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LAST UPDATED: October 16th, 2020

MJS Financial is a family-owned mortgage lender in Florida that has been issuing home loans for more than 15 years. Its small brokerage allows for it to personalize the loan experience and lower overhead costs, unlike its national competitors.

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The Good

  • FHA Approved Lender
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Home Value Appraiser

FHA Approved Lender

MJS Financial is a Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae approved lender. This means that the government has given MJS Financial approval to issue subsidized loan products to its customers, such as an FHA loan.

An FHA loan makes it possible for those that need extra financial assistance to begin their home owning journey. With an FHA loan, you can put down as little at 3.5 percent of the down payment, plus you only need a credit score of 580. You could even have a credit score as low as 500 if you are able to provide a down payment of 10 percent.

Not all lenders are FHA approved lenders, making MJS Financial a great option if you can’t put down a large down payment or if you have a lower credit score.

Personalized Customer Service

Due to the nature of MJS Financial being a small, family-owned business, you can expect personalized customer service. Its reps will be able to give you more personalized attention in comparison to nationwide lenders that have thousands of loans to manage.

The company is committed to being honest, transparent, and trustworthy through the relationships that it builds with the customers. You can expect direct and easy communication with its agents. If it is important to you to have extra assistance during the home loan process, then MJS Financial is a great option. 

Home Value Appraiser

Something unique that not many lenders offer is a home value appraiser tool. On the MJS Financial website, you will be able to easily look up the estimated value of your home or homes in a specific neighborhood. This will allow you to understand what your home may sell for, giving you a better idea of what you may be able to afford when purchasing a new home.


The Bad

  • Limited Loan Products

Limited Loan Products

Most lenders will have at least five different loan options available, with many lenders offering more options than that. Unfortunately, MJS Financial only has two main loan products available — conventional loans and FHA loans. 

While this does cater to a majority of individuals, those seeking specialty loans will not likely be able to have their needs met with the options that MJS Financial offers.


The Bottom Line

MJS Financial is a great home loan option if you are looking to purchase a home in the state of Florida with a conventional loan or an FHA loan. You’ll also likely enjoy the personalized customer service and attention that you’ll receive from this long-time, family-owned lender.

If you are wanting a specialty loan or refinancing option, then it is recommended that you keep looking for another lender that offers more than a conventional or FHA loan.

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