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LAST UPDATED: December 6th, 2022

Founded in 1985 in Detroit as Rock Financial, Quicken Loans is the largest mortgage lender in the United States1. Quicken Loans originates loans through Rocket Mortgage®, an entirely online mortgage process, as well as Quicken Loans Mortgage Services, which partners with mortgage brokers and regional banks. Loan production is generated from web centers in Detroit, Cleveland, and Phoenix.


Attention: Quicken Loans changed its name to Rocket Mortgage. remains operational, but you will be directed to Rocket Mortgage to apply for a home loan.

Quicken Loans provides a number of loan options that accommodate first-time and seasoned home buyers, as well as those looking to refinance. The company is known for its online loan application process, Verified Approval℠, and loan term customization through the YOURgage loan option.

The majority of positive Quicken Loans reviews describe what a prospective borrower looks for in a lender: a quick, easy mortgage application process, fair loan terms, and competitive mortgage rates. However, make sure to browse over Quicken Loans negative reviews as well — Quicken Loans has slightly more complaints compared to other top mortgage lenders.

Overall, with a proactive Home Loan Expert, first-time buyers and experienced buyers can expect a positive consumer experience while pursuing an online mortgage with Rocket Mortgage®


The Good

  • Nationwide Service
  • Online Convenience
  • Streamlined Approval and Loan Process
  • Quicken Loans Good-Faith Deposit
  • PMI Advantage Program
  • Variety of Mortgage Loan Types
  • Financial Calculators
  • Up-to-Date Mortgage Rates
  • Mortgage Education Tools

Nationwide Service

Quicken Loans' mortgage products and services are available in all 50 states.

Online Convenience

Quicken Loans offers a convenient, online application process through Rocket Mortgage. In addition to a streamlined application process that syncs with your bank to give you the most accurate numbers, as well as a quick approval process, Rocket Mortgage offers home search service through its sister company, Rocket Homes®.

In addition, you can quickly search and be put in contact with a mortgage broker near you, if needed.

Streamlined Approval and Loan Process

Quicken Loans has a loan approval process that allows homebuyers to make an offer on a home quickly and competitively after submitting an application.

  • Prequalified Approval — Quicken Loans checks your credit. Based on that information, the company gives you and your real estate agent a prequalified approval letter showing how much you can borrow so you know how much home you can afford.
  • Verified Approval —  A Home Loan Expert checks your credit report history, verifies income and assets, and grants you a Verified Approval Letter within 24 hours of receiving all the required documents. This letter can give you a competitive edge in putting an offer on a house, since you are providing written proof that your finances are secure. If, for whatever reason, you don't close based on the company's review, Quicken Loans will pay you $1,000.
  • RateShield℠ Approval — This guarantee locks your qualifying interest rate for up to 90 days. The RateShieldSM Approval is available for a 30-year fixed-rate conventional loan, an FHA loan, or a VA loan. If rates go up, your rate stays the same. If rates go down, your rate drops. Either way, you win.

It should be noted that Quicken Loans reserves the right to cancel the RateShield Approval offer at any time and the RateShield Approval is not a commitment to lend applicants money.

The Quicken Loans' $1,000 Verified Approval guarantee only counts if your eligibility in the program does not change and the mortgage loan doesn't close and this offer does not apply to new purchase loans submitted through a mortgage broker.

If a loan fails to close for a reason outside of the company's control or you no longer want the loan, your participation in Verified Approval is discontinued.

Quicken Loans Good-Faith Deposit

Quicken Loans' mortgage process is enhanced by its deposit program. The deposit amount varies between $400 and $750 and can be paid using a credit card, debit card, or prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card and covers all lender fees associated with:

  • Pulling your credit report (to obtain a credit history from credit union sources)
  • Ordering an appraisal (hiring an independent, unbiased appraiser to determine the value of your home)
  • Processing your loan (reviewing and underwriting documentation, contacting insurance and title companies, and other potential costs to third parties)

Quicken Loans is transparent about exactly where the deposit money is going, especially in an industry where some lenders have taken advantage of borrowers by overcharging for the appraisal. And when you close on your home, all of your deposit money is credited to your total closing costs.

PMI Advantage Program

If you make a down payment less than 20 percent you will likely be required to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI) - a fee added to your monthly payment, potentially adding hundreds of dollars to your current payment amount. Most people can't afford to pay 20 percent down on a home purchase, so PMI is a common fee that many homeowners pay.

To help you reduce or eliminate your PMI payments, Quicken loans provides options to do so through its PMI Advantage Program. There are two options available:

  • Your interest rate will be raised slightly to cover the cost of PMI
  • Choose to pay your PMI as a one-time payment at closing

While these options don't necessarily remove your responsibility to pay PMI, they can help you reduce your monthly mortgage payment and save you money in the long run.

