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LAST UPDATED: December 1st, 2023

Academy Mortgage is a direct lender that processes, underwrites, closes, and funds all loans in-house. This means that Academy Mortgage will be more likely to offer competitive mortgage rates and speedy financing since it does not need to go through other mortgage lenders to obtain loans for its customers.

Academy Mortgage is licensed to originate loans in 49 states and Washington, D.C. It has over 260 branch offices across the country.


Highlight: Academy Mortgage awards and achievements

  • Utah Best of State Mortgage Banking 3 Years in a Row
  • #1-Rated Lender on Zillow

Continue reading for a full review of this mortgage company, and Academy Mortgage reviews from real customers.


The Good

Direct Lender

As a direct mortgage lender, Academy Mortgage is able to provide affordable loan services in a timely manner. Direct lending companies can reduce overhead costs and time because they do not rely on other mortgage companies to fund loans for their customers.

Academy Mortgage Corporation claims that its average closing times are significantly faster than the competition and this claim is supported by the fact that it is a direct lending company.

Variety of Loan Types

Academy Mortgage provides a wide variety of loan options in order to adequately serve each unique client. The company offers the following loan types and services: 

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgage (also known as a conventional loan)
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)
  • FHA Loan
  • VA Loan
  • USDA Rural Housing Loan 
  • FHA 203(k) Renovation Loan (includes costs to repair and remodel a property)
  • Jumbo Loan
  • State Housing Loan
  • Refinancing Loan
  • Builder Loan
  • GSFA Platinum Program (a loan solution and grant program for California residents)
  • Reverse mortgage

To help you choose which loan type is best for you, Academy Mortgage has a loan decision tool, allowing you to choose the circumstances that most closely describe you (eg. "I want a low down payment", "I want to live outside the city", or "I'm a first-time homebuyer") and then match you with the loan products that are designed to meet those needs.

Most other mortgage lenders do not offer this many loan options, setting Academy Mortgage apart in the industry. The fact that the company offers a wide range of mortgage loan products enables the Academy Mortgage team to offer loan origination even in the most unique or seemingly difficult circumstances. Combined with the fact that Academy Mortgage is a direct lender, there is no brokering and no middleman, providing a hassle-free and quick loan process.

Academy Mortgage Terms

Although Academy Mortgage rates are not explicitly disclosed, it does offer several sample scenarios that show mortgage rates that are typical for the industry.

In addition, Academy Mortgage has great terms for its standard mortgage loan. A borrower that chooses Academy Mortgage can expect the following on most loan products*:

  • Minimum down payment (conventional loan) — 3%
  • Average minimum credit score requirement — 620
  • Fixed-rate loan term lengths — 10–30 years

*rates and terms may vary by loan type

Branch Locations

Academy Mortgage has 260+ branch locations nationwide if you would prefer a face-to-face interaction. However, you are not required to visit a branch to apply or manage your loan, so if you prefer the convenience of doing everything online, you can do so.

Free Homebuyer Education Tools

The Academy Mortgage website hosts dozens of articles, videos, infographics, and tools to help potential homebuyers like you feel informed and confident about homeownership. The resources range from navigating closing costs to understanding mortgage lending jargon.

The website also offers various mortgage calculators that can compute how much your mortgage monthly payment could be, how much mortgage you qualify for, how much house you can afford, and how much you could save if you were to increase your mortgage payment. The figures shown by the calculators are meant to be hypothetical and are not necessarily illustrative of the exact loan rates and terms that you will receive upon applying, but they will give you a good idea of where you stand and what you can expect when you do apply for an Academy Mortgage home loan.

These online resources are designed to help customers before, during, and after the home-buying process.

Mobile App

Academy Mortgage offers a mobile app, My Mortgage: Mobile, to help clients stay on top of their mortgages using a smartphone or tablet. App features include: 

  • Loan program comparisons
  • Possible savings or refinancing calculator
  • Home affordability calculator
  • Document scanner and uploader
  • Contact information for a loan officer and/or real estate agent
  • Notifications for interest rate changes

The Academy Mortgage mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Complaint Portal

Academy Mortgage provides an easy-access feedback portal on its website, allowing you to easily share any concerns or difficulties you may be experiencing. This is unique, as most other mortgage companies do not offer this feature, suggesting that Academy Mortgage takes its customer relations seriously and is committed to hearing complaints, fixing problems, and improving its services.

