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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2022

SilverFox Link has over 30 years of experience in the medical alert service industry. They specialize in delivering a simplified alert system that allows customers to live at home. Their alert systems are hip, chic, and are one of the only ones that feature two-way voice communication in a small, sleek pendant. SilverFox Link is undergoing some brand redesign. They are in the process of becoming a brand of "Remain at Home," a company whose website is still in the works. SilverFox Link doesn't require the programming of phone numbers, comes equipped with caller identification, and can even function as a wireless extension for one's landline, features which will be included later in this review. The base unit does have some limitations. It lacks two-way voice and is only a plug-in power source that contains a backup battery. The rechargeable battery in the base station, while small, will last the user for up to a week. SilverFox Link outperformed many of the "standards" in the industry in terms of price and flexibility. It is an added plus that SilverFox Link has no setup or activation fee and is also a new idea on the market. Typically, the industry has offered only the large "base unit" concept, an idea that SilverFox Link breaks away from.

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The Good

  • Low Price
  • Features
  • Communication with Base Unit

Low Price

The low price is a huge bonus for SilverFox Link. When compared with Life Alert, Phillips Lifeline, and even ADT's companion, SilverFox Link has one of the lowest prices in the industry, at only $24.95 per month (when purchasing the annual plan).


There are also some other added features that the standard brands in the medical alert industry do not provide. For example, the pendant watch has a digital LCD clock face. The clock auto sets from the base console. The clock face provides both digital time and the date. The clock face also functions as a wireless extension of one's telephone. If you are getting a call while you are working outside, you can take it on the watch pendant. The watch pendant also has caller identification built into it, making it easy to take a call while feeling safe. Another great feature of the base station and watch unit is that it also has the ability to seize a line in the instance of an emergency. SilverFox Link offers something new and excited to the 25-year old base station and pendant idea. The system is also easy to set up and use, taking less than ten minutes to set up.

Communication with Base Unit

The system is powerful in terms of communicating with the base unit. One of the pendants reviewed with two-way voice communication has to be within 40 feet of the base station to be effective. With SilverFox Link, it is very easy to move up to 500 feet away from the base station, letting the user go anywhere in their house and venture outside. The microphone and speaker are located on the right and left sides of the pendant, making it very easy to speak into and hear the voice of the service specialist providing emergency support. There is also low-battery alarms and proximity alarms, warning the user when they are "low on juice" or when they are too far away from the base station.


The Bad

  • Small Size of Pendant
  • Website
  • Durability

Small Size of Pendant

There are some concerns with the small size of the pendant. The button might not easily be depressed during a fall. Also, there are concerns regarding the lack of a fall sensor inside of the pendant. This system counts too much on the ability of the person to press the emergency button if they are incapacitated. A person may be unconscious and not able to press the emergency button on the SilverFox Link pendant.


The website for SilverFox link has not been updated since 2012, meaning that the products, terms of service, and usability documentation of the service might have changed in recent years. This creates some concern and confusion for the prospective customer.


Also, more add-ons for this system would be great. Even though the watch works up to 500 feet away from the base station, a client still cannot leave their home for an extended period of time. The durability of the pendant is questionable. There is a lack of information about whether or not this system would work well in the shower or doing simple tasks around the home outside. Most medical alert devices come with a waterproof or water-resistant pendant. False alarms are a common occurrence with medical alert systems, and one needs the know how to deal with a false alarm. SilverFox does not provide a lot of information on false alarms and how to deal with them.

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The Bottom Line

Overall, SilverFox Link is a recommended company to the consumer who wishes to have a great system with two-way voice communication over the pendant. This system is affordable, has a timing system built into it, and allows for alerts over a maximum distance away from the pendant. One of the important things to think about when purchasing a personal alert system is its rugged design. The electronic features of this product make it more susceptible to water damage, a big concern for those who need medical alert security while they are bathing. The phone extension feature of the SilverFox Link watch is great and allows the user to have more access to basic everyday activities that come with living at home, even with the occasional assistance of home healthcare.

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Joseph Bealkowski

We've been using Silverfox Link for several years and like the fact there is no base station and is self encapsulated in a "pager" sized system that can be worn around your neck as a pendant or as a watch. My spouse had a serious fall involving a head injury and was able to activate the system who in turn sent an ambulance to the home to take her to the emergency room. I was then contacted at work that this incident had occurred from their call center. I have no issues with Silverfox Link and highly recommend the service.

7 years ago

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Sherri Houghton Columbus, OH

My mother has used Silverfox Link for several years. We have had to have pendants replaced 3 times. We also had a problem that if battery runs down it creates an alert that resulted in multiple calls including the EMTs in the middle of the night when we were on vacation. Again we had never been alerted to this feature. When I called to cancel unit today I was told there would be no refund from the quarterly billing that ends on Dec 30. The thirty day notice just means it won't be renewed in January. That sounds like a contract to me for each 3 months, but that was never explained to us. I offered a medical documentation that she could no longer use system but that didn't matter either. To senior citizens this money can be very important.

8 years ago