Variety of Mortgage Loan Types

All Quicken Loans mortgages have conditions and eligibility requirements. But some borrowers may have multiple options available to them. Quicken Loans offers the following loan types:

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loan — The monthly payment on these loans won't change. The interest rate stays the same for the life of the loan, so the payment only changes if taxes or insurance premiums do. These loans are available in terms from 8 to 30 years through Quicken Loans' exclusive YOURgage product. The benefit of a fixed-rate loan is predictability over the long term.
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loan — These loans offer a lower rate at the start of the term. The most popular options have either a 5-, 7-, or 10-year initial fixed-rate period. ARMs are a good option if you plan to sell your house or refinance before the initial fixed-rate period ends, although the homebuyer is qualified by considering the highest the payment could ever go, to make sure they can always afford the payment. There is also a limit to how much the interest rate can change each time it adjusts.
  • FHA Loan — The Federal Housing Administration backs loans with a down payment as low as 3.5%, and homebuyers can often roll closing costs into the loan. Borrowers who have lower credit scores or have experienced financial difficulties can often qualify for FHA-backed loans. And if you already have an FHA loan, you can refinance for a lower interest rate with FHA Streamline.
  • VA Loan — VA stands for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans, service members, and spouses can qualify for VA loans with a lower credit score and more debt compared to that of conventional loans. Most don't require an origination fee or down payment, and they often have lower interest rates. In addition to new purchase VA loans, Quicken Loans offers VA Streamline refinances and VA cash-out refinances.
  • Jumbo Loan — These products offer loans between $453,101 and $3 million, whereas conventional mortgages have a lower loan limit.

Financial Calculators

The Quicken Loans website features four helpful calculators:

  • Mortgage Calculator — Calculate monthly mortgage payments on the calculator based on today's rates
  • Affordability Calculator — Calculate how much home you can afford based on your income and debt
  • Amortization Calculator — See how your loan breaks down over time and how you can save money on interest by making extra payments
  • Refinance Calculator — Calculate your new monthly mortgage payment if you refinance

These tools are also accessible on the Rocket Mortgage app via the Apple store and Google Play. Using the app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, users can manage their mortgage and access the above tools and other resources on the go.

Up-to-Date Mortgage Rates

The Quicken Loans website displays daily updated mortgage rates, as well as a trend graph, displaying rate trends from as little as one week up to one year.

Since mortgage rates change daily and even hourly based on the market, prospective buyers can appreciate access to today's mortgage rate and APR information from Quicken Loans. Keep in mind that interest rates also vary based on each borrower's overall financial situation: FICO score, income, assets, the mortgage product type, loan-to-value ratio (LTV), and points due at closing.

Mortgage Education Tools

Quicken Loans equips first-time homebuyers with many helpful resources, including a comprehensive homebuyer's guide and refinance guide. The homebuyer's guide takes prospective borrowers through the following steps:

  • Preparing to buy a home
  • Exploring mortgage options
  • Getting approved
  • Working with an agent
  • Finding a home
  • How to make an offer
  • Preparing to close
  • Closing on your home
  • Managing your mortgage

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The Bad

  • No USDA Loans
  • No Construction Loans
  • No Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)
  • Quicken Loans Reviews

No USDA Loans

While Quicken Loans does offer a wide variety of mortgage loan options, including government-backed FHA and VA loans, it does not offer USDA loans. 

A USDA loan is made available by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and is a zero down payment mortgage option for those interested in purchasing a rural property. In addition, USDA loans may accept lower credit scores than conventional mortgage loans.

No Construction Loans

While the lender does have several mortgage options, you can't get a construction loan through Rocket Mortgage, nor can you finance a mobile or manufactured home.

No Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)

Quicken Loans does not offer a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) option, a secured form of credit through which a lender agrees to lend a certain amount secured by a borrower's home equity. 

HELOCs can be a good way to access extra cash to make home improvements, in turn increasing the value of your home. But, this form of credit can also be hazardous, as it can be easy to access more cash than you're able to pay back at a certain time.

Quicken Loans Reviews

Quicken Loans mortgage reviews are average in comparison to other top lenders, and vary widely in star rating — approximately half of customers award the company 5 stars, while the other half awards it only 1 star.

The most common glowing Quicken Loans mortgage reviews mention affordable rates, efficiency, and great customer service. On the other hand, the most common Quicken Loans Complaints are due to poor communication, organization, and transparency.

