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LAST UPDATED: June 3rd, 2022

CIS Home Loans is a full-service mortgage bank with over 25 years of experience in the industry— CIS stands for Character, Integrity, and Service. The company works to help its customers achieve their goals of homeownership in 49 states and Puerto Rico.

CIS Home loans specializes in manufactured and modular home financing, but also offers financing services for traditional, site-built homes.

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The Good

  • Wide Selection of Loan Products
  • Loan Options for Manufactured Homes
  • Online Account Management

Wide Selection of Loan Products

CIS Home Loans offers several home loan options for its customers to choose from, including:

  • Fixed-rate mortgages
  • Adjustable-rate mortgages
  • FHA loans
  • VA loans
  • USDA loans

Borrowers can go online and get pre-qualified for a loan as well as apply for its down payment assistance program. Down payment assistance is not always offered by mortgage lenders, CIS Home Loans can greatly benefit those that are first time or low-income homebuyers. Assistance is not guaranteed, speak with one of its representatives for more information on its qualifications.

Loan Options for Manufactured Homes

CIS Home Loans is one of the few mortgage lenders that offers financing options specifically for manufactured and modular homes. The three loan options are USDA, FHA, and conventional loans.

It is difficult to secure a traditional home loan for a manufactured home so hving three financing options to choose from for a manufactured home loan is a huge bonus to those looking for this type of home.

Online Account Management

Borrowers can access and manage their mortgage accounts online. Through the online account management system customers can:

  • Make payments
  • View loan balance
  • Request payoff statements
  • View escrow accounts
  • Access 1098 forms

This feature is a huge bonus, borrowers will not have to stay in the dark when it comes to their mortgage. Everything will be accessible online, helping build transparency and trust between borrowers and CIS Home Loans.


The Bad

  • No Mobile App 

No Mobile App 

Although the company does have an online account management system, there is no company-specific mobile app available at this time. Some competitors offer apps that allow customers to find loan officers, contact local real estate agents, and manage their mortgage on-the-go. 


The Bottom Line

CIS Home Loans is an approved Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, FHA, VA and USDA loan lender that provides a wide selection of loan products. However, it does not provide any interest rate estimates or ranges online, making it difficult to compare its affordability with other mortgage companies.

Those that are in the market for manufactured homes will find CIS Home Loans to be especially beneficial. Use its online mortgage calculator or talk to a representative to see if CIS Home Loans is right for you.

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Alex Covert Brentwood, TN

CIS Home Loans is a company that focuses on taking care of their customers and their employees. They have a rich culture focused on self improvement and giving back to the community. I have worked for them as a contractor and I have had nothing but positive experiences with their employees. I would highly recommend CIS as a loan provider!

5 years ago

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Devin Tang Fountain Valley, CA

The underwriter Aaron lacks any real experience. If you have very simple tax returns, CIS may be helpful. But he doesn't understand the concept of add-back depreciation. When you own rental property, you can depreciate the property for tax purposes. When you apply for a loan, you're supposed to add back that depreciation because it's not a real expense. We've closed on at least 4 deals this past year without this being an issue. We inquired with CIS because this was our first manufactured home purchase. We were saddened that despite running our credit (810), they were unable to perform. We are working with a different lender, who has officially pre-approved us.

1 year ago

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Tisha Wiilliams Greenville, NC

If I could put a "0". Customer Service is none existing. The loan officer assigned didn't have access to my application. I had no problem with the loan officer. It was the lack of communication and inaccuracies of the description of services offered on their website. It seems they were finding every excuse to find a reason not to approve. It's a blessing that it was denied. I don't want to deal with incompetent communication. Beware: they will say they called you and ask for more information, the truth they never called me. I had to called them 3 times to get someone. I almost thought I was calling a group of people sitting in a warehouse. People are not always disgruntle when there is a denial, but respectable communication would've sufficed.

1 year ago

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Shaide McGuyer Town Creek, AL

WORST COMPANY EVER!!!! We went with them because we were doing an FHA loan. They were absolutely horrible. they wanted a new document everyday and then it wasn't good enough for them. Their underwriter is HORRIBLE and don't think you will ever get to speak with him directly, that is obviously NOT allowed. Anyways, after 2 months of complete bull crap, we switched to 21st mortgage and our house price automatically went down 20k...we called our lender and asked him how that happened...CIS WAS CHARGING US THAT FOR CLOSING but was factored in so you wouldn't notice!!!! I am happy to announce that we are closing with 21st in LESS THAN A MONTH since we switched to them! THEY ARE GREAT!