If you submit a complaint on the Academy Mortgage website, you should be notified within five days that your complaint has been received. Once your complaint has been investigated you will be contacted once again.


The Bad

Undisclosed Rates

Academy Mortgage does not disclose an interest rate range on its website, nor does it have an interest rate estimate calculator to provide a rough idea of potential rates a borrower could receive. 

Potential borrowers need to contact a company representative directly to determine interest rates, origination fees, and other loan figures. 

Not Licensed in New York

Academy Mortgage is licensed in 49 states and Washington, D.C., but is not licensed to do business in New York. 

Mixed Academy Mortgage Reviews

Positive reviews highlight reliable customer service and a quick and easy process.

On the other hand, negative reviews remark on a difficult application process and poor experiences with customer service. The company could respond to these reviews to demonstrate a commitment to making things right. 

Due to this variance in reviews, in addition to limited numbers, it is hard to paint an accurate picture of Academy Mortgage based solely on customer reviews.

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The Bottom Line

Academy Mortgage stands out as an excellent choice for your home loan needs, as all mortgage procedures are done in-house, so borrowers can trust the speed and efficiency of Academy Mortgage's loan approval process. 

In addition, Academy Mortgage offers a wide range of loan types from conventional loans and adjustable-rate mortgages to jumbo mortgages and renovation loans. Academy Mortgage even funds less-common mortgage types like FHA 203(k) Renovation Loans, USDA Rural Housing Loans, and loans through the GSFA Platinum Program. This wide array of loan offerings provides greater flexibility for borrowers to choose the best loan type for their specific needs.

Overall, Academy Mortgage is worth looking into. 

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daniela maldonado Houston, TX

big waste of time with these ppl. Theresa didn't sound like she knew what she was talking about and never gave direct answers. Dede wanted to fight everyone she spoke with. It's surprising how unprofessional this company is. we were told we would be able to close by a certain date and a couple days before deadline we were told we can't close. Now we are left homeless. I should have never went back to them but they had promised they would be able to close by deadline. it made no sense as to why we got rejected. I had a 2nd lender look over my file not from academy mortgage and they said everything looked good. Everyone who had spoken with academy mortgage were dumbfounded as to how big of idiots handled our loan.

1 year ago

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Kaitlyn dye Oklahoma City, OK

Worse experience ever. Everything that could have gone wrong with us buying our first home did. We were told we were going to close on the 20th of June that same week then they decided to ask a few days before the 20th for all of our paperwork that we have been sending over the course of the month all over again. We had to keep resending in documents over and over again because it wasn't showing up correctly on their computer but when it was pulled up on anybody else's computer or phone it showed up correctly. Wr had to move out of our apartment on June 30th our closing date got pushed back 4 times and we were homeless for 3 weeks. Everything was done last minute, no one could answer any of our questions or reply back to my emails, when we actually got replies back to our emails it was 30 minutes before they closed and then wouldn't respond back until the next day our lender was not helpful her supervisor was a complete b**** and wouldn't respond to our emails or calls. Not even a month after moving into our house our loan was sold to another company which was not surprising. I definitely would never recommend this company especially to first time home buyers that don't understand the whole process they will not answer your questions or help you in any way.​

1 year ago

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joe saliva San Fernando, CA

Wow, they (jess R) ignores your emails and when you visit their website and initiate a chat, they fool you. there is no online chat. They just want your phone number, email address and personal info . To say "I want to chat" "Let's Chat" when there is NO chat is disgusting. Why wont she answer my questions? How am I supossed to ever buy a house if people like her won't return my email and answer my questions? I see a review from George M who was also a first time buyer with no idea of what to do or where to start howerver he was apparently helped. He apparenly had his questions answered. Elsie S had more questions than I and she says hers were answered too. Never mind Jess, don't return my email.