Due to the mixed reviews, make sure to read both the 1-star and 5-star Quicken Loans reviews below so that you can have a more complete picture of how the company interacts with its customers.


The Bottom Line

Quicken Loans is a widely known mortgage lender, providing a quick and easy application and approval process through its online Rocket Mortgage product. With entirely online services you may get to closing faster, but you can also speak and work with a Quicken Loans Home Loan Expert if you would prefer.

In addition to its Rocket Mortgage product, Quicken Loans offers many services and products to assist you throughout each phase of the mortgage process, such as the following:

  • YOURgage loan option — Customize your fixed loan term with the option to choose a term from 8 to 30 months.
  • Verified Approval — Part of the Rocket Mortgage® approval process that assures you have the money to buy your home by verifying your credit, income and assets. You will then be provided with a Verified Approval letter which can be shown to a home seller, giving you a competitive edge compared to other buyers because you can demonstrate that your finances are secure.
  • RateShield Approval — Part of the Rocket Mortgage® approval process that locks your qualifying interest rate up to 90 days.
  • Rocket Homes — A service provided to help you locate real-estate listings of interest near you.
    These products and services can provide you with greater peace of mind in today's competitive market.

Quicken Loans customer reviews scores are slightly above average with 3.5 out of 5 stars in all of our sentiment criteria. The majority of customers are pleased with their Quicken Loans experience, awarding the company 5 stars overall, but, on the other hand, a large portion of customers express dissatisfaction in their experience with the company.

Positive Quicken Loans reviews most often mention:

  • Reliable customer service
  • Quick and easy mortgage process
  • Competitive rates

Negative Quicken Loans reviews most often mention:

  • Poor communication
  • Lack of company transparency

We recommend taking time to read both positive and negative reviews to see if Quicken Loans would be the best choice for you.

There are lots of online lenders out there, but Quicken Loans has the online mortgage application and digital mortgage management system down to a science. And as far as user convenience goes, Quicken Loans is hard to beat with its completely-online mortgage application process.

First-time and experienced buyers alike can shop for mortgages, know their loan's status 24/7, manage their mortgage, and set their own time and place for closing from the comfort of home and the convenience of a phone or computer.

1Based on Quicken Loans data in comparison to public data records.

For J.D. Power award information, visit

Quicken Loans Inc.; NMLS #3030; Equal Housing Lender. Licensed in 50 states. AL License No. MC 20979, Control No. 100152352. AR, TX: 1050 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226-1906, (888) 474-0404; AZ: 1 N. Central Ave., Ste. 2000, Phoenix, AZ 85004, Mortgage Banker License #BK-0902939; CA: Licensed by Dept. of Business Oversight, under the CA Residential Mortgage Lending Act and Finance Lenders Law; CO: Regulated by the Division of Real Estate; GA: Residential Mortgage Licensee #11704; IL: Residential Mortgage Licensee #4127 – Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation; KS: Licensed Mortgage Company MC.0025309; MA: Mortgage Lender License #ML 3030; ME: Supervised Lender License; MN: Not an offer for a rate lock agreement; MS: Licensed by the MS Dept. of Banking and Consumer Finance; NH: Licensed by the NH Banking Dept., #6743MB; NV: License #626; NJ: New Jersey – Quicken Loans Inc., 1050 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226, (888) 474-0404, Licensed by the N.J. Department of Banking and Insurance.; NY: Licensed Mortgage Banker – NYS Banking Dept.; OH: MB 850076; OR: License #ML-1387; PA: Licensed by the Dept. of Banking – License #21430; RI: Licensed Lender; WA: Consumer Loan Company

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Carl Thompson Owings Mills, MD

My problem is mainly with the settlement company Amrock. They gave the wrong checking account number for my deposit. It took several hours to correct the mistake. This caused me several problems. They sent me a twenty five dollar card. Return check charge from my bank is $35.00 . My treatment was not good it was like I was bothering them when they were the ones who made the mistake.

9 months ago

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Steve Massey Plano, TX

Although the rates were great and origination/loan officer was great, the PROCESS is unfriendly for many older borrowers who might be less “tech” savvy. Also, the process encumbered the applicant (me) to coordinate communication between operating groups. I heard too many times, “you’ll need to talk to your Loan Officer…”. NO! Talk amongst yourselves and address my question or issue. Finally, sometimes your process assigns a “to do” to the applicant, yet it falls outside allowables. For example, I received a request for wire instructions for “cash out”, but the amount exceeded Quicken’s /Rocket’s allowance to do it online! I should NOT have received the task online and couldn’t remove it from my to do’s??? And why does this reply auto-populate with “Amazing”. That is NOT my reply!

