide this treatment and so this program may not be necessary. Customers should check with local regulations and treatments before exploring this plan.
  • Special Event Mosquito Treatment — For weddings, graduations, parties, or other outdoor events, Palmetto Exterminators can provide mosquito treatments so guests can better enjoy the event. The extermination process usually takes place the day before. This is a unique service offered by very few pest control companies. 

Additional Services

Palmetto Exterminators offers additional disinfecting, crawlspace services, and bed bug treatments. For disinfecting, Palmetto Exterminators can cleanse any space from homes to office buildings to aircrafts with top-notch cleaning agents. 

For crawlspace services, Palmetto Exterminators can seal off ducts and vents leading to the crawlspace, making the space more energy efficient and less inviting to pests. This is a helpful service not always offered by pest control companies.

Palmetto Exterminators offers bed bug treatments, providing detailed steps to help eliminate bed bugs and ensure the customer’s peace of mind.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Outdated Communication Methods
  • No Mention of Rodent Treatments

Limited Service Area

Currently, Palmetto Exterminators only serves those in Charlotte, New York, and in South Carolina in the following areas: Beaufort, Bluffton, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Summerville, and Walterboro.

Outdated Communication Methods

Palmetto Exterminators’ quarterly plan treats pests without customers needing to be present for treatments. This is common in the pest control industry and can provide customers with ease of mind knowing they don't have to make room in their schedules for quarterly appointments.

Palmetto Exterminators currently reminds customers of the appointments via postcard or email. An appointment reminder is also a sign of a good company; however, sending reminders by mail or email is slightly outdated and may not reach as many customers as would a text or phone call.

Missed appointments or misunderstandings between pest control companies and their customers can be very frustrating, so minimizing the possibility of this occurring through adequate communication and appointment reminders is important.

No Mention of Rodent Treatments

Palmetto Exterminators’ website does not mention the treatment or removal of mice, rats, or other rodents. Often, these services are included in the basic pest control plans, and this could be the case with Palmetto Exterminators.

However, the information is not readily available on its website. Customers should ensure when purchasing a plan that it includes rodent treatments if needed.


The Bottom Line

Palmetto Exterminators is an excellent pest control company in the South Carolina/New York area. The company is focused on environmental conservation with a variety of plans and options to help exterminate pests without causing harm to the earth. 

Notably, Palmetto Exterminators offers an extensive variety of mosquito treatment options including special events and neighborhood protection programs. For general pest control, Palmetto Exterminators treats large yards and has a very unique and thorough termite protection plan. 

Customers should be alert for communication with the company, as appointment reminders often come through postcard or email. Additionally, the company makes no mention of rodent treatments on its website, so customers seek out further information. 

Overall, with a well-educated staff of entomologists and friendly pest control experts, Palmetto Exterminators is a great option for those living in the South Carolina/New York area. 

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cj thor Greenville, SC

Palmetto Exterminators have been our go to for Pest control in 3 homes we have owned in South Carolina. They take pride in their business and it shows by the professionalism of their service techs and Excellent customer service. We have recommended Palmetto Exterminators to our family and friends who now place their trust in Palmetto for their pest control needs. We also have used them for termite bonds and termite inspections on all our homes. You can't go wrong with this company !

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Belsy Franco Columbia, SC

I used palmetto Exterminators for many year very professional company excelente costumer service and very professional

2 years ago Edited September 14, 2021