QMedic is a relatively new startup company that offers an affordable service for retiring baby boomers. There are many advantages to this system. They offer straightforward pricing, $30/month. When they launched in 2010, their monthly pricing was higher, but they’ve worked to bring this cost down for consumers.

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QMedic’s technology is a little bit different because the pendant system is largely derived from fitness technology. QMedic is one of the only pendant alert buttons that also provides information on a client’s sleep patterns and movement patterns throughout the day. This information is extremely helpful for care providers.

QMedic’s fitness technology also will generate an alert if there is an extended period of inactivity other than sleep. This is an important feature, especially if a person is not able to get out of bed during the day.

The Good

  • Transparent business model
  • Family member notifications
  • Easy installation

One of the important things about QMedic is the transparent business model. Their Terms of Service are very thorough with no fine print that might make or break this purchase for a consumer. Here are some high points about QMedic:

  • The 800-1000 foot range of motion around the base station.
  • A waterproof pendant/alert button.
  • A thorough instruction manual.
  • One of the easiest setup processes in the home alert industry (around 5 minutes).
  • One of the best monitoring services in the industry.

QMedic has won several awards. Some of their startup funding was secured from the National Institutes of Health. This company has also received recognition from the AARP and the Cleveland Clinic Future of Medicine Award.

Another plus of this system was the fact that family members are instantly notified with text messages about periods of inactivity in case there is an emergency.

The ease of installation is very appealing. The client simply plugs their phone line into the base station and then connects their phone to the base station. The system does not interfere with the phone line, unless when an emergency happens. Then, the base station “seizes” the phone line, getting an immediate connection with the monitoring center.

False alerts do happen from time to time but QMedic makes it very easy to resolve a false alarm. QMedic’s alert centers are UL friendly, meaning that operators receive special training for how to respond to emergency alerts and are fully aware of how to correctly communicate with emergency services.

The Bad

  • Lack of cellular service
  • Functionality testing guidelines
  • No two-way voice communication

One of the problems that was found with this system was the lack of cellular service with the base station. Most other providers include this in their home alert system, either as a separate service or an “add-on.” Cellular service greatly increases the mobility of the elderly or disabled person who uses a home alert system.

There are no guidelines for when the client is supposed to test the functionality of the system. This might confuse a client as to whether or not they need to run a monitoring test of the home alert system purchased through QMedic every month.

Another problem found was that the pendant does not have two-way voice communication. This could create confusion in the instance of a “false alarm.” In the 20 seconds it might take the customer to reach their base station, QMedic may already have summoned emergency services for a customer. False alarms do not cost a customer extra.

The Bottom Line

The fitness technology integration into the pendant/alert button is a great fit for most customers. This technology can allow the monitoring center to alert medical services if the customer is not able to activate the emergency button on the pendant. The pendant is waterproof, so the client can wear it in the shower or when they are outside.

QMedic seems to have an innovative system that is affordable for elderly customers. The equipment, built off of fitness technology, offers maximum monitoring services and even will alert emergency services when the client cannot push the emergency alert button.

On the other hand, this service is hard to recommend to elderly customers with a busy travel schedule. There is a lack of information about instructions on what to do if a customer is traveling.

Overall, QMedic’s products and services are satisfactory. QMedic is perfect for someone who wants a great entry-level system into the Personal Alert market. The system did not provide a whole lot in terms of personal mobility outside of the home, but in the home, it helped keep a person safe and secure. If a client could not answer their two-way voice monitoring at the base station, QMedic’s monitoring centers would alert medical services and the family of the customer via phone call or text message.

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More Information


Equipment Details

The equipment includes the following:

  • A base station.
  • Base station power cord and phone cord.
  • Wristband/pendant.
  • Instruction manual.

Here are some other features:

  • A waterproof wristband/pendant.
  • Two-way voice communication via the base station.
  • Remote sensor in the wristband/pendant that monitors the client’s behavior throughout the day, such as waking and sleeping hours.
  • Remote monitoring of battery systems from the monitoring center, when batteries in the base station or pendant need replaced, QMedic sends more for free.
  • Battery backup in the base station available for at least 24 hours.
  • QMedic’s alert centers will notify a customer’s family members via phone or text message when an accident has happened.


Featured Details


QMedic costs $30/month.


QMedic does not offer a warranty for its products or services. However, product damage that results from manufacturing defect will be taken care of by QMedic. There is a 30-day money back guarantee for you to get a full refund if you do not like the product.

Activation Fee

QMedic does not charge any activation fees, outside of the monthly monitoring fee.

Device Range

800-1000 feet, depending upon the environment and construction materials used in the home.


There is not a contract for QMedic.

Support Quality

The support quality is very amenable for customers as they use this basic system. QMedic routinely monitors the battery status in the pendant for customers, so they can send alerts of low batteries. One concern with the QMedic system is the lack of two-way voice communication in the pendant. However, QMedic will try to call the customer’s home phone if they cannot reach the client with the base station.

Time in Business

QMedic was founded in 2010.

Company Contact Information

QMedic Headquarters
101 Tremont Street, Suite 700
Boston, MA 02108

Location of Certified Monitoring Centers

There was no information available regarding the location of the company’s certified call monitoring centers.

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