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LAST UPDATED: January 15th, 2024, or Dollar Loan Center, is a community short-term loan company that offers installment payday loans and car title loans. They advertise lower rates than their competitors and repayment terms of up to 65 weeks. They have several reliable methods for contacting one of their customer service departments, including a live online chat.

One of their focuses is on being involved with and supporting the communities where their stores are located. They are a direct lender with over 80 branch locations in California, Nevada, Utah, and South Dakota. Dollar Loan Center began operating in 1998 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The Good

  • Extended Repayment Terms
  • No Early Payment Penalties
  • Customer Support & Education
  • Local Community Support

Extended Repayment Terms

Dollar Loan Center offers installment payday loans of amounts that extend up to $2,500. The actual loan limits will vary depending on the applicant's state of residence. The interest rates given for each state range from 196.96% to 388.93% APR, but the actual rates will vary based on the type of loan, loan amount, and the state. Interest accrues daily but borrowers pay the interest only for the days that the loan is still out. Repayment terms may extend up to 65 weeks and payments are due according to the frequency of the borrower's paydays.

No Early Payment Penalties

Loans can be paid off in full at any time without any penalties. They also do not charge application or origination fees. In addition to the application information, applicants will need to provide the following verifications:

  • Proof of income
  • State-issued ID
  • 5 references
  • Current proof of residence
  • 30-day bank statement (if using direct deposit)

Applications can be submitted online, over the phone, or in person at one of Dollar Loan Center's locations. Loan processing for pre-approval takes 30 minutes. In-store applicants can receive same-day funding, while online applicants will have the money deposited in their checking accounts by the next business day.

Customer Support & Education

Dollar Loan Center provides customers with a variety of reliable ways to contact one of their customer service departments, including:

  • General phone number and email
  • Phone number and email for the support team in each of the four states where Dollar Loan Center is located
  • Live chat

Emails are responded to within an hour or less, and the live chat is almost always immediately available. Dollar Loan Center provides information to customers about potential scams and fraudulent loan offers and what to look for and what to do. They also offer some financial education to their customers, specifically regarding:

  • Understanding credit scores
  • Making budgeting easier
  • Cash management
  • Free credit reports

Local Community Support

Part of Dollar Loan Center's focus is on supporting the local communities in which each branch operates through their Dollar Loan Center Community Involvement program. They sponsor and participate in community charity events, and they support several non-profit organizations. The also hold periodic contests, mainly through their social media accounts. Dollar Loan Center also guarantees that their rates will beat any payday loan or payday advance rate from another company in an applicant's area. They promise that if their rates are not lower, the applicant's loan with Dollar Loan Center will be interest-free.


The Bad

  • High Interest Rates
  • Sharing Customer Information
  • Limited Availability

High Insterest Rates

As with any payday loan company, Dollar Loan Center's interest rates are much higher than the interest rates that accompany other types of funding. That being said, Dollar Loan Center's rates are on the lower end and are even much lower than some of their competitor's rates. A typical loan will have an interest rate of between 196.96% and 388.93% APR depending on the state, but the actual interest may be higher or lower depending on the borrowed amount and the payment schedule. It should be noted, however, that because Dollar Loan Center allows for a longer repayment period, if customers make payments for the full term length, they will end up paying quite a bit of money in interest.

Sharing Customer Information

Dollar Loan Center provides a clear privacy policy to their customers that outlines what information they collect from borrowers, how they will share it, and with whom. They also provide contact information so customers can opt out of some types of sharing. While the transparency is appreciated, customers do need to be aware that their information will be given to other companies, especially affiliated marketing businesses, and they can expect to receive unsolicited contact from those companies.

Limited Availability

Dollar Loan Center operates in only four states in the United States: California, Nevada, Utah, and South Dakota. There are over 80 branch locations scattered across those states, plus residents of those states can always apply online or over the phone. However, residents of other states are not eligible to apply at all, even online. There are also negative reviews specifically regarding three concerns:

  • Poor customer service in specific branch locations,
  • Fairly aggressive collection policies
  • High overall cost of taking out a payday loan

Although several people complained of having negative customer service experiences, they seemed limited to in-person encounters in the stores and not directed to the general customer service department. Aggressive collection policies and high overall costs are two of the pitfalls of taking out a payday loan, no matter which company the loan is issued from. Want to know which payday loan company is top rated? Click Here


The Bottom Line

Dollar Loan Center, or, is a provider of short-term funding in the form of installment payday loans and auto title loans. Their payday loans extend up to $2,500 and are repaid over a maximum of 65 weeks. The interest rates vary by state but range from 196.96% to 388.93% APR, which, while very high compared to other types of loans, are on the lower end of typical payday loan rates. They provide customers with a guarantee to beat the interest rates issued by any other payday loan business, and their customer service department is reliable and easy to reach.

