Lifenet has been instrumental in providing a safety net for many seniors across America who want to retain their freedom, but still feel safe at home. The Lifenet medical monitoring system is designed by industry veterans who had one goal in mind: keeping seniors independent. No matter where you live, your monitoring service can be easily installed, knowing that if you have a problem or fall, you can get emergency assistance at the touch of a button. Supported by Lifenet's a UL-listed medical monitoring center, and care specialists that are CSAA certified, seniors can be taken care of no matter what happened. With no hidden charges, and a low monthly price, you can provide yourself or your loved ones with safety that works!

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The Good

  • Helpful resources
  • Affordable price
  • Additional features
  • Multiple payment options

Helpful Resources

Lifenet is a great option if you are looking for a simple, no-nonsense company. With an easy to use website (including a great Q&A section), they provide a great way to provide seniors with safety and independence.

Affordable Price

With a low price (less than 84 cents a day if you choose the annual plan) you receive EMT-certified assistance from a UL-listed monitoring center.

Additional Features

Though Lifenet does only provide one service option, the option includes Free Lifetime Replacement Service, a Rate Lock, and Free Expedited Shipping-even when you are returning the product.

Multiple Payment Options

You can also choose to pay annually, quarterly, and monthly, giving you the ability to work with your budget and your needs. With great online reviews, Lifenet seems like a great company to help you return to independence.

The Bad

  • Only one option
  • Phone line required

Only One Option

Unfortunately, Lifenet only offers one option for service, making it difficult to determine if this service is best for you. Though Lifenet's service includes EMT-assistance through the phone, the company doesn't offer GPS in the equipment, eliminating those consumers who may want more technology in their equipment.

Phone Line Required

Also, with this service, a phone line is necessary, rather than using a cellular service to include customers from all backgrounds and needs.

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The Bottom Line

Though Lifenet only has one system to choose from, the company has some great services and policies. With no contract necessary, replacement of broken equipment, and the option to include another person with the service, Lifenet seems like an easy company to work with. Because Lifenet also has a EMT-certified staff, its staff is able to respond to problems and emergencies with the best knowledge. With a thorough Q&A section, and three options for easy payments (annually, quarterly, or monthly), Lifenet is a great option for seniors across the United States.

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