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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

LegalDocs is a company that provides a wide variety of legal documents online for customers. These documents range in price from free to over $140 for paperwork that you can use to start your own business. A company called Amicus National, LLC, owns LegalDocs. The company is based out of Texas and was incorporated in 2010. According to Manta, Amicus National has a staff of 2 people. Their annual revenue is estimated at about $98,000.

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The Good

  • Services
  • Form Navigation
  • Form Description
  • Form Listings
  • Correct Form Identifier
  • Attorney Listings
  • LLC Documents
  • Document Preview


Legal Docs helps customers prepare legal forms and documents either after a download or directly online. After you finish editing the document, it is very easy to mail or email to attorneys, partners, or other parties. The price of each document depends upon its complexity. You can also view each document, in partial form, free of charge. Other benefits include:

Form Navigation

The forms are organized into different categories so that you can sort through them by how they are to be used. After you click on a category, you see the catalog of forms and a description of how each document can be used. More importantly, you can see the price of the form.

Form Description

Legal Docs provides a synopsis that goes along with each form. This was a link that was included in the product description. On each synopsis are all the components that the form includes. There are also "optional" sections, where it is explained why you might want to include or omit the provision of the document.

Form Listings

Another important feature of LegalDocs is the complete listing of all the documents available on the website. Additionally, there is also an explanation of how to use the website.

Correct Form Identifier

There is a failsafe in place to keep you from getting the wrong type of document. Before you purchase a document, you have the option of taking a questionnaire. This will tell you whether or not the document is appropriate for your particular needs. After the questionnaire is completed, the online form will automatically populate the information correctly.

Attorney Listings

There is a list of attorneys on the Legal Docs platform. Even though LegalDocs is not a legal service, there are attorneys listed on the website if you need a little bit of help after you have your forms in place. In the attorney listings, you will find their contact information, a complete background of their firm, as well as a link to their website.

LLC Documents

There is also the opportunity to get your LLC up and running with LegalDocs. The service costs $149.99 and you are taken to a third-party website called "LegalZoom." On the LegalDocs website, there isn't a form to help you get a trademark or patent set up, but "LegalZoom" lets you take care of this also. LegalZoom is listed as being copyright by LegalDocs. While you can get live help from LegalZoom for certain business needs, it is limited to the functions on their website.

Document Preview

There is an image of the doc on the screen, however you cannot copy and paste from it. There is enough of the document provided so that you can get a sense of whether the document is a good fit for your needs or not.


The Bad

  • Lack of Customer Support
  • Documents Cannot Be Reused

There are some issues with LegalDocs that appears to be standard across the board for legal document service providers. One of the concerns surrounding LegalDocs is the "fine print" which makes it hard to find the stipulations. In addition, there is not a lot of support on the website to help you find your best-fit legal document. Other drawbacks include:

Lack of Customer Support

There is not a lot of support on this website for technical support. If you accidentally download the wrong format of document or get the wrong form, the only offered support is an email form on the website. In addition, the LegalDocs website does go down from time-to-time. Another issue is that there are not any FAQ sections or a knowledge base.

Documents Cannot Be Reused

At least with other document providers, users are able to download and reuse the form as many times as they would like. Unfortunately, with LegalDocs, users are only permitted to use each document one time. This kind of gets a little bit redundant if you have to pay to use the tenant/landlord forms over and over again.


The Bottom Line

LegalDocs offers a number of beneficial services, but there are drawbacks that may keep prospective users from taking advantage of the platform. There is a lack of support and there are no FAQs to answer your questions. While the questionnaire can help you determine if the form fits your needs, it also edits the document for you. You also have to submit payment before you can see the document. There are better document-providing services out there that can better serve your simple legal needs.

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