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LAST UPDATED: October 21st, 2021

Live Life Alarms offers a mobile alert device that can be worn as a pendant or watch and operates on 3G cellular networks throughout the USA and Canada. With the device, you can program up to five emergency contacts, including 911. The device is showerproof, GPS enabled, has built-in automatic fall detection, and is equipped with two-way, hands-free voice communication.

Live Life Alarm medical alert systems are very untraditional. It doesn't have a base station, monthly fee, emergency response personnel, or monitoring center—instead, the emergency button contacts five pre-programmed contacts of your choosing.

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The Good

  • No Monthly Monitoring Fee
  • No Activation Fee or Long-Term Contracts
  • Versatile Communication
  • GPS Functions
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • 14-Day No-Risk Trial
  • 12-Month Warranty

No Monthly Monitoring Fee

Impressively, Live Life Alarms doesn't charge a monthly monitoring fee for its services. Instead, consumers pay $9 every three months for 200 minutes of calls and texts, which is one of the least expensive plans in the industry. Live Life Alarms allows its mobile alert systems to be monitored by up to five family members or friends, and 911 can be input as an emergency contact.

No Activation Fee or Long-Term Contracts

Live Life Alarms does not charge an activation fee, putting the company in the upper echelon of medical alert companies. Further, the company does not require any contract, which provides the customer with more freedom because they can cancel at any time.

Versatile Communication

Live Life Alarms' device allows the user to select five contacts who will be alerted via text message or call if the SOS button is activated. This allows the wearer to feel secure knowing that their closest relatives and friends know where they are in the event of a fall. The device is enabled for two-way communication, so the wearer can talk to the emergency contacts through the device regardless of where they are.

GPS Functions

With Live Life Alarms' built-in GPS capabilities from the AT&T network, the device can operate nearly anywhere in the USA. The mobile system sends the exact location of the wearer to contacts through a text message when the SOS button is pressed. Additionally, the device is enabled with geo-fence capabilities, so an alert will be sent to emergency contacts when the wearer leaves their designated area, which is a great feature for wearers who suffer from conditions such as dementia or Alzheimers.

Automatic Fall Detection

The Live Life Alarm button comes equipped with fall detection that will cause the button to buzz for twenty seconds when triggered. If the fall detection pendant goes off and no fall has been experienced, the wearer has 20 seconds to deactivate the alert before the device sends an emergency message to each of the designated contacts. 

14-Day No-Risk Trial

In addition to no long-term contracts, Live Life Alarms also offers a 14-day no-risk trial. If you change your mind within 14 days after purchasing a medical alert device from Live Life Alarms, the company will refund the majority of your money and cancel your account. (See The Bad section for more details).

12-Month Warranty

Live Life Alarms offers a 12-month warranty on all of its medical alert products. If anything goes wrong with your equipment in the first year of ownership, Live Life Alarms will replace the medical alert device free of charge. This can provide peace of mind to consumers that they won't have to buy an entirely new system if something goes wrong within one year. If your medical alert device needs to be repaired or replaced after the 12-month warranty has expired, Live Life Alarms will charge you the cost of labor, parts, and shipping. 

Live Life Alarms' states on its website that if any of the following circumstances occur, your warranty will be void:

  • The Alarm unit has been opened or tampered with.
  • The Alarm has been modified or not used in accordance with our instructions.
  • The Alarm has been dropped or suffered damage from physical impact.
  • The Alarm has been damaged by fire or has been exposed to excessive heat.
  • The Alarm has been used with an incorrect power adapter.
  • The Alarm has been subject to an incorrect voltage due to lightning or a power surge.
  • The Alarm base unit has been subject to a liquid spillage causing a failure.
  • The Alarm has been submerged in water.

The Bad

  • Equipment, Delivery, and Programming Fee
  • Refund Deduction

Equipment, Delivery, and Programming Fee 

The biggest downside of Live Life Alarms' medical alerts services is the equipment, delivery, and programming fee. This is a one-time fee of $497, which is relatively steep compared to similar fees charged by competitors. However, this cost may be worth it to some customers who prefer a hefty one-time fee over a recurring monthly monitoring fee.    

Refund Deduction

Although Live Life Alarms offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, the company does not refund you 100% of your money paid. Live Life Alarms refunds your total amount minus $85: $10.00 for the sim card, $35.00 for the prepaid credit, $15.00 for its postage, $10.00 setup and pre-programming fee, and $15 credit card/PayPal transaction fees.

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The Bottom Line

Live Life Alarms has a low quarterly fee, and the absence of activation fees or long-term contracts should provide peace of mind to many customers. However, the one-time equipment, delivery, and programming fee is higher than most medical alert companies. You will have to decide if a hefty equipment fee is worth it or if it is too high, even with the absence of activation fees and a long-term contract. If you don't want to spend a large sum of money up front, we suggest looking into other top-rated medical alert companies that don't require a large equipment fee for their medical alert systems. Read Live Life Alarms reviews below to see what current and past customers have to say.

