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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Push Button Emergency Help, owned by 1Call4Help, LLC has been in business since 2002. From the Washington DC metro area, the company has serviced thousands of clients in the Virginia and Maryland areas. The PBE provides three product offerings such as wired or wireless emergency call systems and the 'Safe Anywhere' eResponder. PBE provides customers with a 30-day money back guarantee. The company also has a device that can be worn while traveling or outside the home with a long battery life. Some downsides of PBE include the lack of information listed on its website regarding equipment costs, monthly monitoring rates, contractual agreements, and equipment warranty.

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The Good

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Mobile system
  • Battery life

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

A great feature of going into business with PBE is that if you decide you do not like it after purchasing, you can return for a full refund. This needs to be done by calling the customer care line and completing the return within the first 30 days following the purchase. This is a great way to ensure the medical alert device you select best fits your needs.

Mobile System

PBE features a unique device called the eResponder in order to be safe anywhere. Whether outside or even traveling, you have coverage wherever T-Mobile service is available within the United States. Most medical alert devices have a set range which limits how far you can go from the base unit. While PBE does offer wired and wireless in-home systems, the eResponder provides ultimate flexibility for the wearer.

Battery Life

It is important to have a medical alert device with a long battery life because emergencies are unpredictable. PBE's eResponder lasts for two months on one battery charge. This is an added benefit for customers who don't want to consistently charge their device.

The Bad

  • Poor online transparency
  • Lack of online support
  • Service area

Poor Online Transparency

If you're in the market for a medical alert pendant, it is difficult to compare all options if pricing information is missing. Unfortunately, PBE does not list equipment pricing, monthly monitoring rates, or even contractual agreement requirements on its website. Prospective customers are asked to fill out an online form or to call the customer care phone line.

Lack of Online Support

After purchasing a new device, it is important to have resources to troubleshoot when necessary. While customers can call the customer care professionals for additional help, there isn't an option to troubleshoot online via an FAQ page or knowledge base. If you don't mind calling for assistance, then this shouldn't be a big issue. However, if you appreciate the ability to service your own system, there aren't any online resources.

Service Area

Although the company boasts that it has a national customer base, the company only shares that installations have been completed in the Washington Metro Area as well as Virginia and Maryland. We recommend contacting the company directly to learn if the company provides installation and monitoring service in your area. It is also important to understand a company's service area if you might move in the near future as this will impact service coverage.

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The Bottom Line

Push Button Emergency Help offers wired or wireless medical alert equipment to accommodate varying needs. PBE provides its customer with quick service and a 30-day money back guarantee. Online testimonials share how helpful the company's customer care team is during stressful situations. PBE also offers customers with a fall detector device to extend the protection for elderly customers. If you are pleased with the available equipment offerings and don't mind calling the customer care team to learn more about pricing and contract options, then PBE should meet your medical alert needs. Keep in mind that you will also need to contact the company if you run into any equipment issues. However, the company might not provide service in your area. We recommend calling to learn more.

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