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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2022

MediVoice Alert is owned by EMS Sentry, Inc. EMS Sentry is located in North Canton, Ohio and is primarily in the business of selling and distributing Medical Alert Monitoring Systems. MediVoice prides themselves in the fact that they are not a personal emergency response system, but a two-way voice communication alarm system. Their systems are sold at a one-time fee, instead of monthly. However, they do charge a monthly monitoring fee. When in an emergency, your communication will be with their UL listed, central station that is staffed with certified EMTs.

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The Good

  • Wide Range of Products and Features
  • Certified EMTs
  • Additional Equipment

Wide Range of Products and Features

MediVoice is a relatively new arrival in the field of medical monitoring and alerting, having been in business since 2011. They are owned and operated by EMS Sentry in North Canton, Ohio. Offering a wide range of products and features, they are able to provide medical monitoring and peace of mind to seniors across the country. For senior covered by Medicare Part B, many of the costs for the system and equipment are covered, which can be a great help for many needing professional medical monitoring and alerts.

Certified EMTs

All emergency calls are answered by certified EMTs, offering quick assessment of the situation and allowing for proper help to be summoned quickly and efficiently, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Additional Equipment

In addition to the base unit and transmitter, MediVoice offers additional and optional equipment which is recommended on a case-by-case basis. For the bathroom, MediVoice recommends a wall-mounted emergency communicator to be installed in a centrally located (and low enough to reach) spot, helping protect seniors in the room which is of high-risk for falls. Door knob key locks are also available, allowing easy entry for emergency personnel, family friends and neighbors.


The Bad

  • Business Model
  • Terms and Conditions

Business Model

MediVoice uses a different business model than the majority of their competitors, due to their cooperation with Medicare Part B. The cost of equipment is billed upfront and all equipment is owned by the customer after 12 months of continuous service payments. As such, the cost to obtain service includes the equipment cost, activation fees, and the first month's subscription fee.

Terms and Conditions

MediVoice's terms and conditions are lengthy and hard to find.

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The Bottom Line

MediVoice is a superb option for those with Medicare Part B coverage since the bulk of the costs will be covered, which helps seniors conserve their sometimes limited resources. While the initial payment is considerably higher, the long-term savings easily off-sets the initial fees. One should be aware that MediVoice requires a minimum contract for 12 months, and should customers leave the service before then, hefty cancellation fees may apply. These may be reduced or waived in limited circumstances. MediVoice's coverage and equipment is sound and adequate for most seniors. For those with Medicare Part B, MediVoice is a solid choice and is recommended. For those without this coverage, the plan and equipment are still recommended, but the contract terms and initial payment make MediVoice a less attractive fit.

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