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LAST UPDATED: March 10th, 2022

Adkins Bee Removal offers live bee removal and bee relocation services to the general public and businesses. Adkins works with beekeepers from all over the United States to provide safe and quality service. Adkins Bee Removal not only gets rid of the bees but eliminates the honeycomb, therefore preventing further problems with rodents, bugs, structural repair, and ongoing bee problems.

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The Good

  • Bee Removal, Not Extermination
  • Located in All Major Cities
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Special Need Free Bee Removal

Bee Removal, Not Extermination

The company is proud to offer live bee and hive removal, stating that bee exterminators may get rid of the bees but leave the honeycomb. Hives are often found in walls, roofs, attics, chimneys, meter boxes, trees, and other odd places. Removing the honeycomb from the premises is key to getting rid of future bee problems, avoiding damage to building structures, and putting a halt to other pest control problems. Adkins Bee Removal removes all the honeycomb, clean, treats, and suppresses the scent of the hive, and if needed repairs and bee proofs the location.

Located in All Major Cities

Adkins Bee Removal is located in all major cities in the United States. and a few major cities in Canada.

Expert Knowledge

The Adkins Bee Removal website offers plenty of information on different types of bees, swarm sizes and behaviors, self-help information, and an extensive FAQ with answers to all kinds of questions about bees. The company does a great job of answering the questions with its expert knowledge of all things bees. From teaching people why bees are targeting a house to the dreaded “killer bees,” Adkins Bee Removal is definitely a go-to company for anyone who has questions.

Special Need Free Bee Removal

Adkins Bee Removal knows that bee removal can be a costly and time-consuming process. That’s why the company offers a free and discounted bee removal special request form. Customers who have a special need or know someone with limited resources or who cannot find another option to remove the bees can submit a special request form.


The Bad

  • Niche Services
  • Blank Webpage

Niche Services

Unlike other pest control companies, Adkins Bee Removal only offers the bee removal services. The website does have a section about wasps, but it is unclear if Adkins Bee Removal offers services to get rid of a wasp’s nest.

Blank Webpage

When clicking on the link “Work for Beekeeper,” the site directs you to a blank page. Even when trying to open the page on different web browsers, the page remains blank.


The Bottom Line

Those looking for a distinct company that is an expert in the field of bee removal should look into Adkins Bee Removal. The company uses beekeepers from throughout the United States to provide its customers with expert removal services. Adkins Bee Removal also offers free honey bees to beekeepers who want them. If customers are located in major cities, they are in luck; however, if customers are located in a remote city, they will have to call Adkins Bee Removal to see if they can receive their service.

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Noa Ranoa Vista, CA

We didn't want the bee's killed, just moved away from the kids and pets. Adkins did just that quick and simple. A+!

2 years ago


Review Source

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shawne bradley San Francisco, CA

Excellent communication, great prices, awesome experience

2 years ago