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Cash Central

Available in 24 States

Cash Central is an online lending company. Founded in 2005, they operate in 23 states and have several retail storefronts that are operated by an affiliate entity of Cash Central. Payday loans are available in 20 states.

The Good

  • Quick Loan Approval
  • No Fees for Extended Payment Plan
  • Customer Service

Quick Loan Approval

Cash Central makes it easy to handle your entire loan process online. If you prefer to call, they also have customer service agents who can answer questions over the phone. You will need a verifiable source of income, valid checking account, two current and valid telephone numbers, your social security number, and to be over 18 years old to apply for a Cash Central payday loan. Approval times are quick. You will know within minutes if you have been approved for a loan. The processing time for receiving funds is within one business day if the loan request is submitted and accepted before 7:45 pm ET Monday through Thursday. If the loan is submitted Friday, Saturday, or Sunday before 7:45 pm ET, funds will usually be deposited on the following Monday. Like other payday loan companies such as CashCall and Advance America, Cash Central debits your repayment, the loan amount, APR, and any associated fees, directly from your account on the specified day. The terms of the loans range from 2 to 4 weeks.

No Fees for Extended Payment Plan

Cash Central offers an Extended Payment Plan. However, there is no fee to use Cash Central's Extended Payment Plan. Many other payday loan companies charge for making extended payments, so this is a distinct benefit of Cash Central. You will need to request the Extended Payment Plan at least one business day before your payment is due. Cash Central will then split your amount owed into four equal payments due every two weeks. Your account will not go into collections for using the Extended Payment Plan as long as you keep up with your payments.

Customer Service

Cash Central's website offers several ways to contact them, and links are placed throughout the website if you have questions while browsing. Their Frequently Asked Questions section is where most of the payday loan information can be found. The information provided is clear and easy to understand. The fee map feature offers detailed information gives examples of loans for each state, including the APR, term, and finance charges. It also allows the borrower to adjust a loan amount and term to see what the possible repayment amount would be.

The Bad

  • High APRs
  • Possible Additional Fees
  • Defaulting

High APRs

Similar to other payday loan companies, Cash Central's APRs are high in comparison to other loan industries. For example, the fee estimator feature shows that an 18-day payday loan of $500.00 in Washington has a finance charge of $75, which would come out to an APR rate of 304.17%. Some states also have an additional fee added to loans, which ranges from $17.00-27.00 per $100.00 borrowed.

Possible Additional Fees

Borrowers will want to clarify all possible finance charges, APR rates and state fees before taking out a payday loan so they can ensure that they will be able to make their payments.


If you are unable to pay your loan on time, you are able to sign up for Cash Central's Extended Payment Plan with no additional fees. However, if you default on the Extended Payment Plan, your promissory note will come into collection and the entire remaining balance that you owe will be due all at once. This means that missing a payment could cause a much larger financial burden than just the cost of regular payments - you should make sure that you keep up with your regular payment schedule to avoid being forced to repay your debt in one large payment. Want to know which payday loan company is top rated? Click Here

The Bottom Line

Cash Central doesn't charge fees for their Extended Repayment Plan, which is a benefit to customers who need a little more time to pay back their debt but don't want to incur more. If you change your mind about your payday loan, Cash Central also lets you cancel your loan within one business day of receiving the funds. Cash Central could be helpful for those who are able to borrow responsibly and make regular payments.

APR Range greatly varies by state. Customers should be sure to take their time when looking into a loan with Cash Central as a lot of information is only available once you apply for a loan. Due to the lack information available with Cash Central, they are not a recommended company at this time.

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User Reviews


16 Reviews

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October 5th, 2017 Moncks Corner, SC

Possibly the worst company I've EVER encountered. I was approved for a loan on Thursday, September 28th. Because of the time of day I applied funds were supposed to be delivered Monday, October 2, 2017. Cool. Fast forward to Monday....nothing. I call and they tell me the funds were sent so they don't know what to do. Finally they tell me someone will trace the funds and get back to me.... NOTHING. It's now Wednesday and still nothing from these con artists. I log on to my account and everything was wiped. Loan doc, payment schedule, balance, everything was gone. THEN I get an email about fraudulent activities? The only fraud I see is being committed by Cash Central. I went to my bank to permanently block them from sending/taking money from my account. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE GOD AWFUL PEOPLE.

Joseph Zirkle
August 23rd, 2017

Been hung up on countless times at their customer service phone number, rude employes, not helpful at all with customer service

July 17th, 2017

Called the customer service line with a question about switching my account and the lady said she couldn't help me and when I asked why and told her I didn't understand why not she started yelling at me, literally yelling. Maybe they should hire people with actual common sense or patience for customer service.

June 23rd, 2017

Please before considering getting a payday loan with this company please think again and go else where . Yes I was approved and also had to extend my pay back but unfortunately my payment was returned due to a automatic payment I had set up so I was transferred to the corporate office and oh my god these people treat there customers like dogs.. This company is not willing to work with there customers in any way shape or form.. believe me I will NEVER do business with this company again. If it's not a do or die situation don't do business with this company...

Sonya Mauldin
June 2nd, 2017 Greenville, SC

I've been calling for almost two months to change my bank account information because I needed to close that account. They do not answer emails, the collections department doesn't answer the phone they actually ask to put you on hold then hangs up the phone, and they keep trying to draft out of an account that is closed then sending emails stating the payment bounced. I just wanted to pay my remaining balance on my account of $200 but since they will not answer the phone or reply back to an email the new balance owed is $332.00! Once I actually got a hold of someone to just pay the entire thing with my debit card to save from the hassle. I get a email 4 days later stating they tried to draft from the closed account AGAIN! DO NOT GET A LOAN FROM THIS PLACE!