Dollar Loan Center provides community support in the areas their branches are located in through non-profit organizations, charitable giving, and sponsored events. As part of their business operations, they do give out customer information to affiliated companies, which is clearly stated in their privacy policy.

Dollar Loan Center is operating in only four states, making their services unavailable to the majority of consumers in the United States. The company was established in 1998, giving them some credibility, but even with their advertised low interest rates, borrowers will still end up paying back a large amount in interest fees. 

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Daniel Dallas, TX

I borrowed 1,700.00 during the period of Covid and my unemployment had not kicked in. I really needed the money so it was great to get the money when I needed it. I set up ach but my cash flow was not consistent so I fell behind on the payments. I just no made a minimum payment of 1,130.00 and I still owe 1,107.82 to pay it ff. That is after having made two or three payments amounting to about #500.00. Moral of the story if you need the money they will help you but make sure to pay it back in large sums or the interest will kill you. I intend to pay it off in the next three payments and be done with it.

3 years ago

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Mary Henderson, NV

I have never had a bad experience here. The process to get a loan is very slow even when they say its an express customer, meaning i have always paid on time or early and that they know me. The process is tedious, they should have someone on site that can approve the loans instead of the agents having to call someone, who may not be available for a some time. Also, not being open on Sunday is a hindrance to customers and I am sure they are losing money by closing on Sunday. I needed some cash for an unexpected event and DLC was closed.

5 years ago

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Sheila Kilgore

I have tried to get a loan through these guys about 3 times now, and every time I try they deny me. They don't even say we will help you with 100 dollars actually they denied me for that one also. 100 dollars for crying out loud I could pay that one off with one of my paychecks. They claim to help everyone but that isn't the case. I will never go here again because they are not truthful.

6 months ago

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Jennifer Gorman Middleton, WI

*STAY AWAY* TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PLACE.. they have VERY high fees and you can never get out of it. I had an issue with my work missing a payment to me then switching me to bi-weekly. I have been trying to make smaller payments towards a missed payment and have only missed ONE payment, no other ones.. They call me at least 5-6 times a day.. from 8am up to 9pm ALL DAY long. I have called them to keep in contact, but thats not enough. STAY AWAY!!!! I HATE THIS PLACE!!!! DO NOT USE THEM!! I CANNOT stress this enough!!!!