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Norma Chase Moncton, NB

When I purchased the Live Life Alarm for my mother it really put my mind at ease. It worked perfectly until a few months ago. I got an email saying it was due for renewal so I paid for another year. Shortly after that I tested the device with my mother and it didn't work. The device told us that our current cellular provider (Bell) no longer provides this service, neither does Rogers. I called Live Life numerous times, left half a dozen messages, sent emails and I didn't get a single call back. I do not recommend this company at all because of their poor customer service.

2 days ago

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Janet Laurence Barrie, ON

We were very happy with this product for a long time however in the last few months there have been non stop network issues. For the last 2 months there has been zero customer service - can’t leave a message and emails go unanswered- and the network has shut down. The company has obviously gone under. Shame. It was a good product at one time. Do NOT buy!!

1 month ago

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Shawn Lee Calgary, AB

Purchased this for Mum because she was beginning to suffer occasional falls and her physician recommended she have a fall alert with winter upon us. We did our research and comparison's and decided on the live life. We are overall very pleased with the alarm and service. We had a couple question which were answered by a quick call with one of their techs and even received the alarm sooner than we expected given Covid and the problems it has caused for us all.

8 months ago

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Kimberly Purdy Phoenix, AZ

Have had some sort of problem with the unit since I got it. It also says no monthly service fee but this is not technically true. I wanted to send I back due to that lie in the first place but they refused return. There is a yearly service fee even though it may be nominal. That was the first falsity and the other technical issues were treated as though they were all me and my fault. One customer service call I made was the most disgusting of interaction from their representative because I asked a couple of questions. I asked to speak to someone else and was flat out refused. I was not at all rude until I asked to speak to someone who didn’t speak to me like this. The final straw is I charged it for several days. It wasn’t holding a charge, I had to charge again the same day which I had just washed my hands but then noticed the casing was loose so tried to tighten it closed but it would not do so. I contacted them. They told me I had to send It back for them to check and if their product was faulty they would fix it and send it back. I had to pay to ship it to them and instead they are saying there is a piece missing and so therefore cannot repair and I can pay the deductible of $150 to have it replaced. How is there a piece missing from their stupid piece of equipment that was literally only dropped 2 times on carpeting (from a nightstand) not from 20 ft!!! This is barely over a year old and had failed more than it worked so a complete waste of $500. People are ensured to feel safer from this company and they are nothing but liars and thieves. I want a class-action law suit for this company. I just don’t know how to do that and I have never even written a review like this.

3 months ago

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John Marczak

We purchased this unit for use by my mother-in-law. The unit arrived when promised and it was fully pre-programmed. It has been performing flawlessly. It is a well-made device. It has good volume and sound. It has a great set of features and capabilities - including transportable, call-in capability, etc. It is reliable and it is easy to adjust the programmable features via simple user initiated text messages. The fact that the unit operates using a pre-paid cellular account makes on-going costs much more affordable. I have had excellent technical support from the company. What is really impressive is that over the four months we have had the unit, some "enhancements" we had noted to the company have actually been implemented. They are really customer-oriented. I have recommended this company to friends and relatives.

3 years ago

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David Chivers

The Live Life Personal Mobile Unit is the best.....the most inexpensive way to help support the safety of an elderly pricey monthly monitoring fee. still provides excellent peace of mind back up protection for your loved one. It is one of the few that have a built in speaker that even a hard of hearing person can hear need for a wireless speaker to place somewhere. On top of this, the over the phone support I needed to get it all up and running was there from the beginning and continues. In short.............the unit itself, the price and over the phone support, I think, would be hard to beat. Sincerely, David Chivers of Toronto

3 years ago

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Jennifer Jorgenson Centerville, UT

I am so happy that I received my Live Life Alarms medical alert pendant. I never had falling issues before. But after slipping on water on the kitchen floor, I was home bound and in excruciating pain for over one month. My hips were weak and I have had a couple falls since then. I realized that although I am only 63 years old and can get around okay, I now needed a mobile alarm with a fall detector for some peace of mind when I’m alone. Live Life Alarms has a device that has everything I need and I paid for it up front and am saving a lot of money. I only pay around $9 a quarter for the minutes it needs to take it around everywhere and have it call and text message alerts when I fall or when I push the button. It calls directly to my family and I know they will get my location when it sends them the text message alerts. It just didn't make sense to me to keep paying for one of the monthly payment units. I love the security that I am given with Live Life Alarms unit and not having to pay $50 or more a month for similar features. I can go anywhere and feel protected and anyone can call me through my device. It picks up automatically! I recommend this product over any other device.

