LifeCall Medical Alert

LifeCall Medical Alert

LifeCall has been in business since 1974. The company's focus has been helping seniors and at-risk individuals. Their family-first orientation through building strong relationships with customers and their families has been a benchmark of their existence for the past 40+ years. To meet the varying needs of their clients.

LifeCall offers multiple medical alert packages:

  • In-Home Standard
  • In-Home Fall Alert System
  • In-Home Cellular
  • Mobile Alert System
  • Mobile Fall Alert System

Each traditional landline-based system includes a base monitoring unit and a personal medical alert button. Every LifeCall system also includes 24/7 access to the company's U.S.-based emergency Response Center. For more active seniors, there are mobile and cellular system options with Fall Detection as well.

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The Good

  • Fall detection
  • Professional trained EMT
  • No hidden fees

Fall Detection

The primary benefit of LifeCall is their focus on Fall Detection. If there is no movement or tilt from the user from a horizontal to a vertical position detected after 10 seconds, an unconsciousness alarm will be transmitted to the base monitoring unit, signaling for emergency assistance. The system cost is affordable-on the lower to average side of standard pricing for the personal emergency response industry.

Professionally Trained EMT

Also noteworthy is LifeCall's in-house, professionally trained EMT emergency response representatives who are available 24/7. Medical training is top priority, so LifeCall employees are qualified to handle all types of emergencies. Every one of the EMTs at LifeCall's Response Center has a minimum of 100 hours training in areas such as cardiac and respiratory emergencies, human anatomy, blood stoppage, trauma management patient assessment and more.

No Hidden Fees

LifeCall's pricing is straightforward and affordable with no additional costs or hidden fees other companies charge-such as equipment fees, activation fees, installation fees, fees for Fall Detection coverage, etc. This greatly lessens the financial burden for seniors and their families.

The Bad

  • 3-month deposit at signup

3-Month Deposit at Signup

LifeCall offers a high quality system with plenty of benefits and no hidden fees. With close to no fine print, there isn't much to warn customers about before signing up. If there's anything to be aware of, it's LifeCall's initial 3-month mandatory contract. There is a 14- day money back guarantee to start, but customers must put up a 3 month deposit upon signup.

The Bottom Line

LifeCall's products and services are a good fit for at-risk elderly persons with a high probability of falling or being unable to communicate in times of crisis; however, the system has great options that are both compatible with customers who spend most of their time at home or on the go living active lifestyles. The pricing is affordable and there are many free benefits with no hidden costs. A company with experience and stability in the business for over 40 years surely must know how to satisfy and retain customers and their families.

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    November 3rd, 2016

    I am trying to cancel my service. I am not happy with the service. I cannot contact anyone even when I push the button for help. Experiencing a high volume of calls is all I get when I call a number. I am understanding why this happens

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