The Walgreens Ready Response Medical Alert system comes in 3 different package options which are designed to accommodate any budget. These systems are offered on a month-to month basis without any penalty for canceling service. The Ready Response System was created by Tunstall Americas who specializes in developing innovative medical communication technologies.
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The Good

  • Response centers
  • Equipment
  • No long-term contracts

Walgreens Ready Response was created as a partnership between the pharmacy leader and Tunstall Americas, an industry leader in healthcare communication technologies. As such, much of the communication is with representatives of Tunstall rather than Walgreens.

Standard to the medical monitoring industry, the response centers are open and staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. When an alert is received, the agents will perform a quick triage and determine the best level of intervention which is needed, whether it be to summon emergency personnel or to contact a family member.

The equipment offered to customers of Walgreens Ready Response is fairly basic and standard to the industry. They offer home monitoring units with options for either landline or cellular customers as well as mobile medical monitoring with GPS for monitoring away from home. As with most medical monitoring companies, the system is fairly straightforward and can be self-installed. The system includes a base unit and transmitter, which is a small button which is typically worn as a pendant or on a wristband.

Walgreens Ready Response does not require long-term contracts and payment is paid in advance on a monthly basis.

The Bad

  • Limited range
  • Activation fee
  • No warranty or money-back guarantee

Walgreens Ready Response has a much smaller range than many of the competition, in some cases, around half of the range. The range of the system is reported at 390 feet, meaning that for an in-home system (not the mobile product), one must be within 390 feet of the base unit for it to transmit data or register a fall. This can be quite limiting in some homes and could be prohibitive for customers with larger homes. Additionally, the company reports that they do not guarantee the range and that certain factors may increase or decrease the actual range of the product.

The mobile plan requires an activation fee of $14.95, which is not the case with the competitors.

Finally, this equipment does not come with a warranty or money-back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

With all of the choices available for medical monitoring, there is significant competition. In spite of a familiar name, Walgreens Ready Alert does not meet some of the basic needs for exemplary service.

While simple to purchase, install and use, the limitations of this product are significant and the pricing is about the same as that from the competitors, many of which offer comparable plans or features with a larger range and a warranty. At this time, Walgreens Ready Alert is not recommended as a good choice because of their limited range, lack of a guarantee and the B- rating awarded to Tunstall Americas for customer service concerns. For the same price and improved service and equipment, it makes sense to look elsewhere.

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