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LAST UPDATED: October 10th, 2022

Receiving their incorporated status in 1999, MedScope has been in the personal emergency response industry for over 15 years and they are a privately owned company as well. MedScope is well established in healthcare organizations such as United Healthcare, and Aetna, as well as others. These relationships keep them updated on related news and topics about the elderly population which they believe helps them produce better products. They have a wide range of products for personal safety so you know that you can get what you need in one place.

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The Good

  • Technology
  • No Activation Fee or Service Contract
  • Free Additional Accounts
  • Customer Service


MedScope offers their customers the latest technology. The devices work with landlines, phones with DSL connections, cellular phones, and VOIP phones, offering peace of mind for their customers and their families.

No Activation Fee or Service Contract

New MedScope customers are not charged an activation fee and there is never a service contract, meaning that customers pay for their services month-to-month and can cancel at any time without penalty.

Free Additional Accounts

To add another person to the account, there is no fee. MedScope also has an optional fall detection feature, meaning that the device alerts the medical alert team should a fall be detected. Emergency personnel are contacted as well as a designated friend or family member.

Customer Service

MedScope's customer service is exemplary and agents are available to answer any and all questions between 9AM and 5PM (eastern time) Monday through Friday. Should customers need assistance after hours, technical support is available 24/7. Customers simply leave messages and are called back within a few minutes.


The Bad

  • Prices
  • Not Geared Toward Individuals


MedScope's prices are slightly higher than their competitors. Some features are add-ons, such as fall detection which is an additional $5/month.

Not Geared Toward Individuals

The company's main focus is selling and servicing large companies, such as nursing homes. As such, finding information for individual customers can be slightly problematic. However, with a few clicks, one can access customer service and sales' information.

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The Bottom Line

MedScope offers many features as standard in its packages as well as add-ons or upgrades, such as fall alerts, monitored medication dispenser, and cellular and mobile medical alerts. Customer service agents are only available during regular business hours, but technical support agents are available around the clock. Agents are friendly and knowledgeable when fielding questions about individual service plans and equipment, in spite of the main focus of the company's sales being on institutions. MedScope allows multiple family members to be on the same account (which is not always the case in the industry) for no additional monthly charge. They do charge for an additional pendant, however. Terms of service for MedScope are extremely simple and fair, with no activation fee, free shipping on equipment rental, and no long-term contract.

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Drab MO

I really like the fact that I have coverage anywhere in the country that has a cell phone signal. I've always had a positive experience if I needed to call and it's helpful for me when they call to let me know that my device needs to be charged. I'll continue to recommended MedsScope.

5 months ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Robert Ingwerse Silvis, IL

I live alone and my walking is getting a little unstable, so I thought it was a good idea to purchase Mobile Help. I am very satisfied with their services because I don't have to worry about being alone or falling without being able to get up. The service is great, although the necklace is a little touchy but other than that, it's fine.

6 years ago

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I love the emergency operators when you need help they are incredibly kind and caring. The only issues I have had are with technical support I had an issue with my device. To get replacement equipment I had to go through my insurance carrier due to lack of follow through. The situation had to be escalated to get results. There customer service is the only problem I have had. I do highly recommend this this company based on how responsive the emergency operators are they have been amazing.

8 months ago

star star star star star

Robert Jones Hickory, NC

I’ve had my Med-Scope for a few weeks and am extremely pleased. I had Phillips Lifeline for over 4 years and found out it didn’t cover me in my bathroom or on my patio. My main unit was in my dining room and my necklace responder was in the bath, door closed, and fan running. This should be a normal situation. I could call for help but the unit in the dining room couldn’t hear my response. Quite the opposite with MedScope. I called and received a prompt reply. Needless to say I am very pleased. I have done tests in areas my other one wouldn’t work in, and the MedScope performed flawlessly. Absolute amazing !!!!!!

1 year ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Beverly Coleman Milwaukee, WI

It seems to be working. I wasn't totally satisfied with them because they seemed to be pushing towards me having this and they got the okay from my doctor.

5 years ago

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Suzy Hoquiam, WA

As an installer, their support for portal issues and job completion issues is minimal. To try to get to technical support for the portal, I have left messages with live bodies who insist that tech support will be in contact but then it disappears into thin air. When I did have the time, the first contact sent me to technical support for the consumer account rather than tech support for the portal. Once there I was immediately presented with a judgement on my attitude rather than having them listen to my issues. It did turn out that I made a mistake which I fixed while on the phone with them but because of my attitude, I was fired from being an installer rather than having them work with me to resolve issues. When I asked to speak to higher management, I was told that is not possible because I am an installer.

4 years ago

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Carolyn C Cavnar Fort Worth, TX

They seemed to be ok. However they seem to take forever to answer. They r curious. But so far it's the responce time.

5 years ago

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Lorraine Michalski Marshfield, WI

Always send bill with past due notation because company always delays cashing my checks

7 months ago