7 months ago

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Aim High Murphys, CA

Loan # 2702528                                                                   Jan 07, 2023 To: Dollar Loan Center,  The people who work at DLC, Carson City NV, are kind and must follow corporate policy and procedures.  However, the policy for hardships and unforeseen circumstances is predatory in nature in my opinion.  I have been an A+, on time paying customer for years.  I struggled to pay the full payment owed on my loan in August 2022, so I paid what I could afford at the time which was $360.  I informed Dollar Loan, Carson City, NV, that I would pay what I can afford, on time and in good faith. It means, the customer has all intent to pay and is trying in good faith to pay as much as they possibly can on time, while still trying to pay for COL, i.e. ; Cost of Living (For the basic necessities like food, shelter, utilities, medical, transportation, unexpected expenses or unforeseen circumstances, etc..)  I informed Dollar Loan, NV, that I became at least three months upside down in my finances and can pay what I can afford, till I catch up. They offered no alternative at first; like lowering the interest rate. I recently had moving expenses and a family emergency and cost of living increases. I paid $360 in August, 2022, then Dollar Loan assessed the interest at $595 the same day according to their records.  I printed it out from my online DLC account. Then when I tried to pay a good faith payment online Dollar Loan rejected the payment. I assume that the action of refusing a payment is against loan and banking laws nationwide. Now the online loan payment center is saying I owe a payment of $1,317.94. And it says that is due by the end of September 2022. Now the online port says current interest due is $843.23. The loan agreement says $19.73 per day. 30 days x $19 is less than $600. That's still tremendous. I see that my payment of $360 did not count for anything towards principle. I assume national or federal loan laws prohibit that greedy gouging as well. The site says my last payment was on 08/01/2022. 30 days ago. It says I have back interest of $231.75... So add $360 + $231.75, and you get $591.75. I am showing good faith to pay which is required by me. I am doing what is right under my current circumstances.  $658.97 is the payment on the loan agreement which "already includes the interest". DLC online is now saying I owe $1,317.94 on 09/30/2022 which is 30 days from today. *Any fair minded person can safely assume that action is greed and a premeditated predatory practice.  i.e. ; Interest compounded upon interest and expected to pay 30 days upfront?  Making it nearly impossible for any borrower to catch up.  And then Dollar Loan Center goes on to say, I owe an additional $992.90 in missed payments. My last payment date was 08/01/2022. Basically they are saying I owe $1,317.94 and I need to pay it in full or they won't accept my payment online.  Yet, the due date is not till 09/30/2022, according to the payment billing online.  How does DLC legally collect 30 days  interest up front? If I had paid that amount at that time, I would have been paying for "future interest" according to their calculations and the due date.  That does not match up with any loan laws that I know of.  It appears as premeditated and predatory in nature.  I never had a problem paying on time for years past, and even as an A+ customer, they want to rip me off like that.  I know my rights. I also don't think it's legal to charge interest on top of interest and/or, in advance.  Back interest according to Dollar Loan Center was $231.75 on 08/01/22 and payment with interest included for 09/2022 is $658.97. According to DLC math, even if I had paid a full payment of $591.75 in interest, only $66.22 would go towards principal.  Inasmuch as, 30 days ago I paid $360.00 which was even hard to afford as I struggle with this economy and increased prices and unforeseen circumstances, and I should owe $298.97 "which already included the interest" in the total monthly payment owed.  Nevertheless, DLC shows $0 was paid to interest in August 2022. Keep in mind, $658.97 is my monthly payment which "already includes the interest." But now DLC appears to compound interest upon interest!   Because, on 09/01/2022, according to DLC, the most I should owe on "DLC's own new due date of 09/30/2022 (end of the month) is $890.72, and that includes the "so-called back interest owed".  However, they are demanding payment upfront for a loan payment calculation based on a due date of 30 days from date of request.  If I were to pay the remaining owed from the last required payment, plus the regular payment, "even with total interest on both (including advance interest), on that date of inquiry, with DLC demand, the amount should be $1,189.69, which should bring me up to date, according to the determined DLC due date of September 30, 2022.  That amount is with DLC's interest. However, DLC shows $1.317.94 due today, and that's not right either, nor is the compounded advanced interest charged right. This is an obvious premeditated amount by DLC, to be "prepaid" 30 days in advance.  That's predatory lending. WHO PREPAYS interest? Compounded at that? In addition, shouldn't the DLC, have shown the next payment date as the 1st of November 2022? YES! Because, the agreed upon payment due date has always been on my payday of the first of the month, and given one grace day.  So there you go, another manipulation and shenanigan DLC is pulling off. They can now say that I am one day late and probably charge late fees on all future payments according to this new pay date of the 30th. How does DLC think they can get away with all this?  I am now paying my payments by phone #702-364-5626. A payment I can currently afford. So far they have not turned my payments down by phone. This is called "good faith to pay" when you owe someone and you do your best to pay what you can afford, due to unforeseen circumstances like inflation  and rising COL.

1 year ago

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Jesse Las Vegas, NV

Great product, quick and easy. I didnt have a single problem, but I also paid them back. Love to see bad reviews from people who didn't pay their loan lol.

