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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2022

For about twenty years, VRI has helped thousands of seniors and people at risk. Over the last ten years, more monitoring solutions were introduced to give a wider range of protection. VRI has a mission to be recognized for the quality monitoring systems it provides. The company clearly lists on its website its mission, core purpose, and values, which gives the sense that the company wants to do business transparently by informing all of their customers what to expect. With a care center that employs RNs, LPNs, EMTs, and other personnel with clinical experience, you can rest assured that you are getting very professional help in the event that you need it. VRI is a diverse company that not only offers medical alert services but also medication and vital sign monitoring so you can feel more secure.

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The Good

  • Customer Service
  • Mobile Monitoring

Customer Service

VRI has a significant track record in medical monitoring services. Their customer service department is exceptional and representatives are easily accessible, friendly and knowledgeable. The company is transparent when interacting with customer service on the phone about their services, policies, and recommendations.

Mobile Monitoring

Customers have several options from which to select so that their service is tailored to their individual needs. VRI offers medication monitoring and vital statistics monitoring for those who are homebound or suffering from a chronic illness. VRI offers mobile monitoring which uses the signal strength by AT&T, with coverage in all 50 states for those who want the protection and peace of mind which is offered by medical monitoring.


The Bad

  • Website Transparency
  • Discounts and Pro-Rated Refunds
  • Limited Equipment Selection

Website Transparency

While customer service representatives are transparent in their communication with prospective customers, the website is not as much so. In order for customers to receive detailed answers to their questions, they must talk to a representative. Many companies with this policy use high-pressure tactics, which is not the case with VRI.

Discounts and Pro-Rated Refunds

VRI doesn't typically offer discounts or pro-rated refunds for multiple-month payments, but customer service said that this was discretionary. Customer service operates with limited hours and is only available during normal business hours (Pacific time).

Limited Equipment Selection

VRI does not have a lot of selection as far as choosing the type of equipment available. They do not offer choices for each plan and have standard equipment for the plans.

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The Bottom Line

VRI offers monthly service for medical monitoring at an affordable price. The equipment is easily installed and is easy to use, with fall detection and mobile options available for protection when on the go. Medication and vital signs can be monitored at an additional monthly cost, which can provide subscribers and their family's peace of mind and allow many to remain independent for longer. VRI is adaptable and flexible for those wanting or needing shorter-term coverage.

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Judy Smith

I have been completely pleased with VRI service. I first was given the in home style when I returned from the hospital on 9/30/14. I had a triple fracture and dislocation of my right ankle plus problems from a seriously broken wrist which happened and wasn't completely healed when I broke my ankle. Medicare ran out before I was completely independent, but I had already decided from reading the information and the reasonable cost of my transferring of my account to myself that I really wanted/needed this. I recommend this device for anyone who lives alone, whether that person is young or old. I am completely satisfied, especially since I upgraded to the kind of monitor that allows me to carry it with me. Thank you, VRI, for having such a good product, delivering it so quickly, and for the excellent service I receive. One day, I was "juggling" some packages when I had returned from the grocery store. I accidentally mashed one of the heavier packages against the button. I was being asked if I needed help before I could get the key into the lock. Thankfully I needed none, but I call that great service.

5 years ago

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My 93 year old dad has VRI. He was given FREE USE as long as t Amedysis Home Health works with him or 120 days. He has fallen twice. EACH TIME the reps were there and called me immediately. He fought me about getting a medical alert system, but now he loves it. This is a fine company! We shall continue the service as paying customers when our free use is over.

2 years ago

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This system assures some one is always ready to assist you. It has fall detection. I t does tend to detect a fall sometimes when it isn't but I would rather have that then no response when or if I ever fall. I rely on this system and feel really confident about it it.

3 years ago

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Helen Buckhaulter Columbia, AL

VRI has been there every time I've needed help. They've never failed me when I needed help. Their system is very accurate as to where I am. They have a GPS system so they always know exactly where I am. I would recommend them to anyone.

4 years ago

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Lindsey Carver Portsmouth, OH

I have had experience with VRI PERS systems for nearly 10 years. I find them to be reliable and when there is a problem, the customer support is fantastic. They also call and remind you to test your unit if it has been awhile since you have performed a test.

5 years ago

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Ejoyce West Chester, PA

I have been using the VRI PERS service for almost 5 years. Their call center staff is always friendly and willing to help in more ways than just in emergencies. It's almost like have a personal concierge whose just a button away!

5 years ago

star star star star star

Robert Rodriguez Middletown, OH

VRI is the best. The customer service is second to none and i am always feeling safe

5 years ago