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LAST UPDATED: October 18th, 2023

Founded in 1997, eLEND is a home loan lender that offers a variety of financing options. It aims to provide mortgage options for nearly any kind of borrower, especially those who need extra financial assistance. eLEND offers a wide variety of affordable home financing options in comparison to other lenders.

eLEND is also dedicated to making the loan process smooth and transparent for its borrowers through its integrated technology. You can expect to conveniently go through much of the loan process online.

If you want to hear what borrowers are saying about their lending experience, check out the eLEND mortgage reviews below.

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The Good

  • Variety of Loan Options
  • Loans with Financial Assistance
  • Online Resources

Variety of Loan Options

eLEND has a wide variety of home loan options that make it easy for a variety of home buyers to find just the right loan. All of its loan options include the following:

  • Fixed rate mortgage
  • Adjustable rate mortgage
  • VA loan
  • FHA loan
  • USDA loan
  • Renovation loan
  • Disaster loan

The most notable of these home loans are the renovation loan and the disaster loan. Most lenders do not offer either of these options, making them valuable if they fit your needs.

If you are a looking to buy a fixer-upper, either to live in or sell as an investment property, eLEND makes it easy to finance through its renovation loan. The renovation loan combines the cost of the home loan and the potential renovation costs into one loan. This means that you won't have to worry about paying out-of-pocket renovation expenses. You'll be able to conveniently access cash from your renovation loan.

The disaster loan is designed to help those whose homes have been damaged in a Presidentially Designated Major Disaster Area (PDMDA) due to unavoidable causes. With this loan you can receive up to 100 percent financing on a new home — you'll only need to pay closing costs and any additional service fees. If you do not qualify for an FHA loan and you do live in a PDMDA, then this disaster loan is a great option.

Loans with Financial Assistance

eLEND offers a program called the DPA advantage. This program aims to help with down payment assistance, making the home-owning experience more accessible.

The eLEND DPA advantage is catered to daily heros of local communities. The following types of local heroes qualify for the extra financial assistance:

  • Teachers
  • Civil servant in a federal, state, or local municipality
  • Medical personnel
  • First responders and police officers
  • Military personnel

It is not very common for mortgage lenders to offer this kind of a unique program for so many different types of individuals. If you were, or currently fill the role of one of the occupations listed, then reach out to one of eLEND's representatives to learn more about its down payment assistance program.

Online Resources

eLEND has a number of online resources to help homebuyers before and during the mortgage process. You'll be able to do a number of things through eLEND's online portal, such as apply for a loan, compare mortgage rates, and manage your loan.

This virtual portal makes the loan process transparent and allows you to stay in the loop from start to finish. In addition to managing the progress of your loan, eLEND offers a number of educational resources, checklists, and calculators that can better inform you about the mortgage process. Local lenders typically don't have as many digital resources for borrowers, making eLEND a great option if you value technology integration during the loan process.


The Bad

  • Limited Reviews

Limited Reviews

eLEND reviews are limited, making it difficult to know much about the customer experience. Limited information regarding customer satisfaction can be worrisome to consumers looking to finance a home through eLEND.

For that reason, it is wise to compare eLEND to some of the other top rated mortgage lenders on our site.

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The Bottom Line

If you are a home buyer looking for extra financial assistance, eLEND can offer you more options than most other lenders. Its affordable home financing options make homeownership attainable, especially for those who hold certain occupations and qualify for the DPA advantage.

In addition, if you are looking to buy a fixer-upper, then eLEND is one of the few mortgage brokers that lets you finance the cost of your home and potential renovations into one payment. If this is something that you are looking into, then we would recommend looking into eLEND's specific mortgage program.

Check out the eLEND mortgage reviews below to see what borrowers have said about the customer service, loan application process, interest rates and fees, and the overall customer experience.

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stephenhwyatt Picayune, MS

Wish I could make 0 stars. They were constantly asking for documentation that I had already provided and as a result had to extend this application (they charged me over $600 for each extension). Hard to reach anyone and it seems they have no desire to do business with anyone. I will never do business with them again.