1 year ago

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Sac Guy Rancho Cordova, CA

I should have selected the builder's preferred lender during my lender selection process. I would have gotten the best rate but I got penalized for being loyal to this lender. Being a lender, they should know their requirement and what approvals they need on closing. These should have been asked to the builder before they commit that there'll be no delay on closing. They assured me that there'll he no delay. After a couple of months the builder asked them about an approval that can only be obtained after getting the COO and may delay closing by 3-30 days. they realized they need it and cannot mitigate the delay in closing. Delay in closing will penalize the buyer to pay a daily per diem until the loan is closed. Bottomline, they recommended me to go to the preferred lender as the pref lender does not require this approval. They should have a checklist of requirements they need on closing and not assume the builder has it. Now I went to the pref lender but the rate is not the same as initially quoted. I commend the builder for bringing this uo early in the process. Had we learned about this earlier, I would have gotten the best rate with the pref lender. Lessons learned.

1 year ago Edited March 23, 2022

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Just Kerri Mesquite, NV

What one was good, even excellent is now deplorable. I have used Academy for the past 20+ years and 8 mortgages but this will be my last and I’ll be ending it very soon by going through a different mortgage company. They outsource their loan payment processing to a collections agency which is employed by people who are rude, uneducated, and inarticulate. Too many problems to list but special note to those thinking of taking the forbearance Academy is pushing: DON’T DO IT. At the end of your forbearance period, all skipped payments are due at once. So, if your payments were $600 and you need to skip 3 months due to financial hardship, you’ll owe $2,400 on the 4th month. How this could possibly be considered help for those impacted by COVID-19 or other tragedies is beyond me. I get it, no progress will be made on the loan during the forbearance and interest still accruing but demanding full repayment from someone who took the forbearance because of financial hardship would not be able to comply - if they could they wouldn’t have needed the forbearance. This is seeing people up to fail, to higher their interest rates, and prevent them from getting a loan elsewhere because now they are in collections. Academy mortgage has drastically declined in every aspect possible. TRY ANYONE ELSE BEFORE GOING TO ACADEMY FOR YOUR MORTGAGE NEEDS.

2 years ago

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Elise Talley Hawthorne, CA

Basically a huge waste of time and super misleading. Their website offers USDA Rural Development Loans - they have an entire page dedicated to this. They advertise that "if you're interested in buying or BUILDING a home in an eligible rural area" then their USDA loan is perfect for you. I met all of the qualifications for a USDA loan, and made it very clear from the beginning that I would be purchasing rural land and building a home on it. Even sent the listings of the land I am interested in. This was discussed several times and couldn't of been more clear. For weeks they collected my information and documents before I could talk to the actual Loan Officer. When I finally got to talk to him, he said no, we don't offer this. I asked for an explanation, saying as it's offered on their website and I was told by his assistant that it was doable. He never replied, super professional. What a joke.

2 years ago

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Modified M Carrollton, KY

Lender seemed nice but definitely tried to take advantage of us being first time home owners looking for a loan. Unlucky for her, I had already done plenty of research on the loan type we wanted and gotten plenty of info from the USDA site itself. She tried to feed me full of false information about the loan, like not accepting manufactured homes, needing a 620 credit score etc when the USDA site itself contradicted her statements completely. She then tried to tell me, when i mentioned this, that I had to contact the USDA directly for that type of loan. I proceeded to screenshot the USDA sites info on how to get that specific loan, where it says that you have to look through a list of lenders that offer it, and it links that list. A list which Academy Mortgage is on. Clearly it shouldnt be because they dont actually offer that loan. Also, when she looked up our credit info, she FAR over estimated the student loan payments my partner has to make by over 500$, which jacked up the estimation of what we would need to bring in monthly to afford the home we wanted. An amount which was an absolutely ridiculous amount. They definitely are keen on trying to rip people off and force them to make much larger payments than they should... Luckily we arent going to be going with them as a lender. Im glad the USDA site recommends window shopping lenders. Now I know why.

3 years ago

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mary baker Port Saint Lucie, FL

I would give zero stars if possible. If you are doing a new construction loan DO NOT use this company. I don’t they have a clue on new construction. The appraiser used for this company unable to provide a proper document the first time. Second submission worked but with a very low appraisal. The processor does not appear to be able to do her job in a timely fashion. In doing a back ground check, used the wrong name for my husband. Repeated request for submission of same documents. Our closing has been Rescheduled 4 times so far. This is totally unprofessional and unacceptable. They seem not to care. If this process does not get completed in three business days I am going elsewhere. Can not remove the word amazing from this post. Mary B.

