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LAST UPDATED: July 21st, 2021

Independently owned and operated since 1946, Hydrex Pest Control franchises provide professional pest control services to over 2,000 communities throughout the state of California.

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The Good

  • RIS Treatments
  • Additional Services

RIS Treatments

Hydrex Pest Control has done its best to use proven, state-of-the-art materials and techniques to help homeowners get rid of pests throughout its many years of business. And while other pest control companies will use high toxicity chemicals (which are incredibly effective for getting rid of bugs but tend to kill your lawn and plants), Hydrex prefers to use Reduced Impact Services.

RIS Treatments are low toxicity, low volume, and low odor pesticide applications. Although it is tempting to use more potent chemicals, it can negatively affect you, your family, pets, and the rest of your yard. 

If you get the Boundary and Perimeter service, Hydrex applies its RIS treatments to the exterior of your home and yard, with a concentration on entry points. The company will also knock down all accessible spider webs. 

Hydrex also offers an interior treatment. During this service, Hydrex will inspect your home and develop a plan to address all your pest control needs. You can even choose if you'd like Hydrex to come back once or twice a year to maintain the property. 

Additional Services

Hydrex can help eliminate roaches, termites, rodents, bees, and nuisance birds, along with its exterior and interior pest control services.


The Bad

  • Detailed Information

Detailed Information

Hydrex's website is a bit underwhelming. While there is a lot of information about how the company got started and some of the offered services, the rest of it lacks detail.

For example, we mentioned before that Hydrex provides both interior and exterior pest control services. But it is unclear whether you purchase these services separately or bundled. And since there is no pricing information, it's unclear how much additional services cost.

It would also be helpful if Hydrex included more details on what new clients can expect once they sign up for the free estimate. 


The Bottom Line

California residents may want to take some time and look into Hydrex Pest Control. The pest control company has been around for over 75 years and has kept up with all the latest pest control practices.

We also appreciate the fact that Hydrex uses low toxicity, low volume, and low odor pesticides. Using RIS treatments shows that Hydrex not only cares about getting rid of pests but also cares about its customers' health. 

That said, Hydrex's website could stand to include more detailed information. We cannot recommend Hydrex's pest control services over other companies simply because we don't have enough information.

Homeowners will want to know if they pay separately for interior and exterior services or if there is an option to bundle (and possibly pay a lower price). Hydrex could also include more information about how often homes are serviced and what customers can expect during each visit. 

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Lynda McClellan Canyon Country, CA

We have had Hydrex for about 30 years and have never been let down. They call to remind us they are due to come out to make sure it’s a good good. If pests show up in between scheduled service, a quick call and they show up pretty quickly and take care of it at no extra cost.

2 years ago