4 years ago

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Michelle Johnson

I have been a customer for a little over a year and needed to call in with a question about one of the functions of my alarm, I got the answers I needed right away and was also informed of their new 4G device and all its new features. We decided to try out the new device based on that it now has a smart voice feature that speaks to you. While I didn't really ever have any problems with my original device, I am enjoying the new model much more as it is a little easier to understand what it is doing because it verbally tells you now.

1 year ago

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Thomas E Kielar

I recommend this device for all Veterans . Live life can program it to call 911 for you along with any family member, friend you request to check on you, to see if your alright. You pick any of 5 numbers you want pre programed to it ( Family, friends, 911). It has a SOS call button and fall detection. Also it sends texts to the loved ones you request and they can even talk to you through the device. And it's free through the VA healthcare network with no activation fees or monthly charge.

1 year ago

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Jerry R

My mother has really become excited about the LiveLife mobile alarm as a way to stay more independent by not risking a fall without back-up. It has also meant she has talked to a couple of neighbors about helping her whereas, previously, she was quite isolated. From being confronted by the idea of an alarm suggesting she is frail, she is now seeing it as a way to prove she is strong and has organised her life with support in case things go wrong. Really brilliant. Cheers, Wiley Matheson

4 years ago

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Andrew Kochanek Mississauga, ON

Recently received my Live Life Alarms unit. Unfortunately the GPS locator does not work which makes the whole thing useless. Tried countless times to get through their customer service, but with no success. Left messages and nobody called back. Stay away from the product and the company!

3 months ago

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I called to order an alarm for my father last week in hopes that it would arrive in time for Christmas. Low and behold it has already arrived!! We are over the moon happy that dad now feels safer on his own.

1 year ago

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Peter Allegretta Brewster, NY

I have my issued to me through the VA. I have it since March 25,2020. It is now May 7th. The last three days it has been saying low battery, please charge. This is only after about a 8 hour use after a full nights charge. It’s supposed to last up to at least 3-4 days before a recharge. So I decided to test it out. Pushing the SOS Alert button, sends it through the contacts. Not one of them were alerted. Tried it a second and third time. Nothing!! Called the company HQ twice and no return calls!! Amazing!! In my condition I’m relying on something that doesn’t work at all. I could of died and no one would of known. Absolutely the worst company and device out there today. Stay far from these people they are extremely BAD NEWS!!! The VA covers all costs as I am %100 disabled.

1 year ago

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S Jensen Salt Lake City, UT

Customer Service is great and I LOVE the device. The comfort I feel knowing I am notified right away when my father has a fall or ANY medical emergency, is priceless!

1 year ago

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Fay Lee

DO NOT use this company. My 89 year old mother picked them because they were the cheapest. You definitely get what you pay for!! The device arrived and didn't work. Nobody answered when the SOS button was pushed and the GPS showed my Mom as being in Calgary but lives in Toronto!! I called the company and was told that the device was never programmed with the monitoring station phone #. They said they'd send out a new device but it never arrived. They continued to invoice my Mom, even though she'd never rec'd any services from the company. I sent a cancellation invoice on July 19 and never heard a thing. I've sent 3 followup emails and tried calling several times.... radio silence from Live Life. We finally had to launch a VISA dispute to get the money back. This company has non-existent customer service!!! DO NOT use them. My Mom ordered a device from a company recommended by CARP and received it the next day. It's more expensive but it works and the company is VERY responsive.

2 years ago

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Sylvia Buchholz Langley, BC

No, would definitely not recommend. A couple times we received false notifications that my elderly mom had fallen, which didn't actually happen. After those experiences my mom did not want this device any longer. I called the company to try and return and they absolutely refused to allow that. This was only slightly after the time allotted for returns was past. I was very unhappy with the customer service.

1 year ago

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R. King

Battery wasn't charging properly. Wouldn't work beyond 8 hours. Told me the charge was supposed to last 4 days. Was sending ' battery low' to my contacts at all hours. Was very stressed using it. Had them disconnect the unit. Just returned it today....a bit late so not expecting any money back. Apparently I own it and can sell it! said the guy on the phone. They need to work on the technology....a lot!

1 year ago

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Shirley Gravenor Germantown, TN

I purchased the device for my elderly mother. I wanted the device on a pendant. The device arrived backwards wedged into a wristband. The people in the company were rude and condescending with me. It is over a week, that I was promised a new device, and it has not arrived. I would definitely not recommend this company. In addition, I wanted a refund, and it was refused.

3 years ago

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Elena Cherny

terrible Company to deal with, equipment is OK but they hold you hostage until you pay them more and more every month. My mother fell and was on a floor for 10 hours because LiveLife disconnected SIM card and want $90 to reconnect, without notifying us at all. ! total scam, please be aware.

2 years ago

star star star star star_border

Spence Hebdon

I purchased a device for my mom. I now feel like I have a constant connection with her . Great product

4 years ago

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