February 27th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

Just a scam terrible company who take people's money. Like doing a deal with the devil! Someone please step up in America and help the little people

January 24th, 2017

I have used them 4 times in the past when money was tight. While they have quick fund delivery times for installment loans, the interest rates are beyond rediculous! My advice is pay them off as soon as possible. You wait a minimum of 30 mins before someone answers on the phone, just to put you on another hold while they verify things.

December 26th, 2016

Set up payment days like I was told so the company could get their money. They withdrew the money twice costing me overdrafts fees. Horrible.

October 6th, 2016 Houston, TX


Rico Rios
June 20th, 2016 Fresno, CA

Cash central is horrible. Their customer service is excruciatingly painful to go through. I would not recommend this service to anyone, it's quite malicious and takes advantage of those who are in need of money at a high intrest rate. Your better off going to a loan shark.

Sandy LeBlanc
June 17th, 2016 UT

Fraud. The following was sent to the Utah Attorney General about this company that was taking money out of our account. WE had no business with them. “I have had money unlawfully taken electronically as an ACH withdrawal from my checking account with USU Credit Union (recently purchased by Golden West). The theft was by Cash Central also known as Direct Financial Solutions. This business has confirmed that the money was "mistakenly" removed. The credit union has confirmed that the person removing the money was not on the account. Neither the credit union nor Cash Central will 1) provide the name of the thieving individual 2) an explanation of how this happened. Though Cash Central says a mistake was made in the thief's name by the business they refuse to refund the money stolen unless I provide additional personal information in the form of a bank statement-which I believe would simply provide more personal information for them to use to continue to steal. The Logan Police Department has been notified (case #XXX). They have spoken to Cash Central who thus far refuses to cooperate and provide the name of the thief. We desire to press charges against the business Cash Central, the thief, and the credit union that did not prevent the theft even though the name used was not on the account. Thank you for your assistance in this matter of fraud and identity theft.”

robert g searle
May 13th, 2016 Fremont, CA

On April 10, 2015, I received a cold call a person from Cash Central. Stating that, I had fraudulent activity on my application. I said I didn't file an application because I don't need any loans. They will send me information showing the fraudulent activity. I did give them my P O Box address, no phone number, SSN, or date of birth. I did go to my bank to confirm if they knew anything about Cash Central. Nothing showed at the bank. I received a mail from them POSTMARKED May 18 2015, 38 DAYS AFTER phone call. In it was a fraudulent activity letter dated April 10 2015, an installment loan agreement dated April 13, 2015, and a loan start date of May 5, 2015, an authorized represensive execution dated April 10, 2015. I did not authorize, request, or wanted a loan or I did not sign any contract. But an installment loan agreement dated April 13, 2015, was produced. Even when on April 10, 2015, Cash Central went through with the application, which I have never seen or initiated. The loan account was opened. The account should have been placed on a hold status, or have been marked “restricted” until all details have been confirmed. On March 3, 2016, I checked my Experian FICO Credit Report and found Cash Central, open an account on April 20, 2015, 10 DAYS AFTER phone call and 28 DAYS BEFORE receiving any information about the account without me knowing about it. Also with knowing there was fraudulent activity in question. The FACT is that the loan account open, I did not receive any loan money, account statements, any late notices, any certified mail, any phone calls, or had anyone knocking on my door. When the did have my correct mailing address since April 10, 2015. Removing this fraud from my Experian credit score is not easy.

Justin Lee Amos
September 28th, 2015 San Antonio, TX

Note: zero stars is the rating. They are a underhanded corporation. Payday loans are horribly, that is a fact. This company however, takes the cake. As you log in and fill out the pay day loan information and you agree to the amount you want it then takes you to a "refinance page". This page has a few sentences, a drop bar with 4, 3, 2, and 1. There is no zero option. Further, there is no "skip to complete loan". So you're forced to select 1 and then the terms of agreement page. The amount you show owing on the final page stays the amount you originally wanted (amount you request and the agreed upon fee). Then they charge you the fee twice over and tell you that you agreed to the refinancing of your loan. Be aware, nothing on the refinance page or there after shows a single thing about paying the original fee and a "refinance" fee. It simply says the loan amount and fee on all the final pages. All emails sent show one fee and the loan amount; there is no documentation of the fee. In the terms and agreements (somewhere between A and Z) there is a quote "listing of the refinance charges" but no sign in any email of two finance fees. I argues for 26 minutes with this company. End result, they're an underhanded company who bullies customers already financial struggling. I hope Bernie Sanders begins investigating loan companies such as yours very soon.

Gary Beasley
September 1st, 2015 La Vergne, TN

They advertise 100% Confident, secure and reliable. Seems to be a lie. I received the advance when they said I would get it. However, the day that I was scheduled to pay the money back they took double the payment that I was told via email and phone. I now have bank charges, plus the money I am out. My advance was $300, but they stole $705. If I am doing the math correctly that seems like 235%. When I contacted them about the issue all I get is delays tactics, while my bank continues to charge me. I have other bill that are coming in now and they will have bank charges added to them too.

June 4th, 2015 Houston, TX

I was a customer until last 5/22/2015, never will i use this service again, unbelievable hold times for any help, and poor customer service!

Carla J.
April 6th, 2015

Thank you for such an honest and accurate review of Cash Central. I am a current customer and know that this review is right on point. I have had to borrow from them several times due to heavier financial burdens during the winter months and I am finally beginning to see my way out of our winter financial "red zone" . I am also now able to turn a self taught hobby into what I hope to soon be a profitable part-time business and I owe it all to Cash Central. I also like the convenience of the transactions being handled either online or by phone.