1 year ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Mark Bower Breckenridge, CO

This was my 3rd re-finance with Quicken loans. While their people were always polite on the phone, everything was met with bureaucratic impersonality and slow service. My initial contact person sprinkled his conversation with religious references ("have a blessed day!" "Bless you!") that might be well-received in his social circles but are not my way of doing business. Although I am well-known from three prior finances, the demands for documents were endless. I sent everything quickly. Then, a month later, they would say "Your documents are more than thirty days old. Please send fresh documents!" That happened three times! It took 5 months. We closed, eventually, but it was a long, slow, unpleasant haul. NOT recommended.

1 year ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

KReeder Jamaica, NY

Dealing with Quicken Loans reminds me of the expression that ". . . in the desert, the voice of God and the devil are barely indistinguishable". Their tactics are seemingly very friendly and concerned and helpful but only mask the bulldozer tactics that quickly get you to lock in a loan the for the maximum amount and highest interest rate leaving little time to really think through the process. It's a similar approach as taken by car salesman. It is only an impression of helping. I've been through the process twice and again recently after making an innocent inquiry into lowering my interest rate. This inquiry resulted in my credit score being decreased by 20 points. Then a different loan officer calls and interrogates me about my expenses and then I was sent a mortgage application which I did not initiate. I will not deal with Quicken in the future.

2 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Lisa Wolfe Port Orange, FL

I would never use this company again. You start out with one person saying they are going to handle your loan from start to finish. however, that is not true. they will have a "team" of people bombarding you with calls and emails. it was so ridiculous. one hand never knew what the other was doing. they charged us $500 for an appraisal on a house we never got! no, they do not refund your money. their rates are competitive but their loan costs are higher than other places. we got a much better deal elsewhere but if they had not driven us crazy with all the calls n emails, we would have stuck with them. and we would have wasted more money.

3 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Debra reed Durham, NC

They are merciless when it comes to annoying calls. They blow my work phone and my mobile phone up even though I tell them I'm not interested in refinancing. DO NOT GO ON THEIR WEBSITE and leave your email address or your phone number, they will not leave you alone, even after I've politely asked them a number of times to stop calling , however they choose to ignore my request. BTW I am a current customer of Quicken Loand

2 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Kevin Hendry Fort Lauderdale, FL

started process in Jan 2019 ,after 6 months ,multiple repeat upload of requested documents ,they continued to drag their feet, lost 500 dollars on appraisal fees , worst experience I have ever had!! Steer away from this company ,

2 years ago


Review Source

star star star_border star_border star_border

Jim Ballantyne Slidell, LA

The rates they offered were pretty good. The problem was that they strung me along for 2 months on a refinance. It was a constant give us more information and give repeatedly. After two months, there was no more communication. FYI, I have a 800+ credit rating so it wasn't credit problems, they just dropped the ball. It happened twice about 4 years apart on two different properties. Each time I got handed of several times to new loan managers. I believe there might be a high turnover at this level. Both times, I ended getting serviced in half the time by other companies

2 years ago


Review Source

star star star_border star_border star_border

Laura Washington Augusta, GA

I reached out to the them in reference to a home loan. They seemed to be dragging their feet and was becoming unresponsive. My realtor became frustrated and she referred me to a local lender. It was smooth sailing after that.

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star_border star_border star_border

C Hall Richmond, VA

Quicken Loans is easy to get in the door and review options and rates, but they hound you with offers as soon as you hit submit on your application and information. I often felt pressured to proceed even after repeatedly saying that I was uncomfortable.

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star_border star_border star_border

Katie W-V Phoenix, AZ

Their loan officer was not well versed in home loans which was very frustrating. They made multiple mistakes on my application and loan documents that I had to constantly be correcting. I would not recommend then.

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star_border star_border star_border

Emrakul Seattle, WA

Customer service was great, but the interest rates were misleading. We wound up paying high double digits in interest. Interest is very high

9 months ago

star star star_border star_border star_border


Too high closing costs. Always asking for more information and hard to get a hold of after you are into the process.

2 years ago


Review Source

star star star_border star_border star_border

Grace R Hesperia, CA

Quicken loans rates are great!! The communication is horrible and they lose items. The upload never works and it is frustrating

1 year ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

courtney tennant Salem, VA

Quicken Loans cheated me on my interest percentages and the customer service is very slow

1 year ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Wayne Ogburn Hot Springs National Park, AR

The processing of the initial loan was tediously slow, they didn't communicate well or regularly.

2 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Robert Hay

Make promises that are not true, lead you to false Hope's on obtaining a mortgage

2 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Larry. F

I was very disappointed in the service. High pressure to sign the loan

2 years ago