3 years ago

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Crystal Alejo Mesa, AZ

After the initial credit check sending in the documents to get the process going. We were given a pre-qual form showing the loan amt, etc. After we told him we were going with a townhome, what the sell price is, HOA fee and taxes, he gave us our estimated borrowing loan amt, monthly payment with hoa/taxes/interest, etc. Frist, the borrowed loan amt was $20k less then originally told, same with down payment. After about a week & half to 2wks, we had no choice to stay with them because closing date was scheduled for the end of July month and it was too late to switch lenders or risk the seller backing out. Rami was ok but his assistant Valerie M, was as helpful as a box of rocks. She kept asking for docs, already sent/received, making her unorganized and unprofessional. Valerie made many mistakes and Rami didn't work much on our file, he was out of town or didn't want to work the weekends, making us having to struggle to get them to be on time with our closing date. The seller even sent a Cure notice-which basically means, if we don't close on time, they will cancel. Being that Rami and Valerie where not communicating with each other and dropping the ball, often if you will, Rami finally, 2 days before closing, told us we had a final approval. We were ecstatic! Then the DAY OF CLOSING, he calls us saying he made a mistake with the numbers & the underwriting dropped the ball and needs one more item. ERRRR!!! Valerie asked to email a document that the underwriter needed-DONE. Then she asked for another document-ugh DONE, Then she asked for another document! Mind you, this was for the one item that the underwriter needed. Finally, after headaches, stress & the assertiveness ON OUR PART, the loan got done, literally minutes before the Cure notice took effect. (Why the 1 star) Otherwise, this the absolute most most horrible experience in first time home buying ever! If you still choose this lender, do not use Rami or Valerie. We will most definitely not be using this lender for a refinance or other purchase in the further, what so ever!

3 years ago

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Gabriel Rodriguez Douglasville, GA

Avoid Academy Mortgage Corporation at all costs. Anxiety, confusion, lack of communication, last minute emails right before processing deadlines and thousands of dollars lost due to pushing back closing dates due to Academy Mortgage missing deadlines. David K only sent automated emails to me. David K was the branch manager (whom is responsible for his reports as manager), the MLO was Erik M and the processor was Shawn D. They were extremely late processing my loan and I regret going with this lender. Being a finance manager, I was well aware of the home buying process and was proactive on gathering all the documents necessary ahead of time. Unfortunately their apologies after closing the deal, didn't fix the weeks of lost work, re-scheduling moving arrangements twice, and having to pay penalties for not moving in time. The cookies sent to me didn't pay for the thousands I lost either, but thanks. If you need proof of communication and emails, feel free to reach out to me.

5 years ago

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Zack Forrestal Palm Beach, FL

I am a Realtor and currently working w/ Frankie C in their Doral Florida Office and his processor, Ana H in their Boca Raton Office. My buyer wanted to give Frankie the business as he supposedely helped her fix her credit scrore. It has been a complete fiasco from the start and I feel like I'm dealing with a used car dealership that's been in n out of business 20 times in the last 2 yrs. They lie and don't communicate with everyone in the transaction and now they want another two extension to get the loan done and they still don't even have a clean loan commitment. On top of that they're trying to charge my client an APR of over 7%.

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Paula Smith Bristol, IN

My husband and I worked with Nick and Jenna at the Fort Wayne location, it was the worst experience ever!!! They would say.. we will get you this type of loan, came back a no... oh another type of loan... came back a no. They did this all along knowing exactly what our income was. Then there was a problem with some cash that we had and couldn’t prove where it came from, so they wanted us to find someone to “gift” us the money we needed for closing which we had all along but couldn’t use it. After three failed closing dates we decided to go to another lender who started working on it at 4:00 in the afternoon and by that SATURDAY we had the closing documents. What Nick and Jenna put us through with the cash that we had could have been solved very easily as we learned from the new lender. Nick and Jenna obviously do not know the process very well. Nick never returned promised phone calls and Jenna has no personality at all, if we asked her a question she had no response as if she fell asleep. DO NOT GO TO THEM, YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!