1 month ago

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Morris Dickerson Homosassa, FL

I just completed a refi through elend. The loan was fha, a lot of hoops to jump through, but it was not that difficult. First time dealing with fha, but I read online that this pretty normal. Only problem was that they first had the loan as a cash out, which it was not. Once this was addressed, rest went smoothly. Loan closed, the numbers were pretty much as quoted, no ugly surprises. Linda done the loan application, very informative and answered all of my questions. Erika was my loan officer, kept me informed, and addressed all questions or concerns. I would use them again, but would not go fha. MD

2 years ago

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Elending financial is a scam company. I have not received loan after paying my premium loan insurance as promised the women that secured the loan with my 800.00 is on maternity leave apparently the guy talking to me now from company claims I must pay taxes on the insurance after Jessica H the rep I first spoke with said the loan was already processed and would be received in my account between 6pm and 9pm Sunday evening. Today is Monday and I'm still waiting for answers. He keeps putting me off with call me back in an hour now the bs about taxes why would I pay them more money when I have a contract that only mentions insurance policy of 800.00 SCAM COMPANY I will revise a new review once I settle this matter

5 years ago

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wing leung Boston, MA

I started a refinance on a condo at the end of March and closed at the beginning of August with American Financial doing business as eLend; it took over 4 months for my loan to close. This is unheard of. To be fair, eLend was ready to close by the end of July, but I was away on vacation, so they charged me points to extend my rate in order to able to close when I got back. Speaking of vacation, I had told them in May that I was going away in July. No one cared. I never thought it would have to take so long, but I told them anyway just in case. So in July a few days before my international trip, I told my loan officer, Lorraine, that I needed a power-of-attorney so that my brother could sign the papers on my behalf while I was away. She said it was no problem. Come the morning of the day I was leaving, still no POA. She eventually sent it to me after 4PM when I was on route to the airport. I could see in the email that the POA was sent to her before noon. Her excuse was that she was in a meeting. This is how incompetent they are. Knowing that I'm leaving the country and have to get a POA notarized before leaving, she still couldn't get important paper to me on time. Frankly, she didn't care. While I was away, they miraculously were ready to close, so they charged me points to push the closing back a week. Also, my loan took so long that the rate had dropped during the 4 month period. I asked about the "free" float down, which they heavily advertised while I was loan shopping - a float down is when they lower the rate of the loan because the federal interest rate dropped. I was denied a float down not because the rate hadn't dropped enough to warrant a float down, but because they had extended my original rate as a courtesy. Mind you, the lock rate was only good for 30 days. So after every 30 days, they had to give me a "courtesy" extension of the loan rate because it was no fault of mine that the loan wasn't moving. So how does one get a float down if it's more beneficial to them to just extend my lock rate? This is false advertising. They also charged me $695 for a home inspection and on the Good Faith Estimate, it clearly said $550. When I asked about it, no one even responded. On my closing papers, the inspection cost went up to $695 to match what they charged me. The inspection cost should never change. This is a fixed cost. I even complained to eLend's customer service and to a different loan officer because my own loan officer went on vacation. The case was supposedly reported to management. Guess what the response was? That's right, nothing. As in, there was not even a reply acknowledging the situation. The only reason I ended closing with them is because they had already taken $1000 from me between the home inspection cost and condo questionnaire cost. That is how they get you. Give you a good rate, get the inspection done immediately - so you're already financially invested, then drag it on to see where they can sneak in more fees. There are some majorly deceptive practices going on here. Bottom line, DO NOT GET A LOAN FROM ELEND OR AMERICAN FINANCIAL.

7 years ago

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W J Alexander, AR

By far the most unpleasant experience I've ever had with a mortgage company. The people I worked with on providing conditionals repeatedly acted like they didn't have a clue what they were doing. They contradicted themselves over and over. They could never actually nail down a firm number of what the loan, fees, and down payment would cost. I don't normally leave critical reviews, but I had over 50 hrs and 6 months of work put into a loan that was no closer to closing than day 1 of the conditional approval.

5 years ago

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Tony Jacksonville, FL

On 2017 reached to elend as a 1st time home buyer it started out grate .tell told me I need sale my car before they are able too do the loan.i did as they asked .it's sad how they play games with you.they ask questions they want. Nothing you say matter to them I'm out my and $600 for appraisal which I not got a copy of elend is very evil and none trust worthy. Please stay away from elend

5 years ago

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Rich M Chester, SC

don't use this company iam in the process for a refi right now and all I get is a run around told I would close last month and now maybe next month and then a email maybe not approved and I got plenty of income and home appraisal is good just some bull line iam getting to register my double wide HOME with the Dept of motor vechiles ( DMV ) ? and DMV says they have nothing to do with home being registered with them

7 years ago

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JB A Moncks Corner, SC

This company is a joke of a company. I get told a problem with getting my loan and ask for solutions. The answer I got was a refund of my appraisal fee and deactivation of my loan application process. No guidance or options. No we're terminating your application. Nothing. Absolutely terrible customer service.

2 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star_border

Fernando Lawton, OK

Approval took a while but the rates were good.

2 years ago