3 years ago

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kkla South El Monte, CA

DLC (dont be broke) is TERRIBLE. Sincerely, please avoid them if at all possible. My circumstances are such that I earn a good income but an international custody suit has slaughtered me and I am out of the country frequently. DLC/DBB actually literally harasses me every single day calling my home, mobile and work numbers upwards of 5x/day. Yet, I cannot do a bank transfer; I cannot set up auto deduct; I cannot pay with a (bank-account attached) credit card; if they reject a new debit card as "unrecognized" they block you from using that card for another 24 hours. They overtly make it tremendously difficult to pay while simultaneously stalking you to pay. I've had to use other PD loans for last minute travel costs, etc and NONE of them are as aggressive as DLC nor as impossible to pay. It is appalling they back people into such a tight corner. CLEARLY, if they wanted us to be able to pay them, they would make it easier to pay them. Instead, they make it nearly impossible while accruing interest. I am actually taking another PD loan for the sole purpose of getting these barnacles off my broken back

4 years ago

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Ope Henderson, NV

Please avoid this creditor. They ruined my credit with their lies. Once they get caught, they fire the employees involved and bring new faces instead of giving them additional training on how to tell customers the truth. I borrowed 1200 and payed back over 3300 in 18 months. I had no knowledge my contract had expired because their employee told me a different expiration date just to take my money. I believed them and that was costly to me. I should have get the expiration dates in writing from them. My credit score dropped from over 600 to 560s because of dollar loan center even after I paid them off. Don't go to any high interest creditor that would report you to the credit bureau. You dont know what might happen to your finances.

4 years ago

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Peace Ade Henderson, NV

I wish I can give a zero rating. First their loan application is very very slow. Be prepared to spend about 45 mins for a loan application. Now to the story. Avoid this lender as much as possible. They are high interest, 199% apr, lender who report to credit bureau the good and the bad. With my good payment history, I requested payment extension by 2 weeks because of a little financial distress which was approved by their agent. When It was time to pay, I sent out my one payment and they rejected it. Saying I was supposed to make two payments. That wasn’t true, someone didn’t document my conversation. My payment piled up to 3 payments and I had trouble paying. Then they asked me to make a small payment to be able to arrange a smaller payment plan for a short time. I was happy. Meanwhile they never mentioned to me that a late payment will be reported to credit bureau even though they caused the problem and I’m working out repayment with them. Suddenly I got credit alert that dollar loan center reported a missed payment on my credit. I was shocked. I called them and they told me they won’t take it off. They said they may take it off after I pay all my debt. Who will believe an uncertain promise? They even fired the staff that rejected my money because I was told she no longer works there. So they want me to pay the cost of someone else’s mistake with my credit report. My credit dropped a lot of points like almost went down to nothing. Avoid these people so you don’t get screwed up like me.

5 years ago

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William G Jr Las Vegas, NV

Went in an applied for a signature loan. Agent said I could get pre-approved before I walk back home to get more info. She said I Qualified n upon returning back. She said there was a discrepancy that my records showed no Jr. in my info that she said wasn’t showing up in the Computer. She said had to back home n get my S.S. Card to prove who I am.. What a waste of my time.. Will never recommend this place ever. And she also very rude and 0 customer service...

5 years ago

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Peggy Miller Las Vegas, NV

As a senior was treated terrible I gave them all the things they ask for . Went through all of that then they turned us down because my husband didn't have his own email we use mine because I pay everything. What a waste of time and very rude.Now they have all of our information so they can sale it. And make money off of us. Beware of this company. They will screw you over.

6 years ago

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Phoebe A Burgher Las Vegas, NV

I applied online for a loan from this company and it was approved , but when I went into the store they said I didn't qualify. It was either a race thing or a dress code, I'm sure. I'm glad now that I didn't get the loan seeing the other reviews.

5 years ago

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I was in your store today and I had the worst customer service experience, from one of your employee She was like a ston , no people skills that was my last visit in that location Her name was Teressa and she was on flamingo and Durango location

7 years ago

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wayne hawthorne

Worst loan center ever!!! Worst commercial ever, nothing easy about loan machine.. It's a lie !! Worst customer service ever!! I'm from Vegas, customer service matters...dlc has the worst

1 year ago

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Mr Upset Reno, NV

I received a 1 week no interest offer. When I went in to get the loan, the contract had payments reflecting no discount of interest, and the manager refused to print an accurate contract. The bait and switch!

3 years ago

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john charles Aldrich Boise, ID

will not loan to bad credit . not worth the efort to go to to get a loan . worthless

6 months ago

star star star star star

Karl Kennedy Orem, UT

Dollar loan center was very friendly and helpful .

5 years ago