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LAST UPDATED: October 26th, 2023

Provident Funding is a direct lender that has cultivated a customer-oriented culture. With offices throughout the United States, the company has a firm commitment to a low-cost structure to deliver industry-leading rates. 

Company Highlights

  • One of the largest privately-held mortgage companies in the United States
  • Funded over $330 billion over the past 20 years
  • $60 billion mortgage servicing portfolio serving over 350,000 customers nationwide
  • Named “one of the best-managed mortgage firms in the U.S.” by the National Mortgage News

Provident Funding also hires highly trained mortgage consultants and servicing analysts to help make the loan process simple and transparent. 

*Provident Funding Associates, L.P. is a licensed residential mortgage lender approved by HUD/FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac and by applicable state agencies

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Chris Blairsville, GA

This company makes a lot of money charging their customers late fees!!! I read through many other reviews stating the same thing. This company seems to be strategic with the “system glitches”, multiple steps before actually finalizing payment, and so on. We’ve always made payments and haven’t had issues with our lenders when it comes to us making payments. Be aware that they have a two step verification when paying your loan. I am getting familiar with their system since my lender sold my loan to them without notice!!! I had automatic payments being made with my previous lender. I Saw the letter from this lender thinking it was junk I tossed it. I received another one and opened to find out my loan was sold to them. They charged me $32.66 for a late fee! They said they gave me a 60 day period to remove any late fees since many people don’t know their loan has been sold to them!!! They talked about their policy and being without compliance. This is not the standard way that many lenders operate. After the 60 day period they don’t offer any grace. Stay far away from this company if you don’t want to have a lender that offers no grace on paying your bill only a little late bc you’re getting familiar with their system. I can see if late payments were a repeated issue. Which is actually becoming more prevalent as the economy changes. This company will possibly be a nightmare for anyone that’s experiencing financial hardships. Btw, Make sure you hit the second prompt to make sure your payment went through. I wouldn’t let your lender sell your loan to this company like mine did! It’s awful that you don’t have control over this.

1 month ago

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Alba Santiago Winter Garden, FL

Definitely a NO-NO. My loan was sold to this low rated business. Unfortunately, they don’t offer bi-weekly payments. I had to pay over $4k to my previous lender 3 months ago to have the biweekly set up and now my loan was sold to Provident Funding who doesn’t offer that service. Not a decent way to make business.

2 months ago


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Arif Hussain Chandler, AZ

I had provident funding for more than 8 yrs. Refinanced multiple times and the process was very easy and kept me informed throughout the application process. I have also dealt with customer service and staff and they provided professional and friendly service

1 year ago


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Luke Swierczynski Troy, MI

I'll give provident three stars because they were truly the best price in the market by what I would consider a fairly substantial process. HOWEVER* they are so freaking slow! I started a refinance process with them a while ago and it was delayed for so long I ended up taking a quote from another lender and canceling my loan with them. If you absolutely need the price this place has some generally good rates, but you will pay for it with your time and anxiousness waiting to finish the process with them. If you have the time and don't want the process to be over quick but want the absolute best rate come here. If you're fine spending slightly more go elsewhere and have the headache over with quickly.

2 years ago Edited February 2, 2022

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Natalie Mapleton, UT

I have been a model customer for many years, with never a late or missed payment. When making my most recent payment, a system glitch or mouse malfunction resulted in my payment not being "submitted." I thought my payment had gone through and was surprised to receive a notice with a hefty late fee. I called and explained the situation to the rep and requested reversal of the reverse the fee. My request was denied. Harsh policy for a company that has greatly benefited from my business over the years. No customer service. Avoid them if possible.

4 years ago


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Russell Vastine Aurora, CO

Used them to buy my first house. They made it fast and easy I was able to get everything I needed to close in record time.

2 years ago

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Michael Patterson

They haven't caused me any issues and their online payment service is excellent.

5 years ago