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LAST UPDATED: April 22nd, 2021

Offered since 2012, The Gyft mobile app allows members to store their gift cards in their phone and to redeem them at their respective stores. In addition to storing cards, users may purchase gift cards with major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay or Bitcoin. While not a complete mobile wallet, Gyft offers their users the ability to have access to their gift cards whenever and wherever they are carrying their phone. Gyft is a good option for those who frequently use or purchase gift cards, but may not be enough for the casual gift card user/purchaser.  

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The Good

  • Over 200 merchants available
  • Security
  • Rewards
Gyft is owned by First Data Corporation, the global leader in payment technology. They currently offer many options for their users in purchasing, gifting, storing and redeeming gift cards. The Gyft mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. Those who purchase gift cards from the Gyft mobile app earn Gyft points, which vary from 1-3%, depending on the method of payment used to purchase the card (credit/debit card, Bitcoin or PayPal). These Gyft Reward Points may then be used for discounts on future purchases.

Over 200 Merchants Available

One can store their gift cards or purchase cards from over 200 merchants, which can be done online or via the mobile app. Some of the most popular merchants which are available for use with the Gyft app include:
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Ebay
  • iTunes
  • CVS
  • Target
  • Starbucks
  • Home Depot
Payment Methods Accepted
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Wallet


Gyft has a solid and proven security system in place to protect their customers from fraud. Information is kept safe with the highest encryption software available, the AES 256. They are a PCI level 1 company, meaning they are held to a certain standard to keep their site and the information put in by customers, safe and secure. Gyft does not share any information with third parties, and never sells or distributes private information. Occasionally, users are asked to verify their identity when using Gyft to be sure that only the authorized person is accessing an account.


Gyft also has a rewards system in place for its users. They offer points for every dollar spent purchasing gift cards on their site or app. Points are automatically accumulated when purchases are made and Gyft keeps track of them for the user, with the number of points at the top of the home page. Points can then be redeemed at any time during the check-out process by selecting, the "redeem" button on the page. Points may redeemed for discounts on gift card purchases at any time.

The Bad

  • Gyft rewards
  • Payment process
  • Unfulfilled purchases
Certainly, there are many reasons which users consider Gyft to be a great choice to manage their gift cards digitally. However, there are a few drawbacks which the Review Team discovered in using Gyft. These involve their reward program as well as some of the nuts and bolts of the app. Some of their customers have complained about the company not sending gift cards which they had purchased.

Gyft Reward Issues

While offering a rewards program is generally a positive, it is important to note that the actual rewards earned with Gyft are at a rather low exchange, so that the average customer may not receive the benefit of the program. Rewards are earned based upon the payment method which a customer uses to purchase gift cards, with Bitcoin earning the highest reward of 3%, Reward points are exchanged at one hundred points earned per dollar spent at Gyft for gift cards. Additionally, points are not earned for existing cards which are loaded into the Gyft app.

Payment Process

Using the Gyft site or app to purchase gift cards gives the user an experience much like making any purchase onlin. Gyft requires that the form of payment be entered and verified before making a purchase, which means a few additional steps for the first-time buyer. Gyft account holders may elect that their payment method be saved for future use to further streamline the process of buying gift cards in the future, but this is strictly optional.

Unfulfilled Purchases

While there are some customers who have been quite vocal online about Gyft not meeting their expectations or not fulfilling orders, the Review Team is unable to substantiate these claims with irrefutable evidence. Rather, there are far many more people who are pleased with and recommend Gyft as a digital wallet for their gift cards. It is notable that Gyft is only a mobile wallet for gift cards and does not have true and comprehensive digital wallet capabilities for paying at the register with a digital and contactless payment solution.

The Bottom Line

The Review Team has found that in spite of the lack of a comprehensive digital wallet for all cards, that Gyft is a good option for purchasing, storing and redeeming gift cards at the register. The app's interface is intuitive and easy to use. There is an investment of time required when entering the gift card account information into the app, which most users report as a simple process. For those who use gift cards frequently, the Review Team recommends Gyft. The available merchants are plentiful and the reduction of items in one's wallet is a welcome advancement. The company's security is solid and users' information is protected.
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Jose Gonzalez Orlando, FL

GYFT is one SCARY company to deal with! BEWARE! It sounds like they might be running a scam. It started after I opened an account (they've been around a couple of years, so I thought they were legit.) So I proceeded to try to buy a gift card and my payment didn't go through (credit card), which is odd, so I tried again. That didn't work either, so I proceeded to use my PayPal email as payment. A few moments after that, I received an email saying that my account was suspended. So after reaching for customer service, they asked that they needed my ID as verification. I didn't think of it much since even PayPal does that. Well, they refused to un-suspend my account. After this ordeal (and unhelpful customer sevice), I wouldn't want to deal with this company, HOWEVER, I am concerned regarding what information is out there that they have to make that decision. They refused to tell me anything, and it is not as if any of my information is new or new accounts (paypal user over 15 years, same bank account & credit card for ages, old phone, no new address). Basically nothing that should have raised a flag, but they still wouldn't tell me why. My concern now is that they have ALL MY INFORMATION, ALL OF IT! ID, credit card, PayPal email, address, phone! I don't even know what to do. I'm going to start looking around, after reading some other horror stories about this company. So if I can't find any information, I may have to contact agencies (Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General, etc...) Darn it! Wish I had read some of these horror stories before I proceeded! BEWARE! DON'T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY! STEER AWAY!

8 years ago

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Susan Dwyer Austin, TX

I'd give it zero stars if I could. I received a gyft card for Christmas 2017 from my company. I went thru the whole process of trying to redeem it. I cannot get the bar code to use at the store. It's only $25, but that would help me at Ulta where I spend some big $. But, I can't get the bar code & I can't find a phone # to call cust service. You have to submit a request, explaining your situation. But, I can't get the "Submit Request" to even go through. So, it looks like I'll never be able to use my gyft card! Beware, I think this could be a scam.

5 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Erica Brown Frackville, PA

If I could rate gyft a zero I would. They hire the rudest people for their “customer service” calls. I was hung up on 3 time today and the last time was because I was as asking too many questions and was told my call was becoming unproductive. I’ll NEVER use gyft again

5 years ago

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Alexey L. San Jose, CA

Bought $500 amazon gift card with paypal. Charge seems to be processed. But status on Gyft side is pending. No explanation provided. Wrote a request to customer support - also with no response.

6 years ago

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sergio abaloni Ontario, CA


4 years ago