3 years ago

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Polly C Murfreesboro, TN

Horrible customer service, and if you call you get snarky people. They want me to do their job and find my hazzard insurance policy? Really I’m on disability and have given them my HOA as this is where the hazzard insurance from, even the HOA has called them but I get a nasty letter each month, today though I got a huge packet from them informing me that they will be providing me their hazzard insurance which is a lot more than I pay now. On the ironic side my insurance company emailed me to let me know they were canceling my homeowners insurance for not paying, although the mortgage invoice says that they pay it, it’s worked into the mortgage. This is all been stressful which is. Totally unnecessary. As soon as I can I’m going to get a new mortgage company.

4 years ago

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Terrical K Collins

The absolute worst ordeal I have ever encountered in LIFE. I have lived on an emotional roller coaster for the last 4weeks dealing with this company. From having high hopes of becoming a homeowner, providing every single shred of my life to them upon their request in a timely fashion, til TODAY to ultimately be told NO after being told yes I was approved 72hours ago. Although I must say hearing NO was a relief to hear being as though it was the 1 and only TRUE THING that came out of anyone's mouth at this company. If your thinking about dealing, PLEASE DO NOT!....YOU WILL NOT BECOME A HOMEOWNER BY WAY OF THIS COMPANY!!!

6 years ago

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Alyson Stroh Wiggins, MS

Absolute the WORST company in this business. Currently buying a home and using this company as a lender. They told us we would have our loan in 30 days. This lender is supposedly in the hands of Brooks Clark and Morgan. We have had to push our closing back 3 times and don't even know if we're even getting our loan now. Each week we get another phone cal saying that they need another document that they forgot to tell us about and then once we send it we don't get ANY replies on if it was the right document or if it was filled out right. I would not recommend these idiots to my worst enemy. They have completely ruined the home buying experience for us.

6 years ago

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Unhappy CIS Customer Midland, MI

Extremely inconvenient to pay bills with. The only way you can pay your bill without being charged is by snail mail and a check. Customer service does not care at all that this is an issue with their customers. The company is passing on costs to the consumer and could care less despite the fact that they are making thousands off of them. My loan was bought by CIS. I would never give this company my business of my own choice and will be refinancing. Consider other options before giving your business to this company. The website is useless, offers no security (no password???) and no information is available about your much you owe, where your payment is going, escrow, taxes, insurance. It's all a mystery until you get a notice in the mail that is not user friendly at all. It is 2016, not 1956. This information should all be available online. Bonnie is customer service is a real treat too. If you weren't pissed off before you called, you will be shortly after. I swear this company is being ran out of someones living room. I'd give it a zero but I suppose they have managed to report my payments to the credit bureaus accurately.

6 years ago

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Neveragain Altoona, AL

I gave 1 star, they deserve less than that. I've got an fha home loan thru them. They fee u to death, everything is a new fee. They charge u 2 do there job. And omg, Whatever you do dont let yourself be 1 day late with your mortgage payment. They will call and email harass u 2 death till they get it. And they ask you the same dumbass questions when they call. I've a fha home loan and its the governments money i borrowed but they act as if i borrowed directly from them. $20.00 fee to be 2 days late with mortgage, omg. Refinancing with someone new as soon as i can afford to.

5 years ago

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Stephan John Wilmington, NC

Poor management, unable to speak with someone in management now for 2 weeks, after being given inaccurate information by a worker at the company named Amy H. I would highly recommend steering away from this company. Our next mortgage servicer was much better, and I regret having used this company.

1 year ago

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Chad Blaeuer Lakeland, FL

This company will harass and terrorize you for being a little late. And if you have an insurance claim on your property they will make it as difficult as possible I have been waiting 3 months for a simple roof repair that they refuse to pay for used to pay for somehow they think it's their right to screw over their customers

1 year ago

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Tony M Cropper Stony Creek, VA

I haven’t had any problems with this mortgage company. VA loan and payment comes direct from my bank account each month plus escrow

4 years ago

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I am thinking of cancelling my service from this company soon! No transparency. Mortgage will increase without you knowing it.

6 years ago