5 years ago

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Thomas Renner Humble, TX

Absolutely terrible! Please, if you can, shop around for interest rates before you ever use Academy Mortgage. The entire process was excruciating with them. They wanted more and more information, which we kept providing, jumping through all their hoops, and we never closed on the original closing date. We had to add a co-signer to our loan, because their rules are extremely stringent. Our loan officer never indicated that we would miss the closing date. We are homeowners who have owned a home for almost 2 decades, and we were probed in every orifice. Needless to say, they put us in a bind, seeing that we relocated and needed to move into this house quickly. We ended up waiting 2 more weeks to close which put us in a huge bind with timing and with the townhouse we were renting. The communication is terrible. They are super nice to talk to on the phone, however, they do not have your best interests in mind. They are out to maximize their profits by offering you a higher interest rate loan, even if your credit score is excellent. Please use a different lender. We got shafted, and we had no recourse because they had us in a bind. Terrible Experience overall.

5 years ago

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Madrigal Chula Vista, CA

I decided to use Academy on my first home purchase and later found out it was a bad one. The lender made me take first time buyers course to allow for a 2nd loan to be deferred no pay until home sold or refinanced for first time buyers that would lend me the 20% down to avoid PMI which later was bogus and i paid $350 for the course that took my 3 hours to complete. Six months after closing escrow on the house awful Academy attempted to collect on that loan and threaten me with foreclosure, after months of phone after phone call from collectors and many letters of foreclosure looming i was able to correct 2nd loan issue. Then my primary with them was sold. Then 6 months after that mess it was sold again. BAD, BAD, SERVICE

5 years ago

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Cassidy Gundersen Orem, UT

In our experience buying a home with Academy, there are very few good things I can say about them. Our agent was non-responsive and would take weeks and multiple follow-ups to respond to us both on the phone and email. When they did respond they were kind, but not very informative and rarely had useful information to help us along our process. The quotes we were given were significantly different than the actual costs when we closed. And the information given to us throughout the process was often incorrect. Moreover, within 3 days of closing, they sold our mortgage to another company. Overall very bad experience, would NOT recommend.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Tara Salt Lake City, UT

We decided to use Mindy A from academy mortgage because she was the preferred lender of the condo we were buying and we would get free granite countertops. Big Mistake. Mindy was so hard to communicate with. She never answered her phone or responded to emails in a timely manner. We had been working with her for over 6 months, but it wasn't until 3 weeks before we would close that she realized we would need a co-signer. We got her the information she asked for but she wouldn't respond and let us know what else to give her for several days or even weeks. So we ended up not being able to close at the time we could have. She told us it would be at least a few more weeks before we could close! We decided to drop her and go with a different mortgage lender. We had more communication with our new lender the first day we talked to her than we did with Mindy the entire 6+ months. I'm not exaggerating even slightly. Mindy is horrible. Do not use her. I'm sure other lenders at academy mortgage are great, but DO NOT USE MINDY A.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Kaylyn Adcox

if i could give this company a NEGATIVE score I would. They stung me and my husband along for over 3 months, asking for literally everything besides our DNA. asking for things multiple times, making it seem like there is no communication between co workers there. We both have excellent credit and make well over 100K per year. This company is a joke, if you want professionalism and people who aren’t going to string you along and never deliver… I would strongly recommend using a different company

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Noelia Villarreal Rio Grande City, TX

Sadaf S loan officer is very unprofessional. Income was not verified with human resources and took a statement from coworker, fails to return calls to delay closing date which results in paying seller $100 per day.

9 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Aketra Howells Meridian, MS

I was sent an email to submit my application. I completed it. Then I was asked to submit my financials and I completed that. Then I never heard another word from them. I didn’t even get a letter in the mail.

5 years ago


Review Source

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Brennan Orem, UT

Not a fan at all. The whole process seemed like a money grab and they weren't helpful in answering questions at all. What were standard fees to them weren't necessary at other lenders. I would tell absolutely anyone to use someone else if possible. I personally had a terrible experience.

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Gentry Boswell Los Angeles, CA

Legitimately the most incompetent lenders out there. Rate lock lost, credit pulled twice, and cannot pin down a closing date. If you have the option, use ANYONE else.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Sara Darvish San Jose, CA

Terrible customer service. I am shopping around for a better company

2 years ago