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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2022

Senior Alert Medical is a part of Medical Care Alert/American Response Technology. Founded in 2009, they've been providing PERS (personal alert systems) for seniors in all fifty states. Their support center is open 24/7, 365 days a year. When a senior presses the emergency alert button on their wrist band, the call center alerts either an EMS service, family member, or neighbor, all depending on the senior's situation. There are no hidden set up fees or equipment fees, just a monthly rate.

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The Good

  • Affordable Price
  • System Moves with You
  • No Lengthy Contracts
  • Medical Information On-Hand

Affordable Price

Senior Alert Medical has very good prices for the services that they provide. There is no set-up fee and the equipment used comes at no cost to the customer. The monthly rate is as low as $27.45.

System Moves with You

Senior Alert Medical can be taken with you when you move. The system only requires a landline to operate. All you have to do is alert the operators of your new location when you move.

No Lengthy Contracts

The system is paid for month-to-month. There is no need to fear being locked into a contract that you might not want to stick with for an extended amount of time.

Medical Information On-Hand

When a senior pushes the PERS button, the operator who answers has their personal medical information on hand. This is incredibly useful in event of medical emergency when an EMS team needs to be dispatched. The operator also has access to family information so that they can reach them if the situation requires.


The Bad

  • Landline required
  • Self-installation required

Landline Required

The Senior Medical Alert system requires a landline to operate. With technology moving further and further towards the wireless, it is increasingly inconvenient and sometimes unnecessary to have a landline. However, if you want to use Senior Medical Alert, you are going to have to be able to provide a landline.

Self-Installation Required

The installation for this system is fairly simple, you just have to plug it into an electrical outlet and a phone jack. However, this installation process may not be simple for the senior who is going to be using the system. Some seniors who need this system will require assistance with the installation but will not be able to receive that assistance from Senior Medical Alert.

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The Bottom Line

Senior Alert Medical is all around a great system. It is budget-friendly and easy to use. It has an alert contact system that covers all the bases-EMS, family, and other contacts. Another great feature about this system is that it does not lock you into a contract. You can quit anytime you need to, and if you prepay, you will be refunded the amount not used. Senior Alert Medical is very customer-oriented and pays attention to your needs. However, this system falls a little short because it requires a landline. Landline connections do not provide the kind of versatility that wireless systems provide. Another negative point that needs to be considered is that they do not provide free installation, which might be a problem for more disabled or less-functioning seniors.

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Pat Lund Charlotte, NC

I used this service in SC and unfortunately, my aunt fell last Friday at her mailbox and fractured her hip and she lay there for a good while she pressed the button several times and was actually put on hold. Repeated asked if she need an ambulance. First Alert/fire men were never dispatched. I called them and they checked and called me back. It was cold in Irmo, SC on Friday. I talked with the company and they said she pressed it at 11:17am and an ambulance was dispatched at 11:23 am. I don't think so. This is the first time she had used it. When I talked with Ben, he didn't call me back, he called a cousin and told him I was not on the contact list and that I was trying to cancel the service! I am not on the contact list because I live in Charlotte(2 1/2 hours away) and pay the bill